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there is a wide variety of places to go out and eat! also, there is a lot of diversity at this school.
As far as the program I chose, Mason has proven a vital resource to my success as an undergraduate student; I know that, with the skills it helped me hone, I'll be more than prepared for a career outside of college.

The only thing I have to say is that the math and science department could use some major improvements. It's shifting around constantly and not in ways that benefit the students in every instance.

As for the economics and public policy department, Mason is the way to go; the accelerated law program made it an absolute must to attend and I've made lifelong friends here. You often find them here in the places you least expect: everywhere.
Shorter wait time for representatives. More help with incoming transfer students because, we are usually in school during certain events.
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Mason is a very good school, very diverse and professors are experienced in their field. It is a great place to go to school, close to DC, many organizations to join, and parties if you want that.
I really like George Mason because it is a very diverse school and they offer everything that I am interested in for being a lawyer. I love the campus and the student involvement and the different organizations that are available to students to join.
More options and education on financial aid would be an improvement. This is something that scares many people. I feel like financial aid advisors don’t like advicing and get upset at you for not knowing about how fin aid works, instead of educating you.
Excellent food choices, clubs, sports, thriving campus community, exceptional career department, and many degree options!
I loved seeing the diversity within the George Mason University community. The students you run into are always friendly and will help you if you're lost.
George Mason is very average university. It prides itself on over exaggerated things like diversity- when in reality is a PWI. It does allow for many opportunities but has some of the worst departments you'll come by. GMU parking and finical aid are by far the worst. They do not care about the students at all. One thing great about George Mason is the professors however. The professor here care so much about the students and they open so many doors for you. Every professor you have will have some sort of opportunity you can experience. Put in hard work getting to know as many professors as possible, they are the key to this school.
As a transfer student, my experience so far at George Mason University has been rewarding. The campus is beautiful, the atmosphere invigorating, and the professors kind and knowledgeable!
I really like George Mason but I feel like they should try to make the school a more divers place for everyone. They should try to have a culture day, where people from different cultures come together and celebrate each other .
I am a Freshman and everything that I saw and was told during my college visits has been realized. The student population is very diverse. Diversity was very important to me as I wanted my college to reflect true life. While the school has a large enrollment I have never felt overwhelmed. The school provides me all the tools to create not only a strong academic life but a busy social life as well.
I would like to see more diverse food options, professors that are more involved with their class and not just worried about how many students. There are certain professors that care more about your success than grades.
I would say that my overall experience is average because since I live in the dorms and do not have a kitchen the food is kind of important, which they really lack in. However, I do feel safe living on the campus and there are a lot of great people around to help make sure you have the best college experience possible.
It's a great university, everyone here is awesome and very friendly. The professors are very patient and helpful, my peers always bring something interesting to the table, and it's really easy to make friends.
Parking sucks! And construction is never-ending. But, I liked how when you get into your major classes, the class size decreases. Professors were helpful. There is A LOT to do on campus and several organizations to choose from. I just wish we had a football team.
George Mason University is extremely diverse. There are many research opportunities and over 350 extracurricular clubs and organization. The university needs to expand their teacher evaluations in order to allow for students to review the professors and express their opinions.
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My experience with George Mason has been mostly a positive one. I love the sports and the student life. The teachers have been all kind to me and I haven't found myself feeling alone or ever out of place.
I have a close friend from out of state who couldn't afford to keep going to mason. They dropped out and started attending a school back home. However, Mason still charged them for the semester after they dropped out. This is a person with mental illnesses, who is unable to pay off a random $15,000 charge. This has ruined their credit, and caused them an abundance of distress. Mason would not lift a finger to help. Their representative listened to my friend crying over the phone and suggested "You should start considering payment plans." Heartless. Despite what their propaganda might tell you, Mason does not care about their students. Mason only cares about their students' wallets.

I have had few issues personally. I enjoy the level of academic rigor, and the amenities that come with being a student here.
I enjoy being a George Mason Patriot. Attending school here is great and there are many opportunities to take part in the college community. My only complaint is that it is very crowded because everyone wants to go here!
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