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Great academics, though the students were often very competitive. Overall it has been a good experience.
So far I have had a very positive experience here. There are a lot of great classes that you can take and most are easy to get into. There are no dining halls which is great because you can use your meal plan at practically any restaurant, deli, and store in the area. The access to the city is amazing. The white house is two blocks away and the mall is less than five. There are so many opportunities that GW and DC offers. Students are focused on their work, but there are also parties hosted by the frats.
If you're into politics, then this is the school for you. The kids here can't stop talking about it.
I'm currently majoring at Mathematics at GW, and the department really is as horrible as people make it sound. I'm struggling to find someone else who's a math major, and it's a hard thing to do.
Just do yourself a favor and don't come here if you want to study math.
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I love this school. It is a great place for people who love politics or anything about Washington D.C. It is such an amazing school especially for internships in places like the senate or Capitol Hill. History nerds would love it because the Smithsonian and tons of monuments are only a few blocks away.
GW is a very exciting place to be. It is not a traditional campus but you will recognize that on your first visit. GW does a great job marketing itself and pursuing target students with scholarships. I am surprised how many introverts there seem to be here considering International Relations and politics are the most common majors. This could easily be a misconception though created by any ultra urban campus where it is harder to promote community atmosphere.
I love GW and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Your time here is really what you make of it - you'll get out what you put in, and you need to work hard and make strong connections to succeed. It's not your average school by any means, but it provides you with unique opportunities that you won't be able to find anywhere else. You also meet an incredibly wide range of people at GW - I've formed incredible friendships with people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. GW has broadened my horizons in so many ways and there truly is no place I'd rather be.
The library is good, but many professors are from different countries, so they have very strong accents. Everything is expensive though...
I love GW, there are a lot of opportunities for internships and work-study, and there are a bunch places to study at all hours. The dining plan is also incredible, there are over 90 places to eat on GWorld and you never get bored.
Great programs in international affairs and public health! Super experienced professors, phenomenal career opportunities, and very fun and diverse student body.
I’m thrilled to have just received a generous scholarship from GW! I feel that they reward hard work and will ensure my success. I cannot wait to move to the amazing campus and be with all the wonderful people.
GW is void of any community aspect. Students spend most of their time off campus and all directions around the city. City life is amazing but we have our career years to be immersed in that. I feel I missed out on the traditional college years that young adults require when listening to my friends from other schools reminiscing about their wild times, these tall tales will no doubt grow for the rest of their lives. I secured a desirable internship but I’m working along side others who took the more traditional path anyway.
I love my experience at George Washington University due to the numerous opportunities for undergraduate students and the overall campus life. It is a diverse community of a passionate student body and I look forward to my future semesters here.
As a freshmen attending the school, I can positively say that I don't regret my decision to attend this university. The education is beyond what i imagined. The teachers are proficient in their teachings and are experts at guiding students to success. I will be looking forward to another semester and 4 years of attendance!
The students and staff are incredibly friendly and even more helpful. This college is my first choice due to the impeccable atmosphere and liveliness.
I am a Special Education doctoral student in Graduate School of Education and Human Development and the professors are amazing!!!
The George Washington University is a great school. There are many opportunities because of the schools location in Washington D.C. However, GW is a private institution so there is a lack of diversity, there are many organizations and clubs to help support the lack of diversity.
I'm applying to transfer out for next year. I thought this was my dream school but quickly was shown otherwise. Living in D.C. is amazing but the freshman dorms are downright disgusting. I thought the required dining plan was brilliant at first but just ended up being inconvenient. For the price we pay, there should be minimal issues. Having an urban campus was a big draw for me, and while the opportunities are near by, there are sacrifices. GW will not provide you with the typical college experience of campus life, community and friends. If you are very independent and career minded you'll be okay.
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Great academia! I love GWU. The professors are well known and readily avalible to help. I really enjoy all of my classes and learn a lot from them!
I like the dining system we have here. Instead of a dining hall, we have a debit card to spend at vendors around the city.
GW is a great school in a great location. There are dozens of orgs so everyone has an outlet for their interests. Classes are interesting and professors keep regular office hours.
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