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Gene Juarez Academy - North Reviews

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You will learn nothing it's a waste of money. They are understaffed on the floor so virtually no educators available to help students doing services. They do not teach balayage but instead you're wasting your time doing outdated perms all day on mannequins. You will learn nothing about men's fades or men's hair design because they only spend 2 days on men's design at this awful school.
Save your money and go to Toni and Guy, Tint or ANY other Cosmetology school. Speaking from experience.
This is the top cosmetology school in Washington state you can attend. They are friendly,they take pride in their students success so you know you matter when your there. They go above and beyond to make sure you learn what is not only needed to be successful in the industry but also make sure you will be able to pass state exams to get your license.
They have specific classes a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for some students attending. Or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for the other students. I believe the most frustrating thing is getting your equipment under your tuition stolen and you'll have to purchase another tool.
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We have great expectations for students in their career goals.
Our professors are called educators and all of them are beautiful, knows exactly what to do if you need help, willing to answer any questions and they never think you'd ask stupid questions. That's why you're in school is to learn. And they can be a best friend too!
In your last class before graduating you'll learn about resumes, job interviews, and taking the state boards test to get your cosmetology licence.
Very motivating, i mean getting to know new people everyday is really cool and getting to know them, what they did in their life is always amazing. 75% of students in our school graduate because of our helpful educators and finincial aids. If we ever had any problems at home or there's any kind of an emergency the educators there are always understanding and let you have days off. The environment is welcoming everyday and always new things to learn. You also get to practice things with your classmates doing hair, nails, and even waxing!
Within my best knowledge, always study what you learn in the course of cosmetology because in your beauty career, you're gonna need to know it. So, always study and know what you learn to be successful in school!
Outrageous Tuition – Did not apply for financial aid. Tuition was extreme, and they try to extend your time, so most ended up paying more than tuition at the end of the program in order to secure their certificate.
Not All It's Cracked up to Be! Loved fellow students, but felt the school only wanted my tuition money and didn't care about me or my education! Difficult to find instructors while on the floor. No placement help upon completion of the program. Tuition is WAY TOO HIGH, and they find every reason to extend time and charge even more tuition. No security in a bad neighborhood. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone!
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