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GC was well worth the money. I earned an Associate's in Arts degree and will be transferring to a 4 year university well-poised to earn my bachelor's degree.
This is a decent school for what it is. The adjunct professors are not very dedicated, but the program instructors are wonderful.
I would like to see more food trucks and have more options for food on campus. The professors are interactive and i enjoy how they go out of their way to help students. I enjoy the online aspect and being able to do work through blackboard or other online sources.
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This is a great school with excellent staff who encourage you to succeed . Staff along with professors make sure that they do everything necessary to ensure that students meet their goals. I was introduced to Gaston College by a friend who recently graduated their RN nursing program he had great things to say about the college, and encouraged me to apply here.
Gaston College will help you in your major will less to pay and with good teachers. The people are so nice and are very helpful when ever you need help, they will get it done.
I really liked a lot of my professors at Gaston College. I liked the campus and the big variety of things to do on the campus. There are many different clubs and organizations to get involved with. There are a few things that I would like to change there, I came from the Early College Program there and it made it a little difficult to do anything with the college because the early college students are isolated until their last year of classes. Overall, there are many great things about this school including the instructors, campus, clubs, and food.
Gaston College is a hometown college that really wants to see you succeed. The teachers will work with you in anyway possible. Since this is a small college, some of the classes you need to finish are not offered.
In general the staff is helpful and fairly friendly, but also slightly clueless. The Broadcasting program and instructors are amazing.
Overall, Gaston college was a small nice campus to receive my studies. The teachers there are very good.
This school absolutely sucks!!!! I got my Associates degree from Gaston in 2010 my degree was supposed to be in Early Childhood but a employee of the school accused me of doing something which i had nothing to do with and because of it I lost the one class i needed for my degree. Instead of a ECE degree i graduated with a General Ed. degree which does hold much standing. Well during the whole taking the class away process I WAS DENIED A APPEAL WHICH IS STATED IN THE STUDENT HANDBOOK THAT ALL STUDENTS HAS THE RIGHT TO. I was told by three different dean's that due to the fact that is was an school employee doing the accusing I WAS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR AN APPEAL
All in all if you need a school to get your general courses like your math, english, science etc outta the way to transfer to a 4 yr then yeah its a semi-good school but if you go to get a 2 yr degree WATCH YOU P'S AND Q'S THEY MIGHT JUST TAKE YOUR DEGREE AWAY LIKE THEY DID ME.
The teachers I have had so far are very helpful and nice. They are willing to help you and answer questions. They even offer to stay after class to help you if you need help with their class.
What I like about Gaston College was that it projected a safety, friendly, close knit atmosphere. The Professors and Deans on this campus is concerning about your overall achievements and your career goals. They demonstrate this by sitting down with you and going over with your strengths and weakness and what it will take to make you successful in life. I never felt like I was not apart of something great they always make me feel special. I would recommend this community college to anyone! The only think that I could say that they need to improve on is finding a way to make their books more affordable.
I am about to begin attending Gaston College and have been to the campus many times to get all of my paperwork filed. All of the staff and faculty I have met so far have been very helpful. The campus is nice and well maintained. There are no dorms/housing because it's a community college. That is also the reason there isn't much of a party scene. There are numerous police/security on campus, and so I feel very safe there.
It's been amazing. All the teachers and students are nice.
Perhaps one of the best things about Gaston College are the professors. So far, all the teachers I have had were always willing to help students in any way they could. As long as a student had a reasonable excuse for needing more time on an assignment, etc., the teacher would do all they could to assist.
There have been a few times where the school wouldn't work with me on the flexibility
The workload for online classes is more extensive to make up for the time that you are not spending inside an actual classroom.
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Like I mentioned before, they have a team of people that are there to help you if you need them to help you place a job after graduating.
I'm not really sure how great this has worked within the college but I do know that they have people that are there to help you if you need it to find a career after graduating!
Some of the professors are great to work with as well as there are some that make it very difficult to talk to.
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