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Although I haven’t gotten the full experience from this school, I highly recommend it to anyone who shares the love of Jesus! This school is a great asset in combining classes centered around Christ.
My Bruin Preview experience was exceptional! I sensed a real connection to the University and believed my college experience academically, socially, and spiritually would be excellent.
Graduate of the accounting program and everyone had a job by the time they graduated I our class. The small class sizes help hold you accountable to coming to class and staying focused.
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I absolutely love Fox and the community here! Their "Be Known" promise is very real here. All of the students and faculty are extremely friendly, which helped a lot when I was getting adjusted to living here. Also, the professors are outstanding and also live out the "Be Known" promise by wanting to get to know us better, besides just being a student.
I loved the community and the teachers. The only thing I would change, is the chapel speakers and the band. The speakers could be more interesting, and the band would benefit from a better sound balance.
I like how easily they were to get ahold of and work with to get a understanding of my academic plan.
George Fox really does live out their Be Known promise. As an engineering student, I’ve gotten great hands-on experience, I have access to a huge engineering facility, and my professors are able to integrate their science/math courses with faith, which is incredible! The local area is charming, the campus is beautiful and feels private, and I’ve built lifelong friendships.
George Fox University is a great school for those who wish to discuss their religion and religious background without judgement. A contract is required because they want to maintain their Christ centered community. This is why there is no "Party Scene" because drinking, drugs, and other illicit activities are fodder for expulsion. They have been working on the Commuter community feel more at home, but it isn't as good as it could be as they seem to treat those who commute with a lack of focus. It has been getting better now that they have a Commuter Life Director, but it can still be rough. The faculty are also really great and understanding of their students. Overall, a great experience.
I’m going to george fox in the fall as an incoming freshman. Visiting the university I instantly felt peace and the welcoming community that fox has. I really like the small class sizes and that the professors not only care about us academically but also our spiritual/personal lives. I also like how the academics is Christ centered and how there are chapels twice a week.
It's a beautiful campus in a beautiful area. If you are religious, it's a pretty decent University, but they do tend to put Jesus in everything (which isn't always bad, but can become frustrating if you're not Christian).
Their dorms are large and well kept, and their food is great.
If you aren't very outgoing, however, you may have a hard(er) time getting comfortable there.
Their professors are nice and knowledgeable in their chosen areas, and with their community classes, it's not that hard to find at least one friend.
All in all, I say it's a good campus to at least visit if you are Christian (or open to Christian ideologies).
At George Fox, I have met numerous genuinely kind people that have become good friends of mine. The experience, as well as academics, are first rate.
I love George Fox University. There's such a great community all you have to do is find what you love and pursue it. Everyone is very welcoming and accepting of whoever you are and whatever your interested in. It's by far my favorite school and I have gone to a lot of schools growing up.
Computer Science department has good professors that have helped me learn a lot to become the best I can be. The class sizes are smaller so the professors read my code and I can go spend time with them in their offices. Besides that, it's possible to meet new people and make friends, but chapel isn't that great.
George Fox University is so friendly, positive, and powerful that it makes even the most of introverted people feel welcome and encouraged to be a part of everything, and the education is very solid. I only have good things to say, except for the food, which isn't the worst, but it certainly isn't the best.
George Fox University provides a clean, safe environment to learn from professors who value their students in a beautiful facility. The biggest flaw of the school is its dining options, as the variety of food services offered are of generally mediocre quality. That being said, it does not distract from the community that is built at the school, with its "Be Known" promise being lived out by thousands of students every year. It is easy to feel welcomed at George Fox University, and challenging course options provide a thorough education that is well worth the cost.
George Fox is a small, Christian, conservative college. However, this did not prevent me being exposed to other points of views in the classroom. I constantly found myself being challenged to step out of my 'box' that I was comfortable in. I grew in every area of my life. Spiritually, Academically, Socially, Etc. I attribute this growth to what was offered to me during my time at George Fox.
I have visited three times, and every time I am there, there is a great sense of community and the people are awesome.
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George Fox has a wonderful campus environment. The teachers are friendly and want to be involved in their students success. George Fox is slogan is "Be known" meaning the teachers at George Fox want to know their students an individual in their class. I remember the first time I walked onto campus. I had registered for my classes and was walking around the different buildings trying to picture myself there. After walking into the music department I started talking with the woman at the counter and it wasn't too long after that teachers had come out of their office to talk to me. They asked my name, what my major was and told me that I would be in their class. They answered any questions that they could. I could see that they cared. It made me confident that I would be working with good people who seriously lived George Fox's "Be Known" promise.
The community at George Fox is wonderful. Pretty much everyone is friendly and willing to lend a hand whenever you need help, and the small campus size makes for a great sense of community. This school really cares about students and their issues, and maintains high standards of safety, diversity, academics, and integrity. GFU has a number of connections in the professional world, and strives to make students ready for life after they graduate. I am in the theater program, and it is excellent.
The beauty of the canyon to the noise of the student support at sporting events connect the students together. The Christian aspect, however, is not as intense as many people make it out to be. Yes, you are required to attend Chapel services fifteen times a semester, but they only preach on life lessons that truly resinate with us as maturing young adults. Not everyone here is a hardcore believer in God, but there are a lot of individuals who are developing their faith. If that's you, this community is the one for you. Everyone is supportive and is not judgmental. However, if you want modern dorms and top notch food, this is not your place. The school is extremely old, gorgeous, but old. The dorms have not been updated since they have been built aside from the two dorm halls that have been built within the past ten years. Our dining hall has weird hours. This can seem extremely frustrating. All-in-all, Fox is an amazing place to learn and grow in your faith.