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After attending a small, private, all-girls Catholic school with a graduating class of twenty, walking on campus at George Washington University for my first day seemed equally exciting and overwhelming. What I soon realized was that attending the university would be the best thing that ever happened to me. George Washington University is an amazing community made up of professors that are eager to help their students and a diverse group of open-minded students. I walked on campus and felt at home by the end of my first week. The only aspect of the school I find frustrating is the food plan. It is really hard to budget without swipes and impossible to make the amount of money alloted for food to last a semester.
Great academic experience for law and politics-oriented students, great professors, great campus location and great professional opportunities around. However, there's a lack of school pride and collaboration between students.
Overall, GWU is a magnificent university to attend! Great ideal opportunities for different students and what their main focus is. You can most definitely be yourself here and meet students from all over the world.
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GW is a very busy campus with lots to do and lots of people to meet. There are so many opportunities it can be overwhelming, so you have to be willing to keep up with the pace of things if you want to make the most of your experience. Financial aid is usually pretty generous even though the tuition is so pricey.
I am just begining my experience at George Washington University but so far I'm generally pleased. I'm an online student in the school of public health and this program offers a lot of flexibilty compared to others. The only issue that I've had with this school is the expense of the online program.
a very large school. some professors are really great, passionate, and involved. gw is very expensive, and don't really put too much into helping students out.
The downtown campus experience makes you feel like you getting a degree from a prestigious private school in Washington DC! The school has the facilities and professors to follow that up!
I stayed at GW for 2 weeks for their Careers in Healthcare program as a high school junior. The campus was amazing! The west hall dorms are spacious and have private restrooms. The staff around the campus were extremely friendly and helpful.

The professors they had coming in for lectures were interesting and focused a lot on teamwork and student involvement. Overall I highly recommend GW's programs.
Going to school in downtown DC is an amazing opportunity. There is so much going on both on and off campus, and there are incredible internship and job opportunities right outside your dorm. Classes were challenging and interesting, and I made amazing friends.
The graduate admissions process has been very quick. The staff are also very helpful. I'm just starting graduate school, however, I've frequented the campus when I lived in DC. The campus is very dynamic with lots of diversity and is situated on the Metro line, which makes access from school to the Washington, DC area very easy.
Graduate online student who has been mostly in the business world.
Way overpriced.
Mediocre and disorganized professors.
Support staff (including financial aid) that are average or worse.
Professors have very little interest in whether or not students succeed.
Professors are arrogant.
One gets the sense that the university has become a racket that is mainly focused on revenue and getting more students in the door.
Professors are completely uninterested in receiving feedback.

Overall the old adage seems to apply:
For those who can they do. For those who can't, they teach.
If you are dealing with anyone at GWU, keep careful notes about who told you what and when. They are notorious for giving false information and then claiming that they didn't.

GWU was a waste of my money and time.
Avoid GWU if you are seeking a good education and you desire to spend your money or take out loans for a good reason.
I am to be a graduate student at George Washington University for my nurse practitioner program. I am excited to be here because the university is based in D.C., and there is a variety of people and places to explore around the area. This school is well known and accredited for nursing which makes me more compelled to attend.
George Washington University's approach to teaching and education is the best one I've ever experienced. The instructors are really down to earth and focus on building up your actual skill set instead of just reading theory. I left there feeling super equipped to enter the job force.
This is an amazing university to have every experience a college student needs to have! Its classes are very interesting, and the campus is full of services for anything you need from a good health center to tutoring to writing excellent essays. The amount of professional opportunities like part time jobs and internships are enormous! This is a perfect university to study Social Sciences and learn more about conflict resolution.
The professors and academics are amazing, from what I've experienced so far. They're always willing to help. It's an urban campus basically integrated into the city among office and federal buildings in D.C. The monuments are a 15 minute walk away, and the restaurants are good except the university doesn't have its own dining hall, so the meal plan is money on your ID and you can get food from anywhere that accepts GW ID. It's extremely safe since it's in the heart of D.C. and everyone is really kind, and the metro is right on the foggy bottom campus.
George Washington is in the heart of DC, so political science students have opportunities that no student in any other state has. However, if you are looking for a fun school with spirit, sports, and greek life, GW isn't it.
George Washington is at an excellent location in Washington, DC and is a great school dedicated to its academics. However, for the amount of tuition that is being paid sometimes the school does not take its students needs into account enough. For example, students are required to live on campus for their first three years, yet I was not given a housing assignment. But for the most part I am having a great experience with George Washington. Academically, I transferred into the School of Science and Engineering and all of the advisors were very helpful in making the switch as seemless as possible.
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I could not have asked for a better school to attend. GWU has the best access to not just amazing learning opportunities, but it is the go to place for internships. I was able to land one with the Treasury, and even got to meet Steven Mnuchin! How many interns can say that? It has also allowed me to develop very strong leadership skills and the ability to work in teams. This school allowed me to grow as a person both personally and professionally.
This school does have its flaws. It really needs to work on protecting its students against sexual violence. Not enough has been done, and in this day and age, more needs to be done. GWU is quite expensive, and even though they have good financial aid, they don't provide enough dining dollars to last a semester and that makes getting food a struggle at times.
GW gave me some of my best years to date. I made a plethora of friends, networks, and opportunities. I am actually enrolled in a graduate program this summer and am ecstatic to start. I was given many chances to conduct research at a variety of labs and gave presentations to several researcher investigators. I have life-long bonds with friends i've met along the way and so many great experiences in the Nation's capital.
I liked that they offered a Forensic Psychology program. I liked that the professor admitted me into the program although I didn't do well on the GRE. He looked past the score and saw the potential in me and gave me a chance. I would like to see most admissions committees do this more in the future.
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