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Gary Manuel Aveda Institute - Seattle Reviews

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This school offers a full range of experience in cosmetology. The instructors make sure all students benefit from their experience & make every attempt to keep every student succeed. The size of classes ensures all students benefit from every course.
Aveda makes sure all students learn to network & provide numerous opportunities to do so
It is difficult to find people who will volunteer to model who actually show-up. But this is good experience in the real world dealing with clients
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We are required to completed a large amount of homework & the instructors create an atmosphere as though we are already in the real world of cosmetology--this is teaching me to arrange my time & coordinate what is required of me. We are given the opportunity to meet top ranking professional sin the field & show our work to the public.
In the past, I have attended another cosmetology school & they did not offer the vast amount of knowledge or floor time that Aveda expects. I also interviewed other schools prior to choosing Aveda & they did not feel they could offer me the advancement I was requiring.

Aveda has a professional atmosphere. They have been instrumental in building my enthusiasm & creating advanced skills within me that I was not aware I had. I strongly recommend this school for those who desire the full experience of cosmetology.
Once you get the hang of the procedure and the structure of the school you will love it! How the environment is will make you feel so good. Once you think of one negative thought everything will turn into bad thoughts! Wake up in the morning and tell yourself you will change one person's day, at least one! Make sure to think of how you feel at the end of the day! Trust me, I am a negative person overall and I hate a lot of things..well did. This school changed me technically and physically and emotionally!
Any accommodation or need I have, I know they are willing to listen to and work with in whatever way they can.
The people who work here, genuinely love what they do and that is clear when you meet them. They are open and honest and always wiling to help. They will go out of their way to make sure you feel secure, loved, and taken care of. It's amazing.
It's hard work and long hours but it's fun and exciting.
You cannot be a jerk and survive here. This school pushes you to be the most amazing, genuine person you can be. It's amazing.
Everyone is so welcoming and loving. I feel happy and loved just by being here.
I love this school, the students, and the faculty. I'm proud to be a part of it!
I love Aveda now way more than I even did when I first started. I guess I must have drank the tea :)
The school goes out of it's way to host a career fair, and they also maintain a website for alumni who might be looking for employment. It seems as if many of the high end salon/spas in the greater Seattle area hire students directly after graduating. It is also a big plus that the Gary Manuel Aveda Salon/Studio owners hire graduating students right out of school in extended training programs, where more education is offered, but new stylists are paid an hourly wage.
I toured many other area cosmetology schools, but found that GM Aveda was pretty top notch and the vibe is great. We are always packed with people since we're in a super edgy part of town with a lot of foot traffic. It is a great area to go to school and to meet new people. Many students catch the bus/ferry/other transit to school so it's great that the school is in a pedestrian friendly area, lots of crosswalks. Horrible parking, so you may not want to drive.
It is fairly easy to know what is expected, but there has been a tiny bit of disorganization as far as grades not being input in a timely fashion. In fairness, this was due to a new system the school instituted during the summer. By all accounts, this is a nonissue at this point. The school cannot really be flexible, as it is a hours program that the state regulates... it would be nice to have more chances to make up lost hours though.
We have fast internet, great for the people who come in for services and in case we need to look things up.
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The school has a fantastic aesthetic with a very modern vibe. There is always music playing on the salon floor, nothing is ever broken or in disrepair, and the classrooms all have counters and mirrors conducive to setting up our mannequins during our classroom lessons. We have great tools, a great curriculum that includes both Aveda and Milady textbooks, color charts, dvds, among a few other learning gadgets. The only thing I would change is the no refrigerator for students to store food. This forces many students to eat out, on the upside this does stimulate the economy in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The learning leaders we have out on the floor are excellent and experienced stylists whom most of us really look up to. The instructors are personable and outgoing, the Mon-Wed Earth Phase teacher is simply phenomenal at her job, the Water phase instructor is hilarious and often stays late to see to her student's progress. Most of us are really excited to be a part of Aveda's Mission, there is a general sense of community among the students and there are no outsiders -it's a friendly group.
The school has done a great job networking in the city of Seattle and surrounding areas, so there is a high demand for graduates. Local Aveda salons and studio hire from within the school, which is great for morale.
It is fairly high priced and most of us have taken out loans or had our parents take out loans for us to attend. I wish there were more opportunities for cosmetology students to earn scholarships.
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