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I got introduced to Mason in eight grade because of a program I participate in now. I have been going to Mason for five years and I enjoy every minute I go to this very diverse and exquisite school. Mason is my first choice after I graduate high school because it includes my major Criminology. I made my choice to come to Mason for my four years and hopefully graduate and meet new people. My experience with George Mason is very satisfying because I know people that go to Mason and I know the school pretty well. I had a chance of vising Mason and seeing campus and I really liked it when I first saw it. George Mason University is a very prestigious school filled with diversity and amazing people ready to learn. I chose Mason, will you.
I love it here. I think what made me fall in love with the campus in the first place was the diversity I seen around campus. I also love how there are plenty of organizations to join!
What i love most about George Mason is the people. The students, professors, and staff are all so friendly and so helpful. They make the overall environment wonderful. The campus is also very beautiful and clean and just looks very nice. It is overall an outstanding community, but since it is a university, it is quite expensive.
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I love George Mason. It was my backup school, but after being here for almost a year, I have really grown to love it. The teachers and staff here are amazing and know so much on the topics they teach. Everyone is here to help and support you. Be aware that Mason is a large commuter school with 2/3 of the students commuting. Compared to other schools Mason is usually empty on the weekends, so if you are looking for a "party school" this isn't the one. If that doesn't matter to you, you will love Mason. Mason is really what you want to make of it. If you want to be a super social party person, you can. If you want to stay to yourself and study a lot, you can. Everyone is accepted here at Mason and there is a place for everyone, and that is what I love about it so much.
George Mason is a university that really invests in their student population. The administration is very transparent and engages the student body. The food offered on the campus is wonderful. The campus is always clean and well manicured. Most of the teachers are extremely helpful and clearly want to see the students succeed. Parking offers could be a little more affordable for students.
Unlike any other universities or colleges I have been to, I feel at home at GMU. The academics challenge you, the professors are great, and the social scene is always booming. Even though I am a Senior and will be graduating soon, I will always think of Mason as a part of me. Not only did Mason make be a better student, but it made me a better person.
This is my dream school. As an incoming freshman, I have never been on a more diverse campus filled with people who genuinely want to be there and who enjoy spending their time at Mason. Everyone is kind and teachers are knowledgeable.
George Mason is a very diverse university. The campus is well kept, very welcoming and safe. Students interested in attending Mason should know they have a variety of degrees to choose from and the faculty is very helpful. Students should get engage in one of the many school activities ranging from basketball games, clubs, to concerts. The campus is also minutes away from D.C., so if you ever want to leave campus, hop on a shuttle and enjoy the day! And if you're ever lost, just ask, there is always a friendly face ready to help.
The school has grow into such an amazing school over the past years. My dream was to allows be a Mason student and achieve my dream at the campus and make a story for my self. I want to go to mason because there's just so many great things about it and just amazing review about the school. The school reaches that high standpoint of making dreams come true.
First, GMU provides a diverse student body. I believe that this cultural diversity enhances my school experience. There is a richness that comes from students working side by side with others who are not of the same culture. Also, this culture develops my understanding of the perspectives of other people from different background and learn to function in a multicultural and multiethnic environment. Another thing I like about GMU is campus safety. GMU's campus environment is very safe. During my 4 years in GMU, I've never worried or concerned about this issues.
George Mason is a very diverse and welcoming school. It accepts everyone and there's always things to do on campus whether you're a commuter or not. There are so many clubs and if none interest you, you can create your own! The area surrounding Mason has a very old town vibe. There's so many cute cafes and restaurants for you to explore. We sadly don't have a football team but our basketball team is pretty good and any game is free for students. If you're trying to make friends, I suggest either going to clubs, JC or Fenwick.
Going into George Mason I really wasn't happy to go, I would have to live with my parent, and I wanted to have the whole college experience and didn't believe I could do that at GMU. I was most definitely proven wrong after just a month of attending the school, there are so many different types of people who attend and there is no doubt that anyone can find a group of friends almost instantly! I am honestly glad I decided to go to George Mason and would not change my decision if I could go back.
Diversity is at an all time high. love it here. friends and family believe i've made a great decision. i enjoy the campus and the wide variety of people on it. i think for its location GMU's diversity is at a all time high. its exchange program is excellent as well.
George Mason University is a great college that offers many services to help students succeed such as the various libraries which are open for many hours making it flexible to students and the tutoring centers available for almost any subject.
George Mason has been an excellent college for me so far. The faculty and staff are accommodating, the student population is large and diverse, it is close to Washington DC, has an amazing study abroad program, and is extremely safe. The career services department works incredibly hard to help match students and employers so that graduates can find work in their field quickly after graduation. The only real problem that I have with it is that it is currently going through some of the growing pains that come with its large student population. These taking the form of somewhat crowded housing and bad traffic that is common in Northern Virginia. Despite this, George Mason is an incredible college that provides a unique experience.
George Mason University is a great diverse college with faculty and students that really care about others. There is always so much going on that you will find yourself being involved in something! In terms of research opportunity, there is also plenty of that here! I love the campus, especially in the spring and summer. My next favorite thing would probably be the food! There are so many great places to eat and varieties across the campus that you never run out of food options. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far!
I have always been interested in becoming a computer scientist. George Mason is a very good University when it comes to this field of study.
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Love it here. I appreciate the diversity it has opened my eyes quite a bit especially in the field of public health.
George Mason is a great community. Everyone is extremely active with school spirit and friendly. The classes can be quite large at the lower levels but all of the professors are willing to speak and work with you independently too.
Upper level classes seem to be way more interactive and easier to handle in comparison to lower level classes that are more general ed courses. The school is very heavy when it comes to writing, so if you hate writing, it is not the place for you. Lots of athletic events to attend.
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