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I can not say much on how the axtual classes are going to be. I start class next Monday and I used to be excited. I'm an adult 38 years old and I'm currently on disability for mental health reasons. The process so far to enroll and seek help financially seems discouraging. If college is necessary in life as a goal then is the schools purpose to bleed us dry before our achievements? I know it is not the schools fault however when young adults make this commintment straight out of high school, they have courage! Gateway has communication barriers that bother me, some of the representatives are kinda ruude and others are warm and welcoming. I have not given up yet my journey has just began. I hope my future with Gateway is better than my enrollment process. In the beginning I was lead to believe my starting date was mid August. I am starting officially September 10th. I have no school equiptment, and a lack of enthusiasm thanks to this process. I have made the school aware. Its 😢
Easy to apply and enroll, online and in class courses available. I would like more of a variety of class days and times for courses.
Great opportunity to learn. Small class sizes. Staff truly care about each student. Variety of classes, lots of options within the KCTCS network of colleges. Online classes and on campus options make Gateway the perfect choice for anyone's schedule. Gateway is affordable as well. All around great choice for a college.
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Gateway offers a lot of classes between 3 campuses, not including online classes. They offer more classes than the 4-year college I attended before. The campuses are decent size for a community college, all the staff members are very welcoming and always available, whether in class or in offices. I do not think I would change anything about the campus or school.
I really like this school. The teachers are nice. It is a very in and out kind of school. You aren't paying for the experience of college. You are paying for education and that was exactly what I wanted. The only thing I would change is the admission process and FAFSA help. I messed up my taxes one year and oops. Made a mess
I love this college because the faculty, staff, and professors make sure you have an enjoyable experience and they work hard to work with you and make sure you can further your education.
Like the small atmosphere for the campus and love that community college is way cheaper but feel like the advising is weak. Paid and took classes I was told I needed for my degree and ended up not needing them!
If your looking to save money and do all of your "Gens" with quality education. Gateway is the place!
Gateway is packed with amazing instructors and professors, and the staff are ready and willing to help. Gateway is diverse, but could be better in this regard. My overall experience with student life and academia has been phenomenal.
I went to the University of Cincinnati when I was 19, I felt as if I was just a number, no personal guidance for direction or advice, and I was coming from a family where I'd be the first child to attend college. I needed help and since I did not receive it, I felt lost and ended up dropping out. At the age of 26, I decided to enroll back into college to become a teacher. I heard many great things about Gateway but I never knew all they had to offer. I sat down with staff who helped me file all my paperwork, applied for testing because I didn't take my SATS or ACTS, helped plan my classes which great feedback on teachers, tutoring at all campus locations, not to mention the tuition price match if you attend NKU at the same time.
I like the fact that the school focuses on many of the classes and work to be online and if you do need help you can get a tutor to help you out.
I haven't started classes yet, but the application process was easy. Everyone I've came in contact with has been friendly and helpful.
Gateway is a great fit for because the class sizes are the right size and it is easier to stop and ask a question. The teachers are great and put forth great effort into making sure each student knows what we are doing and has an understanding before we move on. I feel comfortable with the other students I am working with and the teacher in the classroom. I am lucky to be able to get some of the credits I need at Gateway before I have to move onto Parkside.
Good school. Science classes are def set up to prepare you for Nursing exams. Amount of classes avail is not great. First come first serve.
staff actually cares. There are several programs and software in place to connect you to other people and to your education and thus your future.
Applying for financial aid was straight forward and easy I was able to receive my award information within 2 weeks.
My school requires pre-requisite courses before getting into the program.
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The admissions is very helpful with class scheduling and the registration process.
Great school, financial aid offices and admissions is unorganized.
All of the professors I have had so far have been wonderful and caring.
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