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Gardner-Webb is a second home for me; it has allowed for me to better myself and become more educated about my place in the world. All of the staff are wonderful and they try to help you succeed as much as they can which is accomplished with small class sizes, which allows for one-on-one help from professors. There are endless opportunities on campus and in the community to volunteer and help others.
I love the atmosphere and the comrade that the school has. You are just a part of a big bulldog family while growing in your faith.
It’s a loving and beautiful college! Everyone knows each other on campus. The environment is safe and definitley has a loving atmosphere. The teachers make sure you understand the material and break down material very well.
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I love Gardner-Webb. The people and area have become home. It is a quiet campus where everyone is family. I love the beautiful campus in a small town setting. It is close enough to larger towns to enjoy going out on the weekends with friends. The professors care about you and your education on a personal level. There are planned activities on campus for students to become involved. there are a lot of opportunities for students to be involved in groups and extra curricular activities. I enjoy being involved in the Campus ministry and hope to become more involved. I love the dorm. Everyone on the hall feels like family. It's a cozy homey dorm. There are many options for food on campus. There is the cafeteria and places in Tucker as well as Chic-fil-a. There are also restaurants close by if you choose to eat off campus.
I liked that the school was not a party school. The cafeteria food is not the greatest food but better than some other colleges. There is not much to do in local area but it has a at home feeling.
The campus is gorgeous and everybody is very friendly. The staff want to help students and there is always something to do.
I love the atmosphere and all the professors. One thing I think should change is the cost to attend the university.
The thing that I love the most about Gardner-Webb is the community. The faculty and staff truly love the school and the students and want to see you succeed in all areas. Because of the small class sizes, professors not only care about you as a student in their class, but they care about you as a person and what your life looks like outside of class. They will do their best to meet you where you are and work alongside of you to get you where you want to go. The community among students is also phenomenal as this campus is full of students who love Jesus and love others. Because of that, there is an abundance of opportunities to get involved with things on campus and make a bigger impact in the world at large. A downfall of Gardner-Webb is the tuition which is pretty steep, and a lot of the facilities need updating/renovating.
GW provides various aspects that make it appealing to everyone who learns about it. Their graduation rate is 98%, so there is excellent academic programs. I'm personally in the nursing program, both in the BSN and ADN. No other school would let me do both. I'm doing both to allow me to get a year of work experience before graduate school. GW encourages their students to further their education to graduate school. Additionally, GW has huge diversity within the campus. We have many students who live across the world just to come here, a lot of them for sports. Another benefit about going to GW is the security/safety. We have an actual police department on campus that consists of about eight to nine officers on call. Overall GW is one of the best colleges to go to whether you are looking to play sports, all about academics, a safe place away from home, or looking for a new environment!
One thing about Gardner-Webb is that the people on the campus are very nice, and welcoming. It almost feels like home when you're meeting new friends, joining clubs, and even athletics. Also, Gardner-Webb is a religious school, and we love the Lord with all of our hearts; that's what keeps us going in our classes and throughout the community around Gardner-Webb.
Gardner-Webb University is a Baptist-founded University where Christian values are highly respected and imparted to the students during the program. The faculty is equipped with professionals highly educated with moral values that will help students to grow both academically and morally. The university is located in a peaceful and cozy rural area, a perfect environment for the students to learn. I really enjoy attending Gardner-Webb University. However, I think the buildings in general need some updates and innovations. Overall, EXCELLENT university!!!
I love the small size of the campus, the student body truly feels like a family. However I dislike the mandatory Old and New Testament classes, and the lack of things to do in the area.
Just visited Garder Webb a couple weeks ago and plan on attending in the fall. Great community and administration. Lots of major and minor options.
Gardner-Webb University is one of the best schools nationwide by far! The people are incredible, the classes are exciting with professors who take time to know everyone's name and favorite music genre (literally). Some of the facilities could use some more funding, but overall an outstanding university.
Very caring environment created by instructors. I felt like fellow students were all there to learn. It was a very well organized nursing program planed out to provide students with adequate study time and efficient learning. Many study tools and equipment were available to use. The simulations created a real life experience of patient nurse interaction similar to a hospital setting.
The campus is beautiful! Lots of friendly students, faculty, and staff! Dedicated to helping you develop who you are, as well as getting you prepared for you classes specific to your major!
Gardner-Webb University is a beautiful campus filled with fantastic people. The professors are phenomenal and are always there to work with you when you need them. There are lots of activities planned for students to do all the time!
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So far my experience at Gardner-Webb has been very good. I am a junior at Gardner-Webb and I am still learning new things about Gardner-Webb. From my first semester I have had very helpful professors and have made each course easy to learn and interesting.
I am a current student at Gardner-Webb university and I think that we need to overhaul most of the sports teams and start over to build a brand that people will want to be apart of. The biggest current issue is the town being dry I believe that allowing stores in the Boiling Springs area to provide and service alcohol will bring potential growth to the community.
I love my professors and how they take a personal interest in my success. The classes are small and challenging.
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