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Gateway Community College - Connecticut Reviews

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Gateway has giving me affordable educational opportunities it is right near public transportation hub or free parking if you drive . It's in downtown New Haven many restaurants around. Professors are helpful good safety and security. Now departments could use improvements (financial aid, advisors,registers ect)
I think this is a very good school that provides others with those opportunities that one wants . I can’t really say it is my worst expierence because it is my first year and well I enjoy it overall
My experience at Gateway Community college has been great so far, the school itself is very inviting and makes you want to learn. Also, the professors I’ve had, had been so supportive and great at teaching their subjects that the classes were a breeze.
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I liked Gateway because I was able to pick classes around my work schedule. But like all schools there are teachers that want the very best for their students and then you have teachers that just don't care. But overall I am proud to say I went there and am graduating with my Associates Degree.
My experience at Gateway has been extremely beneficial. I came because I didn't have a good idea of what I wanted to do for a career. I tried their nutrition program and loved it! I became a part of several clubs, one being the Nutrition Club and we ended up taking a trip to the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Chicago, IL in 2017. I think GCC does a great job of trying to get students involved. They hold many events with free food or t-shirts. The last one we had was our Spring Fling 2018, there was a cookout on the courtyard, music, games, prizes, cake, and a "ballon guy." I think it is a great school, all of the professors I have had have so much knowledge about their subject and they teach with a great passion of wanting to pass on their love of the subject to the students. It has such a great atmosphere that I'm a bit saddened that I will be graduating this May.
I spent all of 2017 in Gateway and I must say I am impressed on how easy it is to locate classrooms first of all. The professors are approachable and have an open door policy and helps make learning fun and interesting. Just being a student there from applying and registering for classes to completing a semester makes it all the worth while.
It is in the heart of New Haven. Near the campus are great fast food places for lunch. To enter the building you need a student id or need to have your photo taken by the security.
Gateway Community College is good if you are looking for a more hands-off approach to learning. They offer online courses for those who prefer to learn at home or on the go. Classes use Blackboard to provide useful course materials to students.
My experience at gateway so far has been amazing! It has a perfect location, right in the beautifull city of new haven, walking distance from many restaurants and cafes. Teachers are very helpful and want everyone to strive, they work with you and make sure you understand the subject.
I feel safe every time I’m there because of the great security staff we have, they make sure everyone shows ids to walk into the building.
The overall state of the building is , clean and the architecture of the building is very different and efficient.
Your usual local average community college where everybody knows everybody. Teachers are pretty good, most will work with you if you're not doing well, but only if they see effort being put in. Campus is in the heart of New Haven, so it's a pretty convenient area where you can walk anywhere.
I think this college is perfect for anyone living around new haven county who struggles with academics or does not know exactly what they want to go to college for. The teachers seem dedicated to anyone who is willing to put in the work. For a community college, it does just what its supposed to which is give you an education.
Gateway Community College gives you the resources to achieve an academic degree for a very low cost. This keeps the money needed to invest low in comparison to other colleges for your first two years, and the rest of that money can be used elsewhere to benefit yourself further. This makes the return on investment ratio extremely high. In addition to the great state of the art facility, the local area is fantastic, with so much to do around the inner city with friends.
Gateway community college is a great school if you want to get your associates degree and transfer out. You save a ton of money going to this school.
So far having a great experience at Gateway, especially for someone who's still trying to figure out his goals for the future.Recommend the community college for anyone looking to higher their learning.
I enjoyed my time spent at Gateway very much. The classes are smaller in size making it easier to have one on one time with professors. Also the professors set you up for success, and if there is any confusion they are happy to answer and questions you have. Some courses require you to explore the city of New Haven which was extremely intriguing and forces students to appreciate the historical town of New Haven.
It wasn't my thing. It is not a bad school but I personally did not like the atmosphere. The professors seem to not show any effort to display interest in what they are teaching and their students' success.
Community Colleges are ideal for those who do not want the party aspect of college in their higher education experience. It is also ideal for those who want to pay for education; not bells and whistles that traditionally larger sleep away colleges like to set up to justify higher costs (elaborate building projects, mega million dollar athletic programs and supporting infrastructure, etc). Brian Ghilliotti.
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I went to gateway to register for classes, and the people there where very helpful and nice.They set me up on a payment plan so it can be a little easy to pay for college.The place is clean, safe, the security is tight.They wanna make sure you can come to a place where learning is very important.I am so happy that gateway was my choice of college and also because they have the course I was interested in the most.
I began my experience at Gateway Community college in the fall of 2017. The professors were very generous. However, the classes were too full and I had a complication trying to stay in class because of my own personal issues pertaining to my nephews who my mother obtain custody of. The professors were pretty layed back and extended a helping hand.
As a transfer student at Gateway Community College, I am amazed at the results I am seeing. The campus is beautiful and safe, before you enter the main building there's a sign in which allows you to sign in to make sure that you are a student etc. It makes me, as a student, feel very safe. The teacher at Gateway are amazing. They are very supportive and are willing to help you achieve. My decision to Gateway was an amazing way to start my path of college.
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