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The graduate programs here are great. The Law school is now 41st in the country and the youngest school in the top 50. The faculty is dedicated to the success of their students.
I believe that there are some good things at GMU and some bad things about GMU. I have made a lot of life-long friends here, that I would never go back and change. I have also learned a lot and made real connections with my professors. The campus and the area surrounding it(Fairfax) are some of my favorite things about the school.
It is a very large campus, and has their fair share of great professors, however, you have to really drive yourself to search for those good professors. However, there are a lot of study abroad opportunities and it is a very diverse population as well.
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I have recently transferred to Mason, but I feel like I have always been a patriot. When I started Mason, I was very nervous about starting another school, having to meet new people and making friends; and worried how challenging the academics would insist of. However, the day I started all my worries and theories were proved wrong. Everyone on campus are so loving and nice, and I met so many new people and have started making friends very quickly. The professors are very helpful and are always willing to give advice. The campus itself is huge and I guess one disadvantage is that it is a lot of walking. On the contrary, I love the diversity of the school and meeting many new people with different background and culture.
It was great experience. I lived in the area and it was easy for me to get there. It is very diverse . People are nice. Sometimes professors are just a little bit tired to teach. However, each of us came here to learn and not to complain.
All of the professors and staff at GMU are awesome. I've never had a professor that I haven't liked, they're all extremely understanding and willing to help. However, this is a commuter school so expect campus to be dead on the weekends, since most people go home.
Great school, academics, student body. Lots of opportunities in the area. Internships and jobs search is made easy through career fairs and online resources. Pretty campus and right by dc where there's a ton of things to do.
George Mason has a very diverse group of students but having books that is only offered by George Mason can be expensive especially when you have to pay so much for the parking pass. There are many clubs to join and they always have a time in where they advertise on campus to join. And most teachers reply well with email or are available during office hours. Teachers that I’ve had so far have been very flexible in meeting whether in person during class or office hours and even through online if needed.
Really enjoy school, just wish the whole athletics scene was much bigger. Professors are great when you can find good ones. Food is good, and lots of diversity.
George Mason is a HUGE campus! It feels like it is a little town. There are restaurants, cafes, lots of study spaces, and an on-campus housing area that looks like a neighborhood. It's a completely wonderful place, and I am delighted to be attending it.
Overall Mason is a great school. There are many students who come from all over the world and bring a lot of diversity and culture to the school.
I am an incoming sophomore and attended George Mason for my freshman year. The professors are wonderful and all have a passion for their field. There are also many opportunities for students looking for internships or jobs and the university really encourages students to take advantage of these opportunities. Living on campus is very convenient and the dorms are alright. The RA on my floor facilitated group activities and tried to make everyone aware of events around campus. The food is decent but there are a variety of restaurants for anyone who doesn't want to eat at a dining hall. There are also hundreds of clubs and activities for students to participate in. Overall, my experience at George Mason University has been pleasant. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable school with excellent professors and many opportunities to work towards their career goal.
Mason is a great place to come and find community. Also, Mason is right near the Washington DC; it has a large selection of many connections for career/interning opportunities and such!
I enjoyed my first year at George Mason. I got to meet a lot of different people an d create some memorable memories. Took off one star because of dining hall food, which is as good as expected.
I love George Mason University. Campus life is very energetic and the whole place gives off a friendly atmosphere. It did not take me long to get comfortable with living on campus, as their are plenty of opportunities to join clubs and organizations that offer new friendships and networking potential. The faculty is very nice and helpful to any student who needs assistance in any aspect.
The professors engage with students and help them succeed. The campus is always busy with activities that make students feel part of a community.
Affordable compared to other 4-year universities in Virginia. I wish there were more housing options on and near campus that were reasonably priced. As a graduate student, the most affordable option was to commute from my parent's home an hour away from campus.
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I like how the school is very diverse. It has many different programs especially in the engineering field.
I toured the University with a Law and CSI Program I took over the summer. The University was beautiful and big. The food was wonderful. I was very impressed with law program that the University offers. After I toured the University, I was really excited bout that fact of being to go to George Mason to get my degree to be an attorney.
I absolutely love the diversity at George Mason University! The gatherings they have for everyone on campus is so so welcoming and I couldn’t be more happy about being a student there.
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