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I began my experience at Gateway Community college in the fall of 2017. The professors were very generous. However, the classes were too full and I had a complication trying to stay in class because of my own personal issues pertaining to my nephews who my mother obtain custody of. The professors were pretty layed back and extended a helping hand.
As a transfer student at Gateway Community College, I am amazed at the results I am seeing. The campus is beautiful and safe, before you enter the main building there's a sign in which allows you to sign in to make sure that you are a student etc. It makes me, as a student, feel very safe. The teacher at Gateway are amazing. They are very supportive and are willing to help you achieve. My decision to Gateway was an amazing way to start my path of college.
The professors want to see you succeed in your major. They aren't just in front of a group of people saying random things, they are passionate as well about what they are teaching.
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Great place to start a college education for a fair price. Saved me a ton of money when I transferred and it was a great choice for me to attend gateway.
Gateway is a very welcoming school, and very diverse. All ethnicities are represented. The area is pretty safe, located in beautiful and historic downtown new haven and within a couple blocks of Yale university.
I really love my experience so far. It's easy to get to and from classes, and the professors that I've had, I haven't had a problem with. Definitely the cheaper option, so I can save money and transfer out to finish at a four year school. Absolutely worth it.
Gateway is a great college. It is a beautiful campus in Downtown New Haven. Parking is free for students and there is plenty parking as well. Gateway offers great programs. The Allied Health programs include, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Sonography, Nursing, Radiation Therapy, and X-ray. There are many other programs that include Railroad training, Physical Health, and many more! Classrooms are big and seats are comfortable. Gateway is a great college to start and inexpensive.
If it was wasn't for the amazing staff in student activities and the support from different clubs I would have dropped out of college.
Everything is working pretty fine, and the customer service is great, I hope the service keep as this good always.
Gateway Community College to start of your post-high school career. If you are looking for a school where you can get your starting classes out of the way or even acquire an associates degree without breaking the bank then Gateway is for you. Courses here go through four different semesters so if you're away for an entire fall semester you can take it in the winter or even in summer. The professors and faculty or super easy to talk to and are always there to assist you. With many help centers, writing, student success, and the counseling office, Gateway is always ready to help. My recommendation, give Gateway a try!
Gateway is a great community college. The professors got you fully prepared for both the work force and transferring to a 4 year university. The mix of experimentally and classroom learning was amazing, because I felt those were the classes that prepared you for the real world.
My experience at Gateway Community College was an unforgettable experience. I wish I stayed there longer to complete my courses. At first I was a little discouraged to go to a community college when all my friends were going to big universities, but the classes were awesome and really was a great choice and experience before transferring to an university.
Overall great professors who genuinely want to see you succeed. Workload is simple, yet effective in the end. I would definitely recommend this school for both those who wish to get their associates, and those who want to start off their college career locally and cheaper.
There's plenty of clubs and activities at Gateway, though I don't participate in any of them. Both my professors are nice people. If I have a question in class, I'm not afraid to raise my hand and ask. We have security guards at every door and 2 police officers always on duty. We had a lock down drill on 9/20 and we'll be having a fire drill tomorrow. Getting my core credits at Gateway will also save me a lot of money when it comes time to transfer to a 4-year university.
There are usually plenty of class times and professors available for the classes I need. It's a matter of choosing who I want to teach me and when I can get there.
So far, none of my courses have been online. My Elementary Algebra class has an online component with MyMathLab, so that's what I'll comment on. I had to get Java and Adobe Reader to get it to work. I also needed the TestGen plugin for Firefox. It lets me practice with the study plan and gives me my homework in a separate section. I did have to pay $132 for an access code, though, which is quite a bit of money. It also quizzes me after i've practiced for a while to see if I've mastered that topic.
My professors are very helpful and answer my questions when I need clarification on what they assigned me to do. I know if I have questions, there is an opportunity after class to ask. I can take good notes because they don't erase the board too soon. And they're all very nice people.
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They have a career services department that can help you redo your resume. They have many different programs, depending on what your intended major is and what degree you're looking for. They have associate's degree and certificate programs. You can also take your associate's degree and transfer to another school to continue your education. Most of the jobs they post are in the New Haven, CT area, so because I'm from the lower Naugatuck Valley, they don't really suit me.
My professors are helpful and I know I can ask questions if I don't understand what they're asking me to do. I get academic adjustments with Student Accessibility Services and I take my tests in the disability office. I take 2 classes at a time to pace myself so I'm not overwhelmed with schoolwork. In the General Studies program, you can get all your core credits and adapt it to what They have a writing center to help you put together your papers for classes and edit them to be their best. The library can help you do research; you just have to schedule an appointment and let them know what your assignment is. I haven't tried the wi-fi yet, but there's routers attached to the ceilings all over the school, so I assume it will be good when I do.
They have a campus security team that's always on duty, with 2 police officers on duty at all times. I can ask questions if I don't understand something. Student Accessibility Services helps me get the academic accommodations I need to succeed in school. i get my homework done on time. The only challenge I've had is due to my epilepsy; I cannot drive a vehicle. They let you park in the Temple St. Garage free; Security just has to validate your ticket. I use public transit and I usually give them at least 1 1/2 hours to get me there before my classes start. Sometimes, like yesterday morning, I just make it in time. They have lock-down drills and fire drills occasionally so students and faculty know what to do in an emergency. I feel a lot more relaxed at school than i do at home. They also have a library that helps students do research for papers they need to complete for classes and a writing center to help them put it together and edit it.
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