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This is a very nice Christian college to attend to that I would definitely recommend to anyone else.
Throughout the admissions process, someone was always checking to see if I had any questions pertaining to any events on campus even through my orientation weekend. The Gardner-Webb community is one that makes you feel at home as soon as you step foot on the campus.
Gardner-Webb has been a good experience to begin my college career. I've met many nice people and the staff is extremely helpful. It is a Christian college with many opportunities for service.
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Excellent place to attend and academics are excellent. Learned a lot when I attended there! Would recommend to anyone who wants a quiet feel when attending school!
I have truly found my home here at Gardner-Webb University. I am a student in the Degree Completion Program, so all of my classes are online. This program has allowed me to continue to work full time to support myself and help my family, while also saving for the future. Even though this program is online, I feel that my professors have been extremely thorough in their teachings. After transferring from another university to Gardner-Webb, I feel that this is where I am meant to be learning. I am even looking into MBA programs for after I graduate! I am so proud to be apart of the Running Bulldog community!
Gardner-Webb University is a place where all the students can come together and enjoy the diversity, community service, and beautiful campus. During my experience, I have come to meet countless amount of different cultures. A great area to get community service completed through mission trips, school drives, and neighborhood service. The view of the campus is always beautiful and the maintenance staff ensures the campus is completely clean. The changes that I would make about the campus is the activities because the campus is in a small town, and there isn't always activities on campus to keep someone busy. Also, I would ensure that there was more on campus food choices. The cafe on campus has splendid food but there is not enough choices for students who are limited to certain eating lifestyles.
Gardner-Webb University is a liberal arts school that holds it's academics in high esteem, along with opportunities for spiritual growth. The smaller campus promotes a tight-knit community where you can always count on a friend being close by.
Gardner-Webb is a great private Christian college. Being a smaller school, it fit with what I was looking for located outside of Charlotte and close to the mountains. They have a great admission dept and a newer nursing facility that appealed to me. I have made several good friends while here and I love it.
A wonderful school to receive a degree from. I learned alot from my professor. It was a great experience. The Satellite campus met my needs.
I honestly love Gardner-Webb. The classes are amazing and the professors know you're name after the second week of classes. If you are looking for a small, private university I would recommend this school.
I have enjoyed my time at Gardner-Webb. The people and staff are very friendly! I love the Christian environment. You will meet some of the best professors here at GWU!
However, I believe the school should improve with activities over the weekend and not close everything down (including the food choices). Yes, a good majority of people go home on the weekends, but if the school offered more variety over the weekends then students might choose to stay. For those who have no other option and must stay on the weekends sometimes find difficulty in finding something fun to do.
Overall, I love GWU, the family atmosphere, Christian base, and professors who care.
I am loving my experience here at Gardner Webb University. The school is located in a small town, surrounded by loving people who care about the school and it's students, even sometimes as referring the students as one of their own! The campus is not too big, so it is very easy to get around to where you need to be. And the students here are the greatest classmates I have ever had. Everyone is here to excel in their education, and will help and encourage you throughout your journey here. The professors, as well. Every professor loves what they do and are very passionate about what they teach, as well as having very good office hours. The student activities are always fun and exciting. The school truly makes you feel at home.
When I visited Gardner Webb for Dawg Day everyone was so welcoming they really felt like family. I loved how involved the staff was with the students and trying to get to know us .
The college is great in terms of academics and for the most part, the relationship the students and professors have with one another. Most people are genuinely cordial and will smile at you and say "hello." But in terms of college life the campus is pretty dull.
The athletics at my school care about school just like they do about sports.
Gardner webb is really the best school all around!
The class sizes are great and the professors are generally awesome, but there is a lot of unnecessary politicking for a school so small.
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I have never had an issue with safety on campus, and am largely unaware of issues that do happen on campus.
I've lived in the honors dorm all four years at Gardner-Webb, and I will say, the dorm itself is god-awful; however, the honors community is fantastic and totally worth the mediocre living space
Some of the sporting events are quite fun to attend, I'm a huge volleyball fan myself, but not a lot of people go to games, and our student section at any sporting event is pretty weak compared to other schools. There tends to be little support for our football team.
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