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I have visited three times, and every time I am there, there is a great sense of community and the people are awesome.
George Fox has a wonderful campus environment. The teachers are friendly and want to be involved in their students success. George Fox is slogan is "Be known" meaning the teachers at George Fox want to know their students an individual in their class. I remember the first time I walked onto campus. I had registered for my classes and was walking around the different buildings trying to picture myself there. After walking into the music department I started talking with the woman at the counter and it wasn't too long after that teachers had come out of their office to talk to me. They asked my name, what my major was and told me that I would be in their class. They answered any questions that they could. I could see that they cared. It made me confident that I would be working with good people who seriously lived George Fox's "Be Known" promise.
The community at George Fox is wonderful. Pretty much everyone is friendly and willing to lend a hand whenever you need help, and the small campus size makes for a great sense of community. This school really cares about students and their issues, and maintains high standards of safety, diversity, academics, and integrity. GFU has a number of connections in the professional world, and strives to make students ready for life after they graduate. I am in the theater program, and it is excellent.
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The beauty of the canyon to the noise of the student support at sporting events connect the students together. The Christian aspect, however, is not as intense as many people make it out to be. Yes, you are required to attend Chapel services fifteen times a semester, but they only preach on life lessons that truly resinate with us as maturing young adults. Not everyone here is a hardcore believer in God, but there are a lot of individuals who are developing their faith. If that's you, this community is the one for you. Everyone is supportive and is not judgmental. However, if you want modern dorms and top notch food, this is not your place. The school is extremely old, gorgeous, but old. The dorms have not been updated since they have been built aside from the two dorm halls that have been built within the past ten years. Our dining hall has weird hours. This can seem extremely frustrating. All-in-all, Fox is an amazing place to learn and grow in your faith.
Currently I am not enrolled in the school yet. However, during my campus visit I really admired the scenery and how diverse the school is.
My experience thus far at GFU has been both challenging and encouraging. I have faced many challenges in both my faith and in my academics. George Fox's academic counseling and spiritual life groups have shown me what do to improve these areas of my life. The challenges brought growth and success. I have continued to be challenged, but it is encouraging to overcome them and to be a stronger person because of so.
I have loved GFU so far! I have made friends I will keep for life. I play for their women’s lacrosse team and we even won conference last year. My professors all know me by name and are easy to talk to.
My favorite part about George Fox University is the William Penn Honors Program. The program is based on a great books curriculum and is taught and directed by extremely specialized and well-educated faculty.
The courses are well organized and enjoyable. The professors are supportive and readily available to answer questions. Very positive and supportive atmosphere with a great adult degree program.
George Fox is an amazing school. The professors are always available to students for help or just to talk. The community at Fox is absolutely wonderful as well. I am involved in many different community settings and all of them are fantastic. The academics are taken seriously, and the professors want you to make it.
The nursing program here is amazing! Also the campus is very beautiful and safe. Everyone is very nice and welcoming.
Academics are excellent. They back up the Be Known slogan: professors are genuinely invested in students' success. The engineering and nursing programs are top notch, well worth the cost of attendance.

There are many kinds of people at Fox. You will likely connect well with a group...and not want to associate with anyone else.

There are very good people at GFU, who love God and love people, and know how to do both of those things well.

There are people at Fox who are good, but whose faith has many blind spots, and is shallow. That's okay: college is a place for growth.

And there are:
-White Supremacists
-Trump Supporters
-People who rage upon hearing the word Feminism
-Flat-Earthers so convinced because of something in Psalms (no joke)
-People who burned an effigy of Obama
-People whose Jesus has nothing to do with mine

And look up the administration's handling of former student Jayce Montgomery.

If you feel like this may be home for you, come, and make this place better.
george fox is an amazing school! the power god flows through anyone who steps on campus. When coming to the this school you dont have to be christian or any religion. you will still be shown the same respect as everyone and the welcoming of who you are as a person is great. I play football for fox and the amount of brotherhood in the program is all amazing and one that will open your own eyes to brotherhood and togetherness.
I will be starting George Fox in two weeks but just visiting a few times I know its going to be a great year. People on campus, the teachers, students and administration are very nice and helpful. The campus is gorgeous, and the town of Newberg is small but still has everything you need and is in the middle of major places like Portland, mountains, and the ocean. They offer a lot of financial aid, and help you try to save as much money as possible.
Is an amazing Christian school, all the staff there is really nice and polite. Also the facilities are great! And I have shared nothin but good memories there :)
George Fox's motto is "Be Known," and they deliver on that motto. When I began attending last fall, I was unfamiliar with the campus, I was already going through very difficult challenges in my life unrelated to college, and I was not living on campus so it would normally be difficult to find a strong community. My professors and Peer Advisors played a crucial role in my integration into the GFU community by simply being available and genuinely caring about my wellbeing. There is no where I would rather be studying.
I love this school! GFU is a very warm and inviting place. The people are amazing and the professors really care about you learning. A lot of professors go out of their way to make personal connections with their students. It's pretty common for professors to set up coffee meetups once a week to get to know their students and answer questions outside of class. Fox is a really great environment and I treasure my time there.
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I love everything about George Fox University. Both the faculty and community surrounding George Fox allows students to be in a safe and high academic environment that prepares them for their future careers. The location of the campus sits between the west coast and Portland which allows students to explore a large variety of extra curricular activities.
Independent programs are awesome and the theatre department is exceptional. opportunity for students to grow is great. Professors are passionate about their subjects. The class sizes are small and access to professor help is easy. Staff is very friendly and always eager to help. the campus is well maintained and very pretty. However the tuition is VERY overpriced for what is available. The school works more like a community college and should be priced as such. Parking availability is poor and insane fees are given. Strict guidelines are placed on students and strange requirements need to be met. The school is too proud and comes off as arrogant It seems to be amidst a battle of older christian views and new liberal views which fight one another often.
GeorgeFox is a great college. The professors are investing in teaching you how how to be successful. Their slogan of Be Known is seen throughout the campus atmosphere. The only thing I would change is their lifestyle contract.