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GMU is a great school. It has a great community and many different groups you can get plugged into. It is also a big commuter school and great for adults returning to school so you won't feel too out of place if you're over the age of 22.
GMU is a very practical school. As far as DC area schools, its by far the least expensive and the professors are excellent for the most part. However, most of the students are commuters so there's really not much going on during the weekend. I always felt the school had a very serious and down to business like atmosphere, which coming from Southern VA, took some getting use too.
I love the diversity at GMU. There are so many people here from so many different walks of life. They have lots of cool resources for their students, even those that live off-campus. The school of nursing is especially awesome, with tons of great teachers and faculty. The campus is beautiful, but there is always some sort of construction going on, which is okay. Parking can be a struggle depending on the time of day. Overall, though, it is a really nice place to go to school.
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It is a beautiful campus and very big. It is nice to walk around and see all the diverse people. Has a lot of nice people and the professors are wonderful.
My experience at George Mason University has been excellent. I love the diversity and the location. It is nice being in the suburb of Fairfax while also being so close to Washington, D.C. I would definitely recommend students to come to Mason as it is a great school with a great campus and great academics.
George Mason is an overall well presented campus. There is always something to do to help keep a students occupied. There are many organizations to help students achieve their goals, as well as, to help increase the well-being of students. There are a variety of events that go on around campus which help meet the interests of all students.
Although George Mason is a good university they lack a united feeling. It's as if the school doesn't respect or care for the students health and well being. Overall George mason certainly lacks a lovely student body that has pride in the school but I am working to change that, despite some of the schools short coming, it does have vast potential to grow and certainly will. Overall George Mason is a good institution to receive an education from.
I just visited there for the second time and absolutely loved it!!! I enjoyed the scenery, the food and there were SO many options for food and buffets. I have heard highly of the academics and the student life is extremely diverse.
Great school in regards to academics, with a pretty decent basketball team. Not a huge party school unless you're in a frat or sorority. Tons of clubs and organizations for everyone.
Good university with affordable price within the DC area. Very diversed , professors are helpful and friendly. You’ll get great resources from staff. Attend career fair and you are opened to countless opportunities with Big4, non profits and government sector
George Mason University is a good school and they do a lot to help their students. The main issue I have with the school is I feel like they value the professors more than they should. If you aren't familiar with ratemyprofessors it is a website that lets students who have taken a certain professors class to give critique. I've noticed a lot of bad reviews for many professors and how students each semester make the same complaints on them. I don't feel like the school puts in enough effort to weed out those professors and try to improve because many of those professors still have their jobs.
I like the campus, very friendly but the advisors need work. The nursing program is extremely difficult to get into.
I love GMU! It's campus is absolutely beautiful during the summer and the professors are so kind and understanding!
George Mason University is a college where individuals could have the opportunity to physically engage and be involved in various activities due to its location. Due to the school being so close to Metropolitan D.C. students have the connections they need to enhance their resumes and their careers. The professors at the University are also very intuitive and want their students to succeed. They are always working hard to make the college a better university. Moreover, the school itself is going under many constructions. The college wants to offer their students the best learning environment and so they renovate new buildings and build facilities for its students. George Mason is a great college for any individual that wants to be connected with the D.C. metropolitan area and offers a great learning environment.
George Mason has a great climate regarding the students and professors. You can tell everyone really cares. Where George Mason lacks and lacks severely is their professional staff such as finical aid advisors, parking staff etc. I have never heard of had a positive expirence with either department and they make me regret choosing Mason.
The school I would say is pretty average. Some professors are very lazy where as others work very hard to teach students the info. Parking is expensive and very hard to find sometimes.
Good Professors involved in the DC area (Government, Non-Profits, Etc.)
Great school for research, rising in ratings for academics.
Location is great for internships, especially government or internationally oriented options.
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George Mason is a good school, the most exciting thing about it is it’s really big and the biggest university in Virginia including 36,000 student and it’s so diverse, but there are a lot of things should be improved
Mason is a great place to learn. Most professors want you to do good and understand the course. The dining places are delicious and theres a UPS store on campus!
as a transfer student from NOVA community college, I thought it was going to be a challenge to make the next step in transition. George mason helped me in every way possible, they have amazing resources and staff that are willing to do anything and everything to make sure you finish with a four year degree. the campus life is exiting and thriving with a diverse culture of people. I would recommend this college to anyone.
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