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My experience at Garden City Community College is wonderful. Overall the campus itself is great! The classes are very close together which is good so you won't be late to class. The teachers on campus are very helpful and friendly. Also, the students are nice to everyone. Not to mention the classes are pretty easy. Furthermore, the dorms and apartments are nice for out of state students. Plus the advisors and financial aide advisors are caring and helpful to students. I would consider going to college at Garden City Community College because the place is not very crowded and is much more relaxing. Considering that you can choose what time you want your classes to be. Also, there are many areas of fields you can choose from. Which the advisors and teachers like to see there students succeed and graduate.
Garden City Community College is alright. If you want to get things done fast and easy then go there. You can save money. But their aren't a lot of opportunities out here in South West Kansas.
Its an affordable school great proffessers very diverse. It is one of the best for sports especially for football, food is okay. Dorms are okay to weve had a few problems with the inernet lately. The college is in a decent size city so there are a few things to do like going bowling or going to the movies. Dorms are usually cleaned by the staff only restrooms not rooms. The cafeteria has a few options. Books are expensive I recommend buying them online its a lot cheaper.
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I love Garden City Community College. Great people, great staff, and overall just a great environment
Garden city has been a great place for me. Not only has my athletic side been expanded but my academic side has as well. I have made tons of friends and some that will last a lifetime. I am so happy that I made the decision two years ago to attend garden city.
Garden City community College is very interesting and they also have good opportunity for all students. I am attended the Garden City Community college right now. I really enjoy every moment. They also have other program for students to join and helped student with their work.
Its very good helpful teachers and community.
During my semester, all of my classes were reasonably challenging. Chemistry, which was the toughest by far, ended up being one of my favorite classes. The professor was more than willing to help, he would go to the library on his free time just to help those who needed extra help. A gesture which shows how much staff love their job.
There is a lot of help on campus, all you really need to do is go look for it. We have a lot of organizations willing to help students with books, even food! We all know being a college student puts you in a tight squeeze. Like I mentioned before, we offer free tutoring. Which is another reason I decided to attend GCCC.
My major is premed, and my counselors made sure to go over the classes with me. Making sure I chose the right ones. The curriculum is challenging but not impossible. And everyone, including the students are helpful.
I have completed two semesters at Garden City Community College, so far, everything has gone better than expected! The professors are always on top of things. Making sure you understand the material being taught! We have free tutoring available, making classes that much easier. Overall, my experience has been great. I have two more semesters before I can transfer. And I hope things keep looking out the way they have been.
I'm hoping that everything will transfer well.
The technology was not good.
I can visit with the career center often.
I enjoy the tutoring center & its opportunities!
I feel that the instructors know me.
I like that it is close to home for this first year.
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For me it was a bit frustrating, it was hard to keep up with my classes just cause it was a huge transition and something to get used to, my flexibility around work wasn't hard at all.
Its been a huge change for me, difficult and a bit frustrating. I wasn't focused and stressed due to family problems but my instructors were very understandable. Flexibility with classes was a bit tough but nothing I couldn't fix.
The college does offer a lot for students. Students are able to apply for on campus jobs, getting a job on campus is easier than getting a job off campus due to classes. The career center is very helpful. They really help you with anything you need or any questions you have they are on it.
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