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My professors are so caring and involved in my progress both academically and personally. I have developed mentee and mentor relationship with many, because of all the opportunities they gave me as a student to succeed. I feel welcomed and a part of the Mason community which was important to me when choosing the right university to attend. I love taking advantage of GTA hours for tutoring and going to the writing center to revise my essays. I need all the extra help I can get and I'm glad that these options are available for those seeking guidance. Although I have had a pleasant academic and social experience here at Mason, I did not in housing which is the reason I gave a 4 out of 5. I had issues with a roommate and things were not done in a timely manner or handled accordingly. Although it was eventually resolved it dragged out longer than it should have. In the end, I really have enjoyed the time I have had and look forward to what the future holds for me as a Patriot.
George Mason University is just ok. And simply that. Don't expect to be stunned by its campus or impressed by its implementation of academics in any way. It will provide you with the basics of learning, but everything there just seems basic so far and the campus itself is dated and not in the "look at these beautiful vintage college buildings" dated. I'm talking drab, simple red brick buildings clumped inside of a ring of the most ludicrous parking setup known to man. All in all, I don't regret my time at GMU. It didn't blow me away with its setup, but it didn't hinder my education either. It is a safe college that will provide for your needs, but nothing more.
Having attended the past two years of my undergrad at George Mason University, I can honestly say that this university has amplified my work ethic and dreams to become an Elementary school educator. I am extremely blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to attend George Mason University and work to complete my degree in Education. From on-campus community, to the on-campus housing opportunities and facilities, I am so happy I chose George Mason University to gain my degree. I would not want to attend any other university!
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I loved Mason from the first day! The professors feel so passionate about what they teach. The school is so diverse and I love it because you learn so much and there is so many clubs to join!
It is a great school academically, but I often feel like I am missing out on some of the "college experience". I often wish that there was a football team so that it would bring about a higher sense of school spirit, pride, and bring students together. I also wish campus life was more lively. The school consists of mostly commuters still, so campus is usually dead. Sometimes it is nice because it is peaceful, but usually it is a little depressing.
Great faculty with innovative teaching.
Overall the campus and the off campus area are very convenient.
Campus safe is good.
College is all about what you make of it, and that is especially the case here. If you do not reach out and participate in anything, your experience here is probably not going to be great. But if you are actively looking for new opportunities and take initiative, you will most certainly have a great time!
Overall experience as GMU has been somewhat disappointing. My program is at the Arlington campus, not the main Fairfax one. The resources and attention paid to Arlington is severely lacking. We are not getting the full university experience here. The lack of organization and poor management within my program of study is disappointing and problematic.
I love George Mason University. I'm in my senior year and have enjoyed every year thus far. My classes have all been terrific with wonderful, supportive professors that I feel are each actually extremely qualified to teach their respective courses. My advisor and other administrative staff throughout the university has also been extremely efficient in helping me any and every time I need assistance. My complaint with the food is that I wish there were more gluten free friendly places to eat on campus that cater to the food allergy community of which I am a part of. The housing is also nice but way too expensive, which is why I chose to commute.
Amazing college, although getting a bit pricey. The people are wonderful, and I feel like I've made life long friends. I've even fallen in love on this wonderful campus and I can't say enough about how much I love this school. A lot of students don't care as much as I do about the school, but they aren't appreciating what this school gives.
This is an amazing school with a diverse amount of programs, activities, and student success opportunities.
I just recently finished my sophomore year at GMU and it was tons of fun. My major is art with a concentration in drawing and a minor in theatre. So far my experience with the school has been incredible with my only problems coming from classmates. And even then, said problems are relatively minor. I've met so many amazing friends here, including my current boyfriend. The food available at the dining halls leaves much to be desired, but to make up for that, there are several on-campus restaurants to eat from instead. GMUPD takes student safety incredibly seriously and, as a woman, I've never felt scared or unsafe walking around campus at night. I've absolutely loved GMU so far and I look forward to my last two years.
The university is alright. The professors are nice. The food in the dinning hall is not great, except for breakfast. The dorms in presidents park only have a/c half of the school year. Lots of diversity on campus.
The campus is inviting and every academic building is within easy range of each other. The community here is strong, with clubs and activities for all. GMU has much to offer in the arts, with student discounted tickets prices it makes seeing the plays and operas in the center for the arts very affordable. GMU has made great sustainable effort, on their part by providing locally grown food in the food courts among other things. Overall a great college to be in.
Has amazing location being so close to D.C. without having to actually be in DC. Great professor and advisors especially in the humanities department. However the price to park here is ridiculous and the Wi-Fi can be really awful at times. But overall it's an amazing school.
My first year here at GMU has gone off without a hitch! I love the friends I've made in my dorm thanks th the LLC (living learning community) program. The professors here genuinely care and know what they are teaching to make you have a successful future.
George Mason is located in the suburbs of Fairfax County, but it feels isolated from the rest of the community. Although the commute to Washington D.C is a 30 minute commute, George Mason has available transportation to certain location to D.C and NOVA. Furthermore, George Mason grading policy is very strict. I notice how much student here have to study to get a decent grade.
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I am currently a junior studying in George Mason University. It is a big campus with diverse population of students. It has a variety of programs and different career choices. The best thing about Mason is the diversity and how the college celebrates each and every culture with equal enthusiasm.
The campus is extremely beautiful and safe, and the people are nice and helpful. I know many people ho go here including the dive team. The athletics here, and gym facilities are amazing. :)
George Mason is a wonderful opportunity. Being able to commute to college has really help with being able to afford college. With a broad span of majors, the faculty will guide you to select a major that works for you.
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