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Gateway Community College - Connecticut Reviews

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As a student of Gateway community college, I have had many opportunities here. There are so many resources and people ready to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.
Gateway Community College offers many programs helps get you in a university as long as you put the dedication on your classwork and do not fall behind
The community is amazing as well as a majority of my instructors. Decent start for someone looking for a cheaper alternative to finish up their first 2 years of college before moving to a 4 year.
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Gateway Community College offers a unique bridge to several educational opportunities as well as networking with external students from four year colleges and universities as a mean to promote transfers. The faculty are highly educated individuals who are typically heavily invested in the excellence of their students.
Gateway is full of many awesome professors! They are willing to help even if it’s the tiny bit of help. Gateway is in the center of New Haven and very easy to get to. The train station is 8mins away and the bus stops are right across the street from the school.
Gateway is a great place to learn. We have lots of resources and the professors care about there students. I would not say the school needed improvement in anything except the financial aid department. Not one person in the department knows what they are doing. They continue to run you around in circles until the deadline for payment is up and we, as students, still have no idea what we are supposed to be doing.
Gateway Community college has some great professors and security. It is always clean and the environment is friendly.
I am very happy at Gateway Community College, growing up in Tanzania I was exposed to the mighty transformations that technology had and still is inflicting to these east coastal countries just below the horn of Africa. I am currently majoring in Engineering Science, part of my current aspirations is to become an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. I will use my Associate’s Degree to transfer to a 4-year college for a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
The school is a nice place to be. It has a wonderful academic atmosphere and the staff are also very nice. I am a freshman and I am pleased with my association with the school so far.
Nice college and good academic level. Easy to find financial aid to pay tuition. Good diversity and very nice student life.
Gateway Community College is a beautiful campus in the heart of New Haven, you can spot it as you come from the Northern direction off the highway. It has a very diverse student population and friendly to working adult learners.
What i love about gateway college is that the teachers believe in you and do everything they can for you to pass their classes. We all need someone that believes in us
Gateway has giving me affordable educational opportunities it is right near public transportation hub or free parking if you drive . It's in downtown New Haven many restaurants around. Professors are helpful good safety and security. Now departments could use improvements (financial aid, advisors,registers ect)
I think this is a very good school that provides others with those opportunities that one wants . I can’t really say it is my worst expierence because it is my first year and well I enjoy it overall
My experience at Gateway Community college has been great so far, the school itself is very inviting and makes you want to learn. Also, the professors I’ve had, had been so supportive and great at teaching their subjects that the classes were a breeze.
I liked Gateway because I was able to pick classes around my work schedule. But like all schools there are teachers that want the very best for their students and then you have teachers that just don't care. But overall I am proud to say I went there and am graduating with my Associates Degree.
My experience at Gateway has been extremely beneficial. I came because I didn't have a good idea of what I wanted to do for a career. I tried their nutrition program and loved it! I became a part of several clubs, one being the Nutrition Club and we ended up taking a trip to the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Chicago, IL in 2017. I think GCC does a great job of trying to get students involved. They hold many events with free food or t-shirts. The last one we had was our Spring Fling 2018, there was a cookout on the courtyard, music, games, prizes, cake, and a "ballon guy." I think it is a great school, all of the professors I have had have so much knowledge about their subject and they teach with a great passion of wanting to pass on their love of the subject to the students. It has such a great atmosphere that I'm a bit saddened that I will be graduating this May.
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I spent all of 2017 in Gateway and I must say I am impressed on how easy it is to locate classrooms first of all. The professors are approachable and have an open door policy and helps make learning fun and interesting. Just being a student there from applying and registering for classes to completing a semester makes it all the worth while.
It is in the heart of New Haven. Near the campus are great fast food places for lunch. To enter the building you need a student id or need to have your photo taken by the security.
Gateway Community College is good if you are looking for a more hands-off approach to learning. They offer online courses for those who prefer to learn at home or on the go. Classes use Blackboard to provide useful course materials to students.
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