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Gemological Institute of America - Carlsbad Reviews

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As a Distance Education student who has obtained multiple degrees from GIA, I am extremely impressed. The staff is knowledgable, friendly, and responsive.
So far its been a real blast. I love the people who work there, super helpful student aid folks all the way through the process of getting started.
I love the enthusiasm of the teaching staff at GIA. If I were to change anything about GIA - I would great a lovely bell that dings for breaks since its a school campus, also they should provide free food, add living quarters and provide drafting tables for the Jewelry Design course.
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If you have an interest in the Jewelry industry, my school is where you will want your accreditations to be from on your resumé. Considering the school is one of the most recognized one in the world, this makes it the most accepted when applying for a position in the industry
My courses are pretty simple and easy to do, despite the high cost needed to cover the content. Practically, anyone can take a course and receive a diploma in their field of interest provide they are devoted to the course work.
Network Works, but Is Slow. Network works, but is slow. The school is small so I can understand why they wouldn't have an ungodly amount of badwidth as universities do. But it gets the job done.
So Glad I Decided to Make the Jump – I was apprehensive about moving cross-country to attend school, but GIA took all the stress out of it. I love the community and my apartment is surprisingly affordable.
So Easy to Get in – All I had to do was fill out my application, and send in the money to hold my spot. I didn't have to choose classes and hope I got all the one's I needed, they did that for me too. They even helped me find an affordable apartment, as they don't have on-campus housing.
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