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Gavilan is a great place to grow and expand. The staff is all super helpful and available, as well as understanding to students' needs. My experience at Gavilan has been amazing and I haven't seen anything that would make me think otherwise.
Gavilan College is a good college, that's really my best way to describe it. I liked how Gavilan really made me feel like a student and the other students on campus are friendly and glad to help however they can. i really liked most of the teacher I had, they were all so enthusiastic about teaching and helping their students. The sports teams never really got my attention, football team wasn't too great, basketball was alright, the women's volleyball team was amazing though. The party scene here was dead. The town of Gilroy has no nightlife, but it's a quiet little town that offers great place to settle down someday that's for sure. Gavilan College could have been a way better experience for me if it was a much more livelier campus and if it was a little more upgraded with newer buildings.
I chose to attend Gavilan College because it was the closest college to where I live. I was very comfortable with this institution. Some of the Science and Math classes were very impacted, so it was difficult to get in. I had a good experience with some classes, however others were a bit harder to understand. Gavilan College is not a big campus, so it is easy to get around. I think the counselors are great, and they really help you out when you need a little guidance. Overall, it is not the worst college to attend, but I believe there could be some changes to make it better.
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Some professors are very passionate and good at teaching but there are also some that don't really care about whether their students learn.
Gavilan is a good, local community college to start working on your GE or preparing to transfer. The classes are small so it’s much more welcoming and the instructors generally remember who you are. It isn’t too hard to add courses when registering as there is usually space available. One thing is that the counselors are not the most helpful or the most friendly, so you’re better off researching on your own or asking a knowledge instructor rather than a counselor.
So far in my first year at Gav, I have made a ton of new friends in my classes and on the baseball field as well, they have good professors who work with you when you need help and are struggling, the sports teams are on the rise and need to be respected.
Some teachers are great, others not so much. It's not the most glamorous of colleges, but it has a nice campus and has a lot to offer if you put in the effort and use the resources provided to you. I definitely wish there was a choir, though.
At my short time at Gavilan College it was difficult to find an advisor that would help me achieve my goal of transferring. The professors also did not take teaching seriously and made it less rigorous because of the community college title. Most teach at a local state school and prioritize that course opposed to the one being taught at Gavilan. However, I enjoyed being able to take around 20 units and maintain a high GPA. Professors were open with meeting after class or during office hours to clarify any questions or concerns.
Need to be more flexible
Great campus with very friendly people
Some online classes demanded toomuch
All the professors are great
Always have fairs or someone readily available to help advance your degree or career
Full time nursing schedule. Classes finish early so still have time to work at night.
Very close to home with lots of options and flexibility. Great CC
The only issue I have at Gavilan College is that there are not a lot of options for class schedules and professors. A few of the high demand classes are only taught by one or two professors and some are only available for one section or a certain schedule. There is not a lot of flexibility with this school so students must anticipate the classes they will be taking at least a semester early so that they are able to plan ahead for work or other obligations.
There are career fairs that Gavilan College hosts, as I remember, at least once every semester.
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For a regular student, it might be difficult to register into high demand classes such as biology, chemistry, and etc. However, taking advantage of the programs like MESA and Trio, as I have, helped with getting into this classes as they offered pre-priority registration which allowed MESA and Trio students to enroll a day before continuing students and new students. It's always a good habit to find out the class style and lecture style of all the professors you are looking into taking a class with.
With the help of the programs I am in, MESA and Trio, my academic experience was great. They made sure you took the right classes and they offer plenty of tutoring services inside and outside of school. Other students in these programs also helped giving tips and advises on how to do great in classes. The programs also offered several internship opportunities. In my case, I have been offered to become a peer mentor and tutor for MESA and Trio and have happily worked with them for 2 semesters.
Gavilan College is the closest community college from where I lived. It's been a great experience attending Gavilan College especially because of the student supplemental programs like MESA and Trio. These programs optimized my experience as a college student. The programs allowed separate counselors only for the program and that has been beneficial to students like me as the counselors are able to touch base with you more closely. The MESA program especially ensures that you are taking the right classes and path to the degree you want to achieve. They are very supportive and encouraging with every aspect you allow - be it academic, personal, and professional. For the prospective and current students, I highly recommend looking into these supplemental programs as they will work with you so that you may achieve success in your future. There are plenty of other programs such as EOPS, Disability Resource Center, Veterans Resource Center, and etc.
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