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Very good school, especially if you are planning for a job in government as D.C. has a lot of internships. The main sport is basketball and many of the students are politically active; not surprising considering the location. Lots of museums and monuments to visits.
Great professors, unique D.C. experiences, and amazing internship opportunities. A city campus with a great community feel is hard to find, but GW has it. A bit competitive and hard academics, but worth it.
I like a lot of different aspects of GWU. The community is awesome and the location is great. I am very fortunate to be here, and I appreciate everyday more and more as I am encouraged by professors and peers. GWU is also very diverse and I feel welcomed as a Hispanic/Latino. This unique experience is well worth the hard work and it feels good to continue achieving while looking forward to commencement where I will be proud of all I've accomplished.
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The engineering program at GW is great. It's a tight community, and they offer good assistance. GW is in a great city. Lots of things to do. The school is very pricey.
I love how international and ambitious the group of students at GW are. I think the faculty is very approachable and eager to help students. The facilities are great and the classes are very engaging. I feel like my voice is always heard in class and that my teachers do take the time to listen and guide my understanding further than I could anywhere else. I would like to see more pep rallies and fun university led events on Kogan Plaza or somewhere central on campus.
One of the best locations in the country. Right in the heart of DC- my Freshman dorm was a few blocks from the White House. I made some amazing friends in my time here. From the blizzard in 2016 to various basketball games to my friends on the Rowing team, GW will always feel like home, and I think it is incredibly underrated.
Everyone is very pompous and only care about themselves. The students tell you that they love the school but it is all for show. everybody hates it and they wish they could attend another university.
Great experience this far. I have really enjoyed gw and feel that it has offered me an incredible and invaluable education surpassed by none. It is complemented by the wonderful city of DC and some of the most amazing professors the nation has to offer. Did I forget to mention it is two blocks from the White House!
Incredibly active and passionate student body. I thoroughly enjoy going to class as my peers are professors are all quite intelligent and engaging
If you are studying political science or international affairs this is a very good school. If your are studying anything else this is a tier-two institution at best. This school is grossly overpriced and seems to nickel and dime students for everything. The return on investment is very low.
Great school for Political Science and History. The professors are very helpful. Classes are within walking distance. The food could be less expensive though.
As a first year student at The George Washington's University Elliott School, I can say that in summary, GW is a good school, albeit not a great one. While there is notable faculty on staff, many of the lectures aren't engaging, and the level of challenge varies greatly from professor to professor. Additionally, considering the school's hefty tuition, I think that the student services should be better organized and more accommodating. For example, Health Services does not tell you if you are missing any forms, and many other departments have rude call services. The dorms are catastrophic, and there is no dining hall; there for food options are limited and expensive. While, I am happy here, I am not sure if I would make George Washington my first choice again.
GW is an awesome school with tons of opportunities to take advantage. The administration and the professors really care and there are so many opportunities that you can take care of in terms of internships/research due to its location in the heart of DC. Theres always something to do here and the entire student body is driven and passionate about something.
GW is a great place so far. I am in the International Affairs program in the Elliott school, and the location couldn't be more perfect. The campus food is okay. Instead of a cafeteria your dining dollars can be used at different restaurants on campus. This is fine but it can get a little expensive. With normal cafeterias you can usually get a lot of food since its buffet style. The area itself is extremely safe, even at night.
as far as online schools go, its an actual real school, and has credit in the professional world
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no housing for graduate students, so I have nothing to say on this
i have nothing to say, because im in the online program
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im in the online program. but i assume its okay, as i get emails about sports games often
im in the online program, so can't give much info as to what the school feels like. just what the professors are like
Plenty of opportunities here, and you're given a lot of chances to show off what you got.
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