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GMU is a good school to attend. It is in a great area and is not far from D.C. The school is very diverse and has a variety of interesting courses to choose from. The majority of the teachers engage their students and want to see them succeed. Overall, I would recommend students to apply here.
The diversity , and the dedication of the staff/faculty was definitely a plus at George Mason. The wide variety of extra circulars gives the students many options as well.
I think it's a great school. However, the school lacks a bit in school spirit and I hope to see this change!
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When I think of George Mason, the first thing I truly think of is belonging. Honestly, when I am here, I am at my second home. No school is perfect. No school will ever be perfect. However, Mason has earned its way to my heart. I am only a sophomore but my experience has been great. The food here is awful but aside from that, I have met incredible people that really mold this University to being a place where I belong.
My experience at George Mason has been liberating and I'm grateful for the experience. The school offers many opportunities for students to be engaged in areas, such as student life and educational events. What I like about George Mason is the amount of freedom and access given to the students and the plethora of career and academic opportunities, and the ample campus resources they have to offer. I also like how the campus is a place with people of diverse cultures, accommodating people of many different walks of life through student associations and general education. There's not really a lot that I would like to see change at Mason; the school has already shown itself to be innovative and resourceful.
Becoming a student at George Mason has been an amazing experience. The teachers really want you to pass and and the students are really friendly. There's always someone there to reach out and invite other students to events.
I'm currently enrolled at George Mason as an on campus sophomore. Let me just say that George Mason's campus is amazing, in my opinion. There's a lot to see and do, and I enjoy walking to class because of the scenery surrounding the campus (there are trees EVERYWHERE). George Mason as plenty of resources ranging from writing workshops to counseling to library services, etc. The food at the dining halls is decent, but there are a lot of other places to get food like Chik fil A and Subway on campus.

The academics are good, though I've only been here a year so there's not much that I'm super familiar with. The professors are good at getting their job done, and I've had a few professors that I genuinely enjoyed being taught by. There is the occasional bad professor though. The local area around campus has a lot to do so it's hard to get bored unless you refuse to leave your room.
George Mason is a innovative and dynamic campus. It is very diverse and focused on sustainability principles. Mason caters to everyone's interests and needs and works to ensure that every student's voice is heard.
First, GMU is a really large campus. One of the first impression I had about GMU was the renovated and new buildings constructed around campus to make the university look more "innovative". GMU is a place where so much opportunity exist. Very well connected with innovative private companies and federal government, students have the opportunity to find jobs and interns to start developing their career ahead. A very diverse and inclusive environment allows for me to be also get exposed to new people and learn about different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Now, one of the few cons of GMU is that the majority of the students are commuters. GMU is basically an "over-sized community college". With so many commuters coming in and out of Mason, Parking becomes one of the main issues. As an off-campus commuter, it takes approximately 5-7 minutes to find parking around the campus everyday.
The college is more of a commute school. There are many great people here, but the some of the professors are just not worth taking. Some of these professors are teaching, but they are not helping the student like they think they are. Aside from the unnecessary to toughness of these classes, it is a great school.
As a high school student, I have toured the campus of George Mason University numerous times. My sister attended the university and had a great overall experience. George Mason offers great opportunities for students. George Mason University is about a ten minute commute to and from Washington, D.C. This offers phenomenal opportunities and work experience for students attending the university. My overall experience with George Mason so far has been great. I have come across a few of the current professors and students whom have given me great feedback as to what to expect from the university. George Mason University is also the leading school with students that make the greatest salary after graduating. I would recommend this university to anyone.
George Mason University is located in near D.C. area, so there are many opportunities to get a job. Also, this place is safe than rural university because the campus is placed near family community. Facility and members are very friendly to help and great.
I was originally skeptical about the commuting environment. When I joined the Greek community I found myself loving GMU a lot more and recommend clubs to anyone who feels they are not fully connected to the university!
The classes are great and so are the professors! With the larger classes, you feel like you are just a number but most professors generally do care about you. The more you get into your program, the more you get to know your professors and they help you succeed towards your goals. Parking can be a hassle and pricey, but that's the case with most public schools. Overall a great school, good programs and a lot of groups/programs to make you feel at home.
George Mason is a very diverse campus and there's a group or community for every kind of person-computer people, singers, nationalities, religions, etc. The food is great and there are a lot of events that everyone can be involved in.
George Mason is a wonderful campus. I am in the game design program and love learning about the subject. I am autistic and Mason has the support I need to succeed at college it is called MASI. The staff in the program are wonderful and care about all the students. Even if you are not in the program the disability office has many supports for all students that qualify. Mason is a wonderful opportunity.
George Mason is surrounded by resources for its students. Being so close to the capital there are plenty of opportunities for students to obtain incredible internships.
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It's a great school if you are a busy working person. Some programs are for student that are not working for example computer science. So be aware.
Though I've only had one semester at this school so far, my time here has been wonderful. It is an inclusive community that I have really grown to love, and everyone is really friendly. There are all kinds of people, and you will definitely find your place to belong at Mason. The Honors College (my College) has pushed me academically, and though some classes have been tough on me, I feel like I have grown as a student through the enrollment of this school.
George mason university known to be one of the top universities in the nations, exceeded my expectations in a good way. Though, there are some negative aspects but I can only imagine that it's part of the whole undergrad experience in college. One of the greatest experience in mason was, the diversity. Seeing people from all over the world coming together and learning in one environment, while putting their differences aside and creating a very friendly place to engage in learning and growing as individuals. Second, the staff and professors are very supportive and knowledgeable, also very accessible for the students. The overall quality of education is a bit above excellent, there always is something to learn and explore. I recommend George mason university to anyone actually looking for a positive college experience.
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