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Georgetown College is a small campus that is focused on student success. Professors are always willing to help students. Students on campus are friendly and always willing to help.
It’s a great academic school, professors help whenever need turtoring is always available. Food is edible but not very good, not very diverse, but is getting there, have to drive to Lexington to do anything fun but it’s only about 15 mins away
Financial aid is HORRIBLE! Being a first generation college student they took advantage of that. They added on extra fees AFTER the semester had started and denied a student loan to pay for the added fees but then demanded the money be paid in full. After withdrawing to transfer they cleared out my outside scholarships and conveniently had no recollection of them in the systems despite getting the exact same ones for the previous two years. They released my official transcript to one college but then denied it when I requested another due to an outstanding balance (that was covered by my scholarships!) A $500 payment was made and a payment plan was tried to be set up and they still denied to release my transcript! I was hung up on TWICE by the manager in the financial aid office when trying to set up a payment plan to receive my transcript.
They are in debt and they do not currently have academic accreditation because they are not in good standings.
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Georgetown College is the perfect college for anyone looking for a close knit community. The professors are personable and very helpful. You have a name at Georgetown, you are not just a number to this school.
Georgetown College is my dream school. The faculty are so genuine and so kind. The small class sizes allow for very personal interactions with your professors and fellow students. Their wide variety of acedemic and athletic programs allow for anyone to be very involved on campus. If Greek life is your thing, there is plenty to choose from.
Absolutely beautiful campus. The school also has amazing professors who actually care about each and every student as a person. The town is an amazing small town feel with a big city (Lexington) just minutes away! My time at Georgetown so far has been an amazing journey and I hope to continue it for my senior year!
Smaller class size is always a plus as it provides a more personal connection with teachers which leads to a better learning experience. The staff is warm and friendly and genuinely care about you as a student and as a person. There are many extracurricular activities to be involved with which is different than a lot of other smaller schools. There really is not any drama as all the students here are really nice and will smile at you as you walk past.
i am a perspective student and i have visited georgetown twice. i love the campus, staff, and the sports. the only reservation i had about the school is the size. it is a very small school and there is no racers i was told by current students
What I loved most about Georgetown College is their small class size. I felt like I had one-on-one experiences with my teacher, they knew my name; not just my face! I loved the family-like atmosphere of a small campus. Being a student-athlete comes with a lot of amazing opportunities not every student can experience. The girls on their acro-tumbling team took me under their wing and made me feel special when I visited. It's been 6 months and I still receive phone calls, texts, and emails from the girls checking to see how my senior year is going. I LOVED Georgetown College.
There is a large push for religious related careers, however, there is no force to do them.
The teachers actually act like they care about you and your well-being. The classes are small.
There is at least one security officer patrolling campus at any time.
The freshman male dorm is not the best as it is the worst in terms of conditions on campus.
Greek life is not really required, however, most of the school is a part of Greek Life.
The athletic programs on campus are at the top of their respective leagues.
The small college feel allows for more personalized learning and development for each student.
There are rarely any big parties on campus, mostly there are smaller get togethers unless there is a special occasion. For example, welcome back parties, homecoming, last day of class parties, etc. The frats and sororities have their own parties normally and if you're friends with them you are welcome. Mostly the parties are kept to a smaller amount to keep away the authorities. There are bars in the city over, home of one of the most popular universities in the state and people will go about 30 minutes away to party there. There are several bars to choose from including a gay bar and places with live music.
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Most parties are smaller in they are on campus, but they are fun with or without alcohol. The welcome back parties allow the freshmen to meet a lot of people and learn about greek life or bond more with their teammates. The best parties are really wherever your friends are and wherever you feel most comfortable.
The most popular study areas are the study rooms in the library or the places with computers in the science building or library. The workload depends on the class you are taking and the level of difficulty. Classes are 100, 200, 300 + leveled classes with 300 + level being the harder classes with more work. However, each professor is different in how they believe students should learn. I think the workloads in my classes have been average and acceptable. Office hours are always helpful and study sessions or tutors are available too.
Everyone is accepted at Georgetown, whether you are gay, black, poor, short, rich, etc. No one judges each other and we are all good friends with each other. No matter where we grew up, who we love, or the color of our skin. There are many African American students who play sports, participate in the school events, in greek life, and there are gay athletes and amazing gay students. Our school does not judge the people within it.
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