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George Mason is a great campus and there is a ton to get involved in! The food is phenomenal and the classes are engaging!
What I really like about George Mason University is that it has more resources available than other schools to help its students succeed and be prepared for life after graduation.
I loved my time at Mason as a person who had to pay for college and to be quite honest look down on people who excessively party through college. The parties were there when I wanted, but weren't a main focus. At first I didn't like Mason because weekends were slow, but as I got older I realized it was just true to life. Fun and socialization doesn't just jump out at you and I had a great time once I got involved. I am 2 years removed from Mason and look back very fondly. The biggest thing Mason has against it is a culture obsessed with disliking Mason. Many students at Mason attend as a fall-back and it has a huge negative effect on the social culture of the student body. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to go to a more traditional school, as my best friends went to VT and UVA, but Mason was def the right choice for me. The diversity was huge for me.
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I love the professors at GMU. There is a lot of opportunity at George Mason. I am involved in sports and have a job on campus. There is no shortage of things to do at George Mason University. The students are welcoming and make you feel at home. There is a wide variety of majors and classes to take at George Mason University. I find it easy to schedule my classes. This semester, I am able to travel to Europe with one of my classes to enhance my learning experience.
I had an awesome time at George Mason University. The only down side is the tuition is now way too expensive.
I like GMU's music program, its Music Technology program, distance from home.
For changes, I would like to see more upperclassmen housing options, more safety from the more badly-behaved students.
Not the best, but GMU definitely helped me get involved my freshman year and I have already seen so much personal growth. The diners are ehh, but I believe they are working on it. I love the environment and people, just because it is so friendly and diverse. I am in a sorority, and greek life here is awesome. However, I wish we had greek row to make GMU more of an experience. Other than that, it is a great school and I have great professors.
It's been a great experience to far. The university is nice and big, contains all the student facilities one could ask for, but is just small enough to traverse everywhere by foot. The faculty and student body is very nice and helpful.
I like the campus overall. Its big and pretty, the library's beautiful! The professors could be a bit better but overall everything else is fine. The foods alright as well, I like that Chipotle opened recently.
The quality of education at George Mason University is really good, the teachers and professors are good at what they do, the campus is organized very well so that most of the classes for particular majors are all in one area. The only downside is that it is a very expensive school to go to and most students will have to take out more loans than students who go to schools like UVA.
I love everything about it and I think it is an excellent choice for your undergraduate career. Its very diverse and everyone is very nice and sweet. There are so many different opportunities to choose from and there is definitely something for everyone here.
George Mason University is a great school for academics and pursuing the D.C. job market. It has a lot of corporate and government recruiting that takes places year round. Its location allows for students to intern for the government and companies in D.C. and establish connections before graduation. Mason has a great engineering and business school as well.
One of my favorite parts of George Mason University is their Honors College. It provides a place for students to create close-knit relationships that support students in both their academic performance and social lives.
The campus is beautiful, but I didn't have very many friends there. This school is a commuter school so many of the students you will meet in classes will not live on campus. The campus is right next to Washington DC and its a great place to spend your weekends!
I really enjoy the small classrooms and attentive professors. It's a very big campus that has a lot of interesting classes to offer. The gyms and aquatic center are top notch; they even have a sauna. They have a variety of food options that include dietary restrictions like kosher, gluten-free, and vegan. There are many clubs to join and activities to be a part of. My only negative critique is the signs which don't list some of the buildings close by and the campus itself which could use a revamp in color and decor.
George Mason University has a very beneficial academic system, particularly due to academic counselor and student teaching availability. There are multiple departments on campus with scheduled times for helping students. TAs are also available to help students at scheduled times with projects or homework for most classes when the teacher themselves is unavailable.

GMU also has a variety of places to eat at. Panda, Chipotle, Steak n Shake, Dunkin Donuts and even pizza joints can be found on campus. There is also a section of stores outside not far from the campus itself where one can go to acquire necessities or groceries.
I graduated from GMU in May 2017 and I can confidently say that GMU set stepping stones in order for me to pursue my dreams in going into dental school. The professors truly want there students to do well and to challenge themselves. I had the opportunity to work with the chemistry department throughout my time as a student and to volunteer within research with my biochemistry professor. GMU gives students a lot of opportunities to grow whether if its from the science field to business to criminology. GMU is known to be one of the most diverse Universities within VA. New renovations have been made within campus and new food options are now available: Panera, Panda Express, Chipotle, and IndaRoma!
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I love George Mason. Known for its diverse campus. I have enjoyed being a unique addition as a sudanese muslim student. I enjoyed taking classes at the university.
not a fan but probabnlty just cause ive been looking at this campus for my entire life but that's okay, just here cause its my cheapest option tbh\
I have just recently transferred to George Mason university from northern Virginia community college. I have been dreaming of learning from a large institution since high school. George mason university is better than my expectations. Most of the professors have PhDs, classes are larger than a community college, students are very diverse, and the student activities like clubs and athletic are provided for the students to enjoy and to be involved.
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