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Definitely has a niche for everyone, lots of ways to get involved. Professors are helpful and invested in students. Dorms and food are good, but expensive. Beautiful campus. Quite liberal which does show in classes (at least in the Integrative Studies department which is predictable).
George Mason is a large school with sometimes larger classes, and I know that can be a deterrent for many people. My advice would be to put yourself out there and get to know someone in your class, or make connections with your professors. These bonds can be valuable throughout your college career as you look towards the next step.
Terrible professors, staff, deans department, everyone! I'm a student in the engineering school and while being here for 3 years I've only been let down by this place. I've learnt way more at an internship than at Mason. The professors absolutely don't care about their students and the struggle of being a student. My advisor was mostly absent. I went through health issues and wanted to withdraw from a semester and despite providing sufficient proof (ER documents, scans, doctors notes etc.) I was rejected and insulted by the School of Engineering. . The university is so focused on money and being famous/known that they do not care about their students at all.
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George Mason is a very diverse and big school with many challenges to overcome. Some being the rigorous curriculum and others being a balance between school and campus life. Overall the experience at Mason is unique but there are a few things that could be different to make the school tailored towards newer students.
George Mason University is an excellent school for both commuters and on-campus residents. It is extremely diverse in almost every aspect. The student advisors for each major strive to help each individual feel included and at home, and they all take great measures to achieve this goal. The campus is laid out very simply and it is easy to get around to each building. Class times are generally convenient and there are plenty of options for almost every class and section so that schedules can be flexible. The campus life is very inclusive and there are clubs and groups for almost anything. The campus is also very safe and well-lit. The faculty and professors are knowledgeable for the most part, but this will vary depending on what professors you end up getting. There are events going on every night with speakers, lectures, etc. Dining options for everyone with new ones coming all the time. The only downside is that the parking passes and textbooks are expensive.
GMU is definitely the most diverse place I've ever been in. Not even in terms of just ethnicity but in personalities. It's such a wonderful place to learn more about the world just through classes but through the people in those classes. GMU has made me more aware of events happening around the world and I greatly appreciate it. One flaw is the administration. It's obvious that departments don't communicate well together because every time the departments play pinball and pass you back and forth to different people and none really know who you should talk to about problems.
After some time on the campus and seeing how the college worked, I was very pleased with the overall experience I have had thus far! It is both enlightening and thrilling to be apart of the college community where everyone is so positive and driven for the success of themselves and others attending the college.
Very active community with excellent teachers in the Anthropology program. The college is jam packed with areas to study or relax and has a fairly good variety of activities to unwind with
What I like about George Mason University is the diversity on campus. It is a school where everyone can be themselves freely and connect with people from different backgrounds in a way that they can learn and grow their minds. I appreciate the openness that I have to be myself on campus and the opportunities offered for me to do so. I also like the amount of research studies I can participate in which will help benefit me in my career path which is heavily research based. If anything would make George Mason a better campus would be some renovation in the buildings but other than that the school is fine.
One thing that that I believe Mason needs to have is more outdoor student interactions where as students we can help a non profit organization and bring collaborative changes in the society. Apart from that, I strive to work and learn with diverse group of people that George Mason University accommodates. From the great academics to diversity of students and the environment, I knew that Mason was just the perfect University to attend. The pleasant and comfortable environment with the diversity blended in seems just right in which I hope to immerse myself in. With so many opportunities to look forward to, I knew that a college experience at Mason will be challenging yet pleasing at the end.
Mason is a good school with a lot of diversity. There are so many clubs and activities you are sure to find something that fits your interests. The only thing I would complain about is some professors are not as good as they could be. I mean that in the terms that while they may be very knowledgeable about their topic, they may not always be great at teaching it. That being said, the vast majority are still very good at what they are do and are very fair.
Though I've lived near GMU most of my life, I knew almost nothing about it. I didn't know what to expect. There are so many people from all walks of life here. The University itself offers so many opportunities for people to get involved and grow at GMU. There is something for everyone here!!
George Mason has been such a great university so far and I have so much great things to say about it, first of all, the thing I love most about it is that it is so diverse which makes it really nice to expand and learn about other students/cultures and more. Another aspect, I love is the fact that the university offers many workshops and information to help the students here reach their full potential.
It's a really good school if you're looking for the college resources due to its connection and proximity to DC. If you're going for school spirit, you wont find much outside of basketball season. In addition, the party system here sucks if you're a guy outside of a frat. So far, I have only had one bad professor, the rest have been amazing. These professors are more lay back then how everyone else described them before. Most of my professors act exactly like their students. There are great places to study all around campus, and food is actually pretty good outside of dining halls.
George mason is a very diverse school, the people there are very friendly and helpful. The only thing is that the science department isn't as good as it should be, besides that there are many places on campus to have fun or study. the campus is covered with greenery and is well kept.
George Mason is improving, and considered as one of good local school in VA. not much of student life going out on campus as most of student are full time employees and not living or spending time full time on campus.
Academic wise George mason still has lots of area of improvement compare to other local schools.
There are many good and also many useless professor in GMU, and that's why I rated the professors as 50/50.
Mason business school is considered as an average rating compare to other business school in the area.
George Mason has given me more opportunities than I could have imagined. As a junior I am feeling more and more prepared to go into the working field.
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George Mason University is very diverse. It consist of a lot of clubs and organizations that students could choose to be involved in. It's always security on campus. It's a lot of food places that you could choose from. However, far as the dinning halls, I wish that they served a variety of foods and switch it up everyday. You can always find a place to study at, which could be the library, JC, Sub1 or even the hub.
George Mason is a great University! It’s a beautiful, well maintained campus with so much to get involved with. There are so many opportunities with D.C. being so close and fun events to participate in that I normally wouldn’t do. As of now, I have no big complaints.
Most of my professors were very understanding and were genuinely interested in the courses they taught. Also, they were open to providing letters of recommendations for our future employers. On the other hand, finding parking and paying for parking is ridiculous. We pay so much already, and they charge $350+ for parking and parking spots aren’t guaranteed.
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