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The staff at Gateway Technical College are always so kind and helpful.The class of students is a small size so you can have time to talk with your teacher and get to know the class as a whole. I'd have to say that this technical college has been a great experience for me!
If you're not sure what you would like to take up that's fine gateway still allows you to still take classes. For the people who like smaller classes as in not to many people in the same classroom you will fit right in. Also if you suffer from a disability gateway leaves nobody out . with campus a little bit of every where. Made me almost forget that gateway offers online classes online classes have helped me so much. Another great reason to go to gateway is because the price not as much is other colleges.
Gateway Technical College was a great college to attend. I loved how you could be on a personal level with most of your teachers and how they really took the time to get to know you. I also liked how classes were smaller and if you needed help with anything, most of the teachers would find a way to help you and sometimes even stay after or come in on their day off to help you. The only thing I didn't enjoy about Gateway were the General Education classes and most of those teachers. They didn't really try to work with you as much or get to know you as much as the program specific teachers did.
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I love attending school at Gateway. I have had a positive experience as a student there. Most professors give extra attention if needed to help understand and complete assignments. I really love the Blackboard phone app. I was happy to see notifications on my phone if an instructor cancelled class, or our room number changed, I did not have to wait until I was at home logged in to my Blackboard account to get updates in a timely manner to fit my schedule.
I like the cost of tuition. It is affordable. I like that they have varities of ways to attend classes. They have internet, attending the class and internet courses have various start dates. The counselors are helpful, kind, and professional. I like I can register for my classes online and pick them myaelf if I choose to.
Gateway is a very nice school with some amazing teachers who actually (for the most part) care about you passing and not just your wallet.There are plenty of avenues to go down if you need assistance with school work or even just paying for school. At Gateway they make students feel important and it clearly shows.
Gateway gives a great experience to anybody who needs a certificate or an associates degree in almost any trade there is. The facilities are amazing and the faculty is very knowledgeable.
Gateway has been a great start to my school career! very pleased with the programs! Staff is just so helpful!
none of my credits transferred along with my transcripts got lost
the teachers are always there to help
it didn't feel very personal
Its a great college and the instructors are great
Professors are always willing to help. They really are on your side and want you to be your best.
Gateway helps you get into your field almost as soon as you complete your field of study.
Being an interior design major at Gateway is amazing.
I love going to Gateway. Everyone is so helpful. Great place to continue education.
Some classes are offered at multiple times a day, various days a week. Classes directly towards your degree, law enforcement for example, some classes may only be offered once a semester
Review Gateway Technical College
Class size is great, 1 teacher per 30 students. Great variety of classes from law enforcement to electrical to science.
School doesnt really communicate well with the application process, however they accept everyone.
Classes are really easy to do well in, no overload of homework.
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