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over all great school - ingenious location provide unique opportunity as it is close to major US government and Internationale institutions , the neoclassic DC buildings Create amazing Campus environment
I loved it! Great school with a wonderful student body. Faculty cares a lot about students' education, and many faculty are experts / work in their field. The campus is in such a cool location and provides significant internship opportunities for many students.
I attended the George Washington University and graduated after 4 years with a Bachelor's in history. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, from the classes to campus life, and even exploring all that Washington DC had to offer. I also really enjoyed their study abroad program, where I lived in London for a year.
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Great location in the middle of DC. Administration can make you feel not heard/not open to feedback. Academics very program specific.
George Washington was an amazing, all- inclusive school. They provide a very safe and secure environment.
It is a very good school with great academics! The social scene was unexpected when I got here but I’ve been able to tolerate it.
I am a new distance graduate student this year. While I can't speak to the on-campus life, I can say that my experience with the online program, access to professors, IT, and the library staff have been fantastic.
I love the area and the academics and opportunities provided by The George Washington University. As the school is in the heart of DC (in the Foggy Bottom neighbourhood), students are able to have experiences they otherwise may not have access to. For example, there was a class in the past year taught by Rep. Rand Paul and the National Security Archives are located on the top floor of the campus library.
I had a great experience at GW during undergrad and was happy to return to complete my graduate program. While the academics, student life, etc. are on par with most other universities, the true value of GW comes from the professional opportunities associated from being near downtown DC.
This school is not worth your time or your money.

The academics are mediocre, nowhere near what GW presents itself to be. However, even if the academics were stellar, it wouldn't be worth it.

GW makes it impossible to complete basic tasks like signing up for classes, purchasing textbooks, accepting financial aid, securing disability accommodations, or declaring a major. You will be shuffled from office to office until you are certain you're part of an elaborate satire about bureaucratic inefficiency. You will find that the only constant is that you will be blamed for every failing on the part of the institution.

You'll find yourself devoting massive amounts of energy to accomplishing these basic tasks, and being left with very little time or energy to devote to your actual studies.

Do yourself a favor and go anywhere but GWU. The networking aspect is the only real positive, but it's not worth the time and energy, let alone the money you'll spend at this farce of an institution.
I love the fact that GW is right in the middle of everything in DC. The Foggy Bottom campus is withing walking distance of almost every major area of downtown DC. The professors that I've had so far have been very knowledgeable in their area of study and care about teaching the students everything they know. One thing I think GW is great on is diversity, but they could definitely work on the inclusion piece. Also, they are very generous in their giving as far as financial aid is concerned.
After attending a small, private, all-girls Catholic school with a graduating class of twenty, walking on campus at George Washington University for my first day seemed equally exciting and overwhelming. What I soon realized was that attending the university would be the best thing that ever happened to me. George Washington University is an amazing community made up of professors that are eager to help their students and a diverse group of open-minded students. I walked on campus and felt at home by the end of my first week. The only aspect of the school I find frustrating is the food plan. It is really hard to budget without swipes and impossible to make the amount of money alloted for food to last a semester.
Great academic experience for law and politics-oriented students, great professors, great campus location and great professional opportunities around. However, there's a lack of school pride and collaboration between students.
Overall, GWU is a magnificent university to attend! Great ideal opportunities for different students and what their main focus is. You can most definitely be yourself here and meet students from all over the world.
GW is a very busy campus with lots to do and lots of people to meet. There are so many opportunities it can be overwhelming, so you have to be willing to keep up with the pace of things if you want to make the most of your experience. Financial aid is usually pretty generous even though the tuition is so pricey.
I am just begining my experience at George Washington University but so far I'm generally pleased. I'm an online student in the school of public health and this program offers a lot of flexibilty compared to others. The only issue that I've had with this school is the expense of the online program.
a very large school. some professors are really great, passionate, and involved. gw is very expensive, and don't really put too much into helping students out.
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The downtown campus experience makes you feel like you getting a degree from a prestigious private school in Washington DC! The school has the facilities and professors to follow that up!
I stayed at GW for 2 weeks for their Careers in Healthcare program as a high school junior. The campus was amazing! The west hall dorms are spacious and have private restrooms. The staff around the campus were extremely friendly and helpful.

The professors they had coming in for lectures were interesting and focused a lot on teamwork and student involvement. Overall I highly recommend GW's programs.
Going to school in downtown DC is an amazing opportunity. There is so much going on both on and off campus, and there are incredible internship and job opportunities right outside your dorm. Classes were challenging and interesting, and I made amazing friends.
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