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GateWay Community College - Phoenix Reviews

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They make registering so easy as well as signing up for classes. Everything is a lot simpler then it seems. The staff are always friendly and know what they are teaching. Also the support system at this college is magnificent.
What i like about gateway are my teachers so far they always work with me to make sure im succeeding. I also like the many programs they have such as the tutoring, and study groups you can sign up for.
Enrolling was a challenge, I didn't know want I was doing and I am no fresh out of high school. The obstacles I had to go thru to get financial help weren't easy but gateway helped through the whole process. The staff is very nice and you can tell by there attitudes its not only a job. Library and learning center, two very quite, easy places to study, having the opportunity to use computers at all time and instructor available all times. Teachers are amazing!!!
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Gateway Community College is a good and small classroom size. we know each other students and all the staffs great place pursue you degree.
This is my first semester attending Gateway and I am learning so much. It definitely feel like I am and can be successful at this school. The teachers are always willing to help and its a friendly and safe environment to attend school at.
This is will be my first semester at GateWay. I am excited to start and being able to start my classes to become a nurse.
Gateway Community College is very diverse and has an open door policy where they accept 100% of their students which is AMAZING! Gateway also had the career I want to study (Radiology.) Overall I think Gateway is a great school for me personally and I don't think there's anything I'd change.
The students are very friendly and so is the stuff. The campus is located near a light rail station giving a chance to students without own automobile. I love the student service specialists they were very helpful but the financial aid advisors + the front desk were sometimes not of much help.
Not to welcoming. Staff doesn't seem to know ins and out of programs. When I have tried contacting school by phone, a majority of the time it has been answered through and answering service. Not good.
GateWay is an overall good school to attend, with good academics at a reasonable price. The only thing I would change is the amount of different options there are towards classes, study abroad programs, etc.
Gateway community college is a beautiful campus with many wonderful professors. I appreciate how much each professor cares about our grades and the students lives. The learning center is my favorite place with many brilliant tutors.
I have been attending several course at GateWay Community College and have only positive experiences. The staff and instructor there are dedicated and passionate when it comes to education. I recently encountered a time I was in-between classes and I went to the student cafeteria for lunch. I finally decided what I was having to eat when I reached for wallet, it was missing. I was sad but immediately a staff member from student advising offered to pay for my food. I declined at first but they insisted so I accepted and told me to study hard for my final exam that day. I am truly grateful for it and at the same time this illustrated there is always student support when you least expect it.
Gateway Community College is a very welcoming place to begin a new adventure! When you’re tired early in the morning, on your way to class, you can always expect to see a table with nutrition bars or water bottles outside the MA Building. You see security doing there rounds, so you know you’re in safe grounds. By far, has been a good experience.
The staff and instructors go out of their way to assist you. I hate that I have to transfer to ASU to obtain my B.A. . A student would be could not find a better school period.
Gateway Community College is an excellent school that strives to allow its student to find themselves. It is a place of reassurance for those unsure of their majors and a place for those to find their majors. Gateway was my light shinning place to find who I want to be and place my goals to be that person.
I like that it is centrally located and offers a wide array of healthcare degrees, unlike most of the other schools. They also offer degrees such as cosmetology, automotive, business, etc. Advisors are helpful. Some =times making an appointment with one though can be a pain.
I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the professors. I've only been there for one semester so far, so I don't have much else to add.
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The professors are really good and will work with you if you need help and will supply tutors if needed.
I really like the campus is small and easy to navigate. The campus offeres many learning opportunities but lacks the ability for students to meet other students. It’s easy to feel alone when you go straight to class and back home. I would wish the campus would offer more student events to network.
Gateway is an amazing community college. Not only is the campus great but the professors there are awesome. I enjoy the diverse environment and the classes that are offered.
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