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I will be starting George Fox in two weeks but just visiting a few times I know its going to be a great year. People on campus, the teachers, students and administration are very nice and helpful. The campus is gorgeous, and the town of Newberg is small but still has everything you need and is in the middle of major places like Portland, mountains, and the ocean. They offer a lot of financial aid, and help you try to save as much money as possible.
Is an amazing Christian school, all the staff there is really nice and polite. Also the facilities are great! And I have shared nothin but good memories there :)
George Fox's motto is "Be Known," and they deliver on that motto. When I began attending last fall, I was unfamiliar with the campus, I was already going through very difficult challenges in my life unrelated to college, and I was not living on campus so it would normally be difficult to find a strong community. My professors and Peer Advisors played a crucial role in my integration into the GFU community by simply being available and genuinely caring about my wellbeing. There is no where I would rather be studying.
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I love this school! GFU is a very warm and inviting place. The people are amazing and the professors really care about you learning. A lot of professors go out of their way to make personal connections with their students. It's pretty common for professors to set up coffee meetups once a week to get to know their students and answer questions outside of class. Fox is a really great environment and I treasure my time there.
I love everything about George Fox University. Both the faculty and community surrounding George Fox allows students to be in a safe and high academic environment that prepares them for their future careers. The location of the campus sits between the west coast and Portland which allows students to explore a large variety of extra curricular activities.
Independent programs are awesome and the theatre department is exceptional. opportunity for students to grow is great. Professors are passionate about their subjects. The class sizes are small and access to professor help is easy. Staff is very friendly and always eager to help. the campus is well maintained and very pretty. However the tuition is VERY overpriced for what is available. The school works more like a community college and should be priced as such. Parking availability is poor and insane fees are given. Strict guidelines are placed on students and strange requirements need to be met. The school is too proud and comes off as arrogant It seems to be amidst a battle of older christian views and new liberal views which fight one another often.
GeorgeFox is a great college. The professors are investing in teaching you how how to be successful. Their slogan of Be Known is seen throughout the campus atmosphere. The only thing I would change is their lifestyle contract.
George Fox is a great Christian based campus and provides students with plenty of internship opportunities. George Fox also provides students with many opportunities to strengthen their relationship with Christ through community and serving.
Be a baby freshman, I was a tad nervous my first day of college. This anxiety all slipped away once I met my peers- they're so kind and caring, some even quite witty. The grand mass of professors that I've learned from are outstanding, I always manage to find something unique or intriguing about one. So far I've made numerous friends, am thoroughly enjoying my coursework, and can't wait to weekdays!
The experience at George Fox University is something that you don't get to have at a college. The diverse, love, and community within George Fox is unbelievable. I like the fact that George Fox challenges you in the classroom but the fact is that they're doing this for the better of the individuals future. As a George Fox student going into the real world they are "known".
Office hours for most of the professors are available for the students, also you feel like the professors do want you to learn and get what they are teaching you. Also, the environment here is just very peaceful and so welcoming.
As a Christian, George Fox University has been such a supportive educational experience for me. I do not have to worry about sharing about my faith, because I am in a Christian environment. The George Fox faculty is always willing to help, are very friendly, and continually practice George Fox's missions statement to Be Known. When I was going through the application process for their university, the staff was supportive and helped me through the entire process. I truly felt respected, welcomed, and known. The university campus is beautiful, well-kept, and safe. From the lush green lawns to the picturesque bridges surrounded by a vibrant forest, the beauty of this university never disappoints. I particularly like the small class sizes which allow relationships to grow between the students and the teacher. The teaching faculty at George Fox University is exceptional. They create a comfortable learning environment and challenge the students to grow. George Fox is a fantastic university.
George Fox University is a place where your true colors will be allowed to shine. Every professor and office worker want you to succeed in every aspect of your life. The rigorous academic schedule is definitely worth the money and time because the amount of opportunity that comes from it is priceless.
It's welcoming, friendly, small class sizes, great food, fun dorms. There is a ton of opportunity to do all kinds of activities like dodgeball intramurals and Fall retreat.
George Fox is a terrific University that is well rounded in all areas of education, faith, and campus life. The campus is beautiful and feels very safe and like home. The professors are personable and address you as the individual you are. They provide many resources for effective learning. Faith is a big part of campus life with chapel twice a week and other outside options to be involved. Campus life is also healthy with great dorm life and activities, intermural sports, clubs, study groups, sporting events, faith groups, etc. The office staff is readily available and very helpful in all departments from admissions to financial accounts. One area I would like to see improve is the cafeteria food.
Pros: The campus is pretty, academics are good, esteemed university, and "most" professors are great.
Cons: Cliques, expensive, lacking diversity, shove religious views down your throat and if you don't agree your grade suffers yet the student portal is evidence of rampant drugs/sex/partying, no assistance with job placement if you are an Adult degree student, and the film program professors need to be fired - horrible favoritism, uncommunicative, arrogant, and just plain nasty!
In summary, it's a good school IF you choose the right program, stay to yourself, and do NOT live on campus!
Overall experience has been good. My advisor is friendly and easily accessible for questions. My program is fast paced and I feel I'm learning a lot. I would like to see more instructor involvement during the weekly forum discussions to ensure the forums are on the right track.
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George Fox University is a great college. One of the highlights of George Fox is its great community among students and with the faculty. The faculty at Fox want to help you and will go out of their way to get to know you. Class sizes are small, so you get to know each of your classmates, and everyone is on a first-name basis with the professor. Dorm life is fun and a great way to make friends. Academics are rigorous, but there are many resources to help you succeed.
George Fox University offers a wide variety of majors with awesome professors. If there is one thing George Fox is known for, it is, well, to be known. The community is friendly and active. The professors want to help you succeed and build a relationship that helps build connections. The career resources are phenomenal, with its College and Career Center offering good advice on internships and job applications. On top of that, the campus is beautiful, with a creek down the middle and lush lawns. George Fox is the university for quality education and wonderful people.
I am currently a freshman attending George Fox University and have loved every experience so far. The serene atmosphere and overall beautiful campus is surrounded by a community that cares. The opportunities available extend and is virtually unlimited. The support from the faculty and students helps make the college transition something to look foreword to.
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