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Garrett College is an amazing school with an excellent staff. The surrounding area is very rural and peaceful. Garrett College is a welcoming school for a student that seeks a strong relationship with his or her professor and classmates.
•If you’re from Garrett County, you get free tuition* (See Cons)
•Small class sizes.
•The professors I’ve had have all been phenomenal.
•Already beautiful campus with even more renovations in progress.

•*If you get free tuition from being a County resident, and qualify for the Pell Grant, kiss it goodbye- I’m low income, and although I qualify for the Pell Grant (about $3,000 a year), they take it from me and claim to put it toward my tuition. (Apparently, the county scholarship only covers what the Pell Grant doesn’t, even though they advertise it as “Free for two years!” What a loophole.) I mean, I could use that extra money for books, supplies, travel and housing expenses, food, etc., but nope... I’ll never see it. And it comes out of my total Pell allowance so I won’t be able to use it when I transfer to a school I have to pay out-of-pocket for.
•Not much to do in the area.
Garrett College is an overpriced community college in an area that offers nothing for students. Very poor weather is just the beginning of a multitude of reasons not to attend. Athletics are centered around male sports and do not give equal treatment to the female athletes. The only reasin I gave it a star is because is boasts a very nice community recreation center . Do not waste your money at this school.
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As soon as I caught sight of Garrett College, I knew that it would be perfect for me. It's surrounded by gorgeous snow-capped mountains and it's coated in a blanket of peace. Not only that, but the staff was so approachable. Even though their time was valuable, I could tell that they cared about what I had to say and worked with me so well. I observed how others interacted, and the students were so kind to the teachers and vice versa. It's an easy environment to learn and feel comfortable in. I definitely suggest that anyone that isn't interested in a packed, hurried university go check it out. I'm excited to start my years there.
Garrett offers classes that fit into everyones schedule. There are classes available from early morning to late evening, weekends and also online classes, making it very easy to find a class that fits your schedule.
I've taken 4 online courses so far and have found them to be informative, fast paced, and so much easier to manage than traditional classes. The online classes allow you much more freedom to decide how the work fits into your life. You can work around a job, family and other classe as long as you submit everything on time and are online at designated times.
Garrett college offers a career counselor and career center that provide excellent job placement opportunities. The alumni network is extensive and always ready to give a hand to new grads.
Garrett College offers the best professors out there. It keeps up to date with changes in the word of computers and stays on the cutting edge. The quality and variety of the classes offered are second to none and the small class size allows you to take full advantage of every opportunity.
Garrett College offers great internship opportunities, hosts recruiting fairs on campus twice a semester for businesses in a 100 mile radius and has a full time career counselor available.
The technology based majors here are all taught by people who have years of hands on experience in the field as well as the degrees to back it up. Classes are offered on campus and online so it is easy to work around your schedule.
Garrett College is the best choice for me. The professors really want everyone to do well in class and make a point to be available if you need them. Class sizes are small and that makes it easier to get one on one time with professors. Everyone from the business office to financial aid and even the ladies in the bookstore do all they can to make you a success.
Its great and you can always call the school and who ever is in-charge of what you are applying for they will help guide you threw it.
The class sizes are small so the professor is always there for you, and you can always ask questions. You can choose any time you want to come to class only if those classes are open.
I am not sure what its asking, but i know living on campus was great. they always have programs for students to make sure their being safe and respectful on campus.
They have people come in from different places for your career and you can talk to them about internships or job opportunities. they even have different universities if your a transfer student.
It was great experience coming in as a freshmen. It helps and guides you through life. Teachers are caring, and there are always opportunities for volunteering.
I enjoy the school. It is local and close to my home town. There are a lot of activites that involve helping others and the students. The college is easy to find and the classes are located easily. I enjoy the company from the staff and how friendly everyone is. Though I commute and I waited to attend college I feel welcomed.
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I always wanted to be an actress and the theatre class I'm taking is amazing, it's really helping me further my career.
I think this school is unique because the teachers are caring and help you succeed.
I have only taken a hybrid class which is half online work and half in the classroom. We meet once a week. I will take online classes next semester. From what I have done on Blackboard, the online site run by the college for such classes, it is fairly easy to use and learn with.
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