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I have had such a great academic experience at Gateway Community College in Phoenix, AZ. All of my professors have been wonderful and very helpful if you have any questions. Gateway also has many great resources such as the student center where you can meet with tutors, and even a center to help with building a resume or applying for jobs. The campus is also very accessible and is right off the light rail stop. I am proud to be a Gateway Gecko!
My overall experience at Gateway has been great. My Professors have been patient and have done a good job teaching. I have completed a vocational course in which I have successfully received certification and I am currently working in. I have now gone back to receive a an associates in a similar field. I am very thankful to have found Gateway.
I absolutely love everything about this school especially all of the staff. Wonderful and great people that are extremely helpful and will things less complicated for one. Very safe school and everyone is very friendly!
Review GateWay Community College - Phoenix
I am current Gateway Community College. Im barely in my 2nd Semester and so far with my experience in Gateway I liked it. The campus is very nice. Teachers are very helpful and they care about if you build a relationship betweeb so can show you care about your educational and they help get to your goal. The staff in Gateway are very polite. I give this college a 4 star.
I really like how everyone is nice and helpful. They are so friendly and supportive. They helped me get ahead with college classes during the summer with the LIFT Program. Also, they gave me like a Math Boot Camp to help out with my placement tests. Which helped a lot because I scored out of so many math classes. The food is good. One thing I would like is that it wouldn't be so expensive. Everything's so expensive.
My overall experience attending GateWay Community College was satisfying. The campus is small which meant it was easier for me to get to one class to another..however, it was a bit too small. At GateWay their halls are narrow which made it difficult to pass through or have any regards to personal space;especially because it was not only a college but there was also a high school located at the top of a building. During the usual lunch time hours it was packed in the cafeteria with high school students, college students, and nurses. On the upside this college was salad bowl filled with all kinds of different races and age groups. Which made the "small" factor not matter so much. I enjoyed attending GateWay for its mixture in diversity, which is why I rated it four stars.
You pick your classes so choose wisely
They set the school up to get you out, and not graduated
Most profs didn't show up when they were 'busy'
MCC does not offer high enough medical programs.
They expect you to work around your schoosing schedule and not work at all. Not flexible and unrealistic.
Very confusing and time consuming just getting to the reading and assignments online. Submitting is a nightmare too.
This is a 2 year college, they don't have any post grad services.
Again, the teachers are what you as the student make of it. Some are better than others.
Nursing is now a position that requireshe a bachelor's degree, not just an associates.
Nursing here is one of the major programs and receives more attention and interest.
It really depends on which teachers, not all are good, but some are. It also depends on your learning style. Some students are more prone to hands-on direction than reading from a textbook or listening to a lecture.
Review GateWay Community College - Phoenix
The nursing program is said to be one of the best in Maricopa County. So excited to start!
The nursing program is tough by instructors who have many years in the profession and teach you book and experience wise.
I would recommend the Nursing program here at Gateway Community College. The professors want you to be successful.
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