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I attened george washington university. The university is one of the best in the nation. The school management is well organized and they care for their students. The programs are well developed. The main campus is amazing and very close to everything. The meteo, shops, and night activities with in walking distance.
0 STARTS!!! Don't borrow money from this school. The financial department is a joke. They approved and granted me a loan that wasn't due until after graduation. They then said they made a mistake and wanted all the money back asap. I used the money to purchase a computer to access the online program and have attended 2 semesters already. Being that I didn't have thousands of dollars laying around to pay them back, I was unable to register for fall semester. Now I may be laid off work cause of this. Shame on you finacial department!!! Your "mistake" may cost me my carrer!!
I personally enjoy the fact that it is an open-campus. This means that the University buildings and facilities are integrated within the city. It gives me as a student much more options when it comes to activities to partake in or parts of town to explore. I also enjoy the various food options within walking distance of wherever you may be on campus.
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Loved my first year at GW. The courses offered, even to freshman allowed me to explore several academic subjects, not even on my radar. Its a challenging environment focused on preparing students for the future. And the DC atmosphere is exciting!
I am thankful I chose to come to this school. The teachers are very helpful. The libraries are state of art. I feel safe. The students are very nice. I feel really blessed that I go to this school.
I think if the counselling center improves the condition and helps student succeed academically better the university will be much better succeedidng
George Washington is the most exciting and active campus I have ever seen. Its students are not only engaged, but eager to join the real world and make a difference. If you are interested in International Affairs, politics, or government, GWU will feel like home.
I went to the pre-college summer program at GW. The staff and alumni were very courteous and organized. I felt safe and I never felt like we didn't have anything to do. Would highly recommend.
The university does not seek to form a bond or community between students. Due to the extremely urban campus, there is no sense of unity among students, which negatively impacts the student life experience. Students are instructed to intern and work in the city as much as possible, but this takes away from any on-campus activity. My experience at GWU was extremely disappointing and I would never recommend it to anyone who wants a traditional college experience, one with a football team, school spirit, and professors that are personally invested in your success.
I am an alum as of one week ago, and I cannot thank GW enough! My 4 years here have been amazing in every way. From my work/study position at one of the Smithsonians to my professors in the SMPA to an internship that led to a permanent (and fantastic) job offer, GW allowed me to make my dreams come true. With minor exceptions, my professors were top-notch and challenged me to rise to their high expectations. I never felt threatened or unsafe on campus, despite taking some classes at night. I lived in dorms my first two years then found off-campus apartment housing in Arlington (easy Metro ride) for the last two. I love living in this great city. You will thrive on this campus if you have a high degree of personal responsibility, you are intellectually curious, you own your life and don't blame others when things don't go your way and you are eager and ready to be an adult. And graduating on the National Mall is outstanding!
George Washington University provides a very unique college experience. There is a lack of school spirit but it comes as a result of being so integrated in the DC community. There is nothing like receiving an education in the nation's capital. The white house is just a few blocks away and there is no choice but to be incredibly politically active.
As a student at the George Washington School of Business, I can say that I am most proud to be here. This school offers a lot and it is really up to you how much you take advantage of. GW is very diverse and attracts all types of students -- yes, it's true, a lot of students are extremely wealthy, but if you're outgoing, you will find people you relate to. I lived in Thurston Hall my freshman year and although it is not the nicest and cleanest dorm out there, I recommend you live there to meet people -- it is so easy to meet people and make friends. The party scene at GW is great, whether you're in a fraternity or sorority or not. Although most fraternities are kicked off campus there is still plenty going on. Living in the city, a lot of people go clubbing so there is always something to do.
George Washington University is great school full of amazing opportunities. Being in the center of D.C. allows you to be close to the capital and the white which offer internships to jump start your career. If you want to learn about politics and international affairs this is the place for you1
I love George Washington University! I have found a strong sense of belonging here by joining the Student Admissions Representatives team, where there are people who are just like me!The professors are awesome too! They are not intimidating at all. Despite their prestiges in their own academic fields, they could be really easy-going and approachable who really try their best to assist their students to succeed.
This administration does not want to take care of its students. D.C. is a great place to live, but GWU is not an accommodating university.
Having toured this school and being currently enrolled to begin in the fall, I am very excited to advance my education at The George Washington University.
I LOVE GW and could not imagine my life had I attended any other university. In my opinion, the grades on this website are not entirely accurate. Firstly, I have NEVER felt unsafe on campus and neither have any of my friends (a C+ for safety is wrong). The food plan is all I could have ever wanted (should be A+ not C-). We have unlimited options and are not confined to one or two dining halls like most schools. As for academics, I have loved a majority of my professors. Many professors truly care about your well-being as a human, not just as a student. Students are incredibly driven at GW. All of my friends and I have held at least 3 or 4+ jobs/internships and students are always looking to pass internships along to other GW students. As a graduating senior, I've also seen how increasingly important it is to employers that students have internship experience. My DC-specific internship experience always definitely set me apart from other candidates. Thankful for an amazing 4 years.
Review George Washington University
George Washington University is an amazing university that has endless opportunities to study, work, intern, and pursue academic and extracurricular interests. Located in Foggy Bottom and four blocks from the White House and National Mall, GW is like no other university.
Great university located in the heart of Washington, D.C. The students, faculty, and administrators all make good use of the school's great location and proximity to world-reknowned institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, White House, and State Department.
George Washington is a school chosen by the politically minded student in children. Being only around four blocks from the White House at its closest point, and just generally so centrally located in downtown Washington D.C. lends itself greatly to aspiring politicians and lawmakers. The campus itself is very aesthetically appealing, especially given its unique nature as a university set in the middle of a major city. In my time there, the majority of my professors were both brilliant and highly engaging in the way that thy presented their material. My peers were some some of the brightest and most dedicated individuals I had ever met as well. The only thing that I would change, and this is certainly an issue that plagues many private universities in our country, is the price tag. At the most expensive nation in the country at the time I attended, and i'm sure still quite high on that list now, attending the school does indeed cost a small fortune.
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