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This has probably been the worst college experience a student can have. I was harassed by another student and after going to the right people who are paid to protect me, they did nothing. Many students treat this school just like it's high school. Please save yourself and do not even think about this school. For this school being a Christian Liberal Arts School, it isn't Christian by any means.
Geneva College is a great place. Everyone is very welcoming and treats you respectfully like a real person not just another number.
I decided to transfer out of Geneva College because I felt as though I was deceived. I went in with a certain major in mind and I was swayed to believe that they offered all of the classes that I wanted, which was not the case at all. The program that I was in was barely even a program, and I was offered only one "major" specific classes. I decided to leave the school for that reason, and honestly I did not enjoy the professors, nor the staff. None had been very helpful, and I frankly felt like just a number. If I wanted to feel like just a number I would have selected another school
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Geneva College is great school. Although it may be great, it does have a fair share of problems. Unfortunately you may end up spending extra money on books when certain professors make you buy their syllabus for money(BIB 111). As well as for engineering majors with EGR L&T. Some classes are better than others admittedly. I personally did not have a great experience with one of my prerequisites (CHM 111). Other than that, I believe Geneva is great!
The Athletic Department needs work but the academics and professors whom i have had so far are great and really care about their students.
I love Geneva. It has provided a safe environment to study any major or participate in any sport, club, or activity while growing in God's love. Highly recommended.
Geneva College in Beaver Falls which is a unique Christian College. I had a great experience visiting Geneva College. The football coaches, faculty, and students are very friendly and really do care about each and every kid. It is a great atmosphere being closer to God, but everyone does not have to be a practicing christian. The electrical engineering program is great, and is close to almost a 100% job placement rate. The football team is on the come up, but has their philosophy down to be a physical smash mouth football team. Overall, Geneva would be a great place to go to school for 4 years.
It is a wonderful environment! Great Professors and Staff, all extremely helpful! Geneva becomes a home away from home and is a phenomenal place to get one's education.
I just started as a Freshman at Geneva College and I couldn't be happier. They teach not only academics but also bible classes. The teachers, students and environment are all welcoming.
The school is overpriced and not a good school for transfer students. The professors don't like students from Pennsylvania. The liberal arts profs and
students are petty, uptight, and way too liberal & non-liberal art majors are often trashy. Not a good school to go to if you are interested in finding a good job afterward (unless you major in business or engineering). The school is better for girls than boys. On a positive note the campus is nice and safe.
I absolutely love this college...the close community, personal & caring professors, and the atmosphere of the campus life. It is an amazing place to continue an education (specifically one that is faith-based) and a place to receive the encouragement you need as a college student.
Geneva College is quirky, but with a kind of dignity that comes from 150+ years of being a small Christian liberal arts school affiliated with the oldest Presbyterian denomination in America.

I would say that our faculty members pursue (and achieve) excellence both in the arts and the sciences, and seek to integrate the two.

Faith is a big part of being at Geneva College. Here we provide many answers—thousands of years' worth of answers, from the Scriptures to the church fathers to the Reformers to the Puritans and to modern apologists. But we are also not afraid to ask questions, even questions that linger, out of a desire to find the relevance of our faith to every area of life and learning. This tension between a strong tradition and contemporary problems allow for a lot of growth, spiritually and academically.
I loved the small classes and one on one attention from professors. The campus is small, but so beautiful. Geneva prides itself on incorporating the Christian faith into all aspects of its organization. Geneva has a variety of sports teams and allow students to balance sports and education. Reasonably priced.
Geneva College is a wonderful small college that really allows student to professor interaction and hands on learning that is not available everywhere else. Also, because it is a liberal arts school it really does its best to cut out the useless classes offered elsewhere and give you classes that will help facilitate learning in more than just one's major. I would like to see more campus events offered to the students, ones that students are actually interested in and want to be active with. But overall I believe this to be a very good college and an excellent choice for future students looking for a solid Christian College.
Geneva College is a Christ centered education focused on community, engaging, and achieving higher standards of life. The challenging academics provoke thinking, the professors promote studying and will pray for their students, and the campus provides four seasons of beauty. It is a home away from home with countless ways to connect and infectious friendliness from students and faculty alike.
Geneva College is a small Christian liberal arts college whose focus is on preparing students to go into the workforce with a Christian worldview and a solid theology. Geneva has certainly done that for me, and I am very thankful for the professors who are quite unique in their love for their students and their Creator. It is a great place to be!
Super great school. Professors are personal and very willing to work along side students. Food is pretty good. The XC team is the best!!! Safe campus. When you get there find the HoodRats, they're a hype group of people who do some pretty crazy stuff!
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This is a great small school, where people want to learn and there's not a lot of panic around studies. This is a great college to go to if you went to a small school or you lived in a small town. There are more people than what I was accustomed to, but I liked the ease into people and getting me into real life situations. Since this is a small school, the class sizes are also small. I love the small classes and the professors are more than willing to talk to you if you go to their office. The professors help in any way they can and they truly care about their students. The college is located in a smaller town with not much to do right in the town but close by. Pittsburgh is less than an hour away and very convenient for a night out, also Grove City Outlets is just a half hour drive away. Lots of opportunities to shop and hang out with friends.
I love being at Geneva. The community of the college is strong. The school works really hard to get you connected not only to other students but also faculty and staff as well as the community. The professors are wonderful and truly care about their students, wanting me to succeed, sometimes more than even I do.
The alumni are very prevalent at Geneva College. There are multiple alumni events happening year round. There are career fairs that sometimes come to campus or the school sends announcements about them that are in nearby areas. There is a career development center that is very helpful in anything regarding your career, internships, resumes, etc.
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