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George stone technical center is a great school with very knowledgeable teachers. I'm currently enrolled in their aviation maintenance technician course and love it!
Brick and mortar facility itself is infested with mold and should be torn down. It's a health and safety issue. "If you don't like the way we do things, there's the door. I have 47 more people on the waiting list." ~ Mr. Givens, Cyber Security Instructor, 10/25/16. Principal and Vice-Principal, guidance counselor, and GI benefits counselor were uninformed about House Bill 7015 (the Florida GI Bill signed in 2014), and tried to make me pay out of state tuition. Making them either totally incompetent at their job or scam artists. I'm leaning towards the former here, but that's just my opinion. Networking "teacher" knows nothing about the field, and is taking the same Cisco course I am. On the plus side, I am learning my chosen field. It is very much a fend for yourself, figure it out, google/wikipedia/youtube it course. They are very lawsuit shy, so you could probably get your money back with the flimsiest of excuses.
Computers are barely used in my class. We are normally just styling hair.
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The class hours of the program I am in is very flexible. There is an early class and a night class. A student can be placed in either one to fit there schedule. Also, if I'm unable to make it some days, the instructors don't pressure me.
George Stone isn't really a college that everyone expects. There are different departments, such as culinary, cosmetology, welding ... basically a trade school. There isn't a library or athletic center.
It's a very great school. The only difficulty is when it comes to financial aid. The process takes a long time and receiving your reimbursement will seem like forever; however, the administration, along with the instructors are very kind, patience and helpful.
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