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I took classes online and honestly, my experience was not great at all. The zoom classes were not very interactive and didn't fit my learning style.
The school is very expensive and there is a lack of spirit but there is small change occurring helping to improve it. The area is very resourceful since it's located in the capital of DC.
The location of GWU makes it an amazing university. Professors are experts in their fields. Students can intern at any company or agency in DC while studying.
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Online classes were much slower. It was more difficult for students to participate, but professors made sure to extend office hours and were good with communication.
I like the campus location and the programs. I wish there was more of a campus community because it does not feel like all students are connected .
I took classes online and it was a difficult adjustment due to the fact that much more work was assigned due to the online classes.
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Really unorganized and lacking in leadership for guidance. The Fall semester seems to be looking like a disaster.
Amazing university but subpar leadership and disappointing financial aid. Students passionate about their education are met with extremely lengthy financial aid process and mean financial counselors. Extremely unhelpful.
I love the campus and the location. The freshman housing options were not great but they get much better once you are an upper class man
Some professors were not accommodating. The university had to take action to make professors behave more reasonable during the pandemic
Wonderful location, access to fantastic internship opportunities. Unique courses and qualified professors.
Online courses were difficult in being able to gain the same amount of knowledge without in person instruction.
I love the atmosphere, urban campus, and hard working nature of the students and staff. The only downfall of George Washington University is the slow response from the administration regarding certain issues.
I took some courses online and the professors, teaching assistants, and other students were all understanding and lenient regarding the situation.
Like all other aspects of the GW experience, garbage. The school just sucks. The people are awful to deal with.
GW = "Georgetown Waitlist". But just b/c is second rate, doesn't = lack of entitlement! Costs more than Cornell!

Lost one full ranking in USNews for each year since 2002, falling from 52 to 70. Kicked off rankings altogether 2010 for fudging numbers.

Immaturity rivals middle school for most, both staff/students. School smacks of Chucky Cheez especially the enclosed pen of colored balls. Pending OCD, expect issues to last duration of the lifespan.

All infatuated with "assisting" or "coming alongside" to offer their unsolicited services for what is well beyond their purview, whether in Greek or Int'l affairs. Parents of all teenyboppers make their presence felt thru public feedback and lawsuits.

Everybody has ADHD + guardians to redistribute what would otherwise belong to the irresponsible child. Watch them all push this on other students who are total strangers!

It's a ride that lasts a lifetime, rest assured. But not the kind of ride you're thinking of.
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I took the remainder of my lectures online, and the professors were very quick to adapt our learning online despite the circumstances.
Great research university located in the heart of downtown Washington, DC. Excellent academics for those studying international affairs, political sciences, and health/natural science, technology, and or engineering. I am an upcoming senior and have enjoyed 100 percent of my time here, I have made some valuable friendships, gained great resources for my future work, and even found amazing internship opportunities.
The quality of instruction is great. The professors are always so willing to help you. And the student body is so diverse. You get to meet people from around the world.
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