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I like how the staff and student make you feel warm welcome. I enjoy my teachers guiding in a direction so i can succeed. I also enjoy how one has many ways they study either outside or inside.
My experience at Gateway has been great. The professors,advisors,and other staff have been very helpful. There are so many available resources to help the students succeed in their education.
Gateway community college had a very diverse community and students that were very open minded. I liked the school campus that provided good service to both students and parents.
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Most of the teachers are great. You can get tutoring for free when needed. There are so many programs you can pick from
i thinks its one of the best places to study because there is always someone that will help you understand a subject they have a place call learning center where u can go and find a tutor to help you a lot of things.
My overall experience with Gateway Community College has been positive. Everyone one is willing to help get you to the next level. Very positive environment.
The school overall is pretty great. There are no dorms on campus. There are several places to eat around here. People are friendly. Location isn't too bad.
My first year of college at gateway community college was okay. Staff that works up front at the admission, needs help with giving more and helpful information. Also, i believe food that is served here should change a little better because the two first week of college i got sick of it and not much of a options here at gateway community college. The areas to study should change as well, there's not much of areas to study, if so it's usually already used with other students and staff. Professors here are great, my first semester of professors were really great and useful for my finals that were coming up and great with connecting with me. Student life here at Gateway is wonderful, everyone was very welcoming and outgoing, i enjoyed every moment with my classmates and everyone else that was around.
The Professors there at Gateway are so helpful they go out of their way to help you achieve the best grades you can possibly get and help you plan your future.
There is a lot of help from staff. You never feel discouraged from asking questions. The first time i visited the main campus it was a bit overwhelming with how large it was but, I was easily guided by the signs and building numbers that were listed all around.
The instructors were very friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone was willing to help in any way that they could. Very friendly and professional environment.
The thing about Gateway community college it is that the teachers really care about your education. Another thing that i like about gateway it is it's campus even though it is small it is excellent.
The professors have been excellent so far; the ability to communicate with them in a small classroom environment is pretty awesome! The only problem I have, is the community. It's not as great as I'd like it to be, and I find myself feeling rather invisible outside of class, with absolutely nothing to do off-campus, at least as far as it seems.
As a freshman at Gateway CC I was a little scared and nervous. I talked to an advisor there about my classes, she made me feel welcome. Student life is a great place to get engaged, they are so friendly and they help you find the perfect club for you.
I really like how they helped me easily with my application process. It seemed so hard for me because it was my first year but they made it go as smoothly as possible. although i would to see more help career wise.
My experience thus far has been a great experience, teachers care about your success and are involved in your future.
Gateway Community College gave me the opportunity to advance in my education in a fast and easy pace. The people are friendly and everyone around has the same goal as me and that is to achieve success.
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What I like about Gateway Community College is that they actually make you feel like they care, They try to help you in any way possible.
The professors make time to work with you outside of class if you ask. Campus is nice and easy to get around. Gateway's staff and students are friendly which makes for a pleasant college experience.
My experience here at GateWay Community College has been amazing! Their staff and teachers are always willing to assist you with their best quality of work.
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