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George Washington is at an excellent location in Washington, DC and is a great school dedicated to its academics. However, for the amount of tuition that is being paid sometimes the school does not take its students needs into account enough. For example, students are required to live on campus for their first three years, yet I was not given a housing assignment. But for the most part I am having a great experience with George Washington. Academically, I transferred into the School of Science and Engineering and all of the advisors were very helpful in making the switch as seemless as possible.
I could not have asked for a better school to attend. GWU has the best access to not just amazing learning opportunities, but it is the go to place for internships. I was able to land one with the Treasury, and even got to meet Steven Mnuchin! How many interns can say that? It has also allowed me to develop very strong leadership skills and the ability to work in teams. This school allowed me to grow as a person both personally and professionally.
This school does have its flaws. It really needs to work on protecting its students against sexual violence. Not enough has been done, and in this day and age, more needs to be done. GWU is quite expensive, and even though they have good financial aid, they don't provide enough dining dollars to last a semester and that makes getting food a struggle at times.
GW gave me some of my best years to date. I made a plethora of friends, networks, and opportunities. I am actually enrolled in a graduate program this summer and am ecstatic to start. I was given many chances to conduct research at a variety of labs and gave presentations to several researcher investigators. I have life-long bonds with friends i've met along the way and so many great experiences in the Nation's capital.
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I liked that they offered a Forensic Psychology program. I liked that the professor admitted me into the program although I didn't do well on the GRE. He looked past the score and saw the potential in me and gave me a chance. I would like to see most admissions committees do this more in the future.
If you are African American and thinking about coming here; run as fast as you can, don't look back. Don't be blinded by the financial package that they throw your way. Yes, money is a big factor in picking a school, but so is a sense of belonging. Ask other colleges to match your financial aid package from GW if GW gave you more than another school.There is no sense of community here for black kids. During CI when you go to the black student union they tell you, "there's no need to sign up", we'll find you. Of course, you won't get a community here that you would find at an HBCU, but there is no sense of belonging here for black kids. Just call the admissions office, and ask them for the statistics on the retention rate for black kids here. Why is our retention rate so low?
I had the time of my life here. Nothing will compare to the city experience and constantly being around movers and shakers of DC. I would change how GW focuses mainly on finances and less on the well-being of students.
Definitely feels like you're overpaying for what you get. Great location but dorm options range from modern and updated to horrific yet the prices are nearly the same.
My daughter was so excited to be accepted at GWU. They have lost her paperwork three times, and still no breakdown has been sent to us. It appears that there is some kind of scam going on and they know how to play with the dates to get you to pay $800 prior to being able to wait on the financial breakdown and PRIOR to being able to accept another college. We are thinking this is becoming a legal issue we will be taking on very soon. SCAMMERS.
I commute to the Ashburn campus so I do not have a great experience with all the following subjects. However, with what I have experienced, it has been better than anything I could have imagined. I definitely feel as if I am getting all the I expected and more. There has not been a time where I felt as if choosing George Washington was not a good decision.
GW is the best school ever!! Not only are all of the professors amazing, but it is in the heart of Washington D.C. I wouldn't change this undergrad experience for anything else.
Fantastic school with great programs. Most people are pretty chill and the academics are extremely challenging and engaging. The dorms could improve and being in DC can sometimes be bad if you don't wanna talk politics
I liked my overall experience at GW. However, I did not find the curriculum as challenging as expected. I'm not sure if my undergraduate prepared me more than other do.
It is an amazing school, and it’s honestly SO underrated! The location is amazing, you can see the Washington monument from most classrooms. The athletics, especially for women’s sports, is really good. Overall this school offers a totally different experience from basic colleges and gives students unique opportunities!
Many of us complain that GWU cannot properly maintain or upgrade their buildings considering the premium tuition that they receive. Considering how many rich, snobby people there are here I'm surprised it's tolerated. If you're stuck at Vern the express shuttle is anything but express. If you're a woman your best options for social connections is to join a sorority. GWU students are very busy and very stressed.
The classes are challenging but rewarding. The students are both intelligent and immature. Many come from wealthy families and believe they are better than every one else. I enjoyed my time here, but it is definitely not for everyone.
The climate for academic success is driven with help from faulty who genuinely care abut the students and love to teach (from my perspective) I honestly feel the tuition is a little too much and I also wish there was more diversity on campus. There is a strong international presence however, there is not many American students from diverse backgrounds.
I love all of my professors and most of my classes are interesting but I feel somewhat unchallenged by both my classes and by my classmates.
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What makes GWU distinct is that it is exciting. Going here is an experience unlike any other you could have somewhere else. While there is academic excellence- in that the FAR majority of your professors are the leading experts in their fields- there is also one of the most important capital cities in the world at your finger tips. Sure there are ivy-league schools that have their old-time prestige, but GWU goes beyond just being intellectually driven. Next year I will intern at the state department, which is directly across the street from my college building, which will unquestionably open up lots of doors for me. The other reason GWU is incredible is because it is a research institute. Every undergrad here has the ability to conduct research with a professor and get their name on something published. That is an opportunity that you cannot get at most universities. I cannot recommend GWU enough.
I am currently taking online graduate courses at GWU's Milken School of Public Health. I love that students in the graduate program have live sessions once a week. We are given a lot of resources called "asynchronous material" to help us study and learn. My only issue with the school is that it is very expensive and I wish more scholarship oppurtunities were offered.
I love going to George Washington University. It is a great school to attend. Professores are great. You feel you are welcomed, and you feel good about telling others about the university. I wish I have food options on Arlongton campus, but still I am happy to be a Georage wahington University.
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