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I like Gannon because their professors are extremely helpful and respectful. All of the professors here want to help you learn and help you to succeed in life. They provide you with great housing opportunities. All around, Gannon is a wonderful school and I am proud to go here.
This school's PA program is great! Teachers are nice and helpful. They are very good at answering questions. You can tell they are trying to make the school a better place to learn. In addition, they have multiple ways of getting involved. The honors program is also something i recommend to all. I love honors classes as opposed to the typical classroom because honors classes are smaller. The only drawback I can think of is the work-study. They do not offer many options on campus. They tend to higher previous students which means there is no way you can get a job on campus unless a student who works for them graduates.
Gannon University is an excellent university that takes students in and gives them the opportunity to grow as a person. It’s faith based values allow for those to practice their faith as well as be engulfed in their studies and be involved in anything and everything possible.
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Gannon was a great private catholic school. However I do not believe it was worth the money, and there are administrative matters that could be handled better.
Gannon was amazing. They had a 4 year plan not just semester. Financial aid was able to find enough grants for me to only pay for 1 year!!
As an international student, I can say that gannon is a very well diversed university. Also it has so many events going around for people from so many different countries and different cultures. The professor and staffs here are awesome and makes you feel home and are very helpful. The security is so good that i can get a ride home from the college live safe app during night hours which makes it convenient for me to use library facilities even during night. The only thing I would recommend is if the college could upgrade the housing and food.
I absolutely love everything Gannon has to offer! The downtown atmosphere is fantastic. The teachers are engaging and make it fun to come to class. The students at Gannon clearly love being there.
The professors genuinely care and will do whats in their power to help you succeed, the atmosphere is very welcoming.
Professors truly care about their students! Classrooms are nice. Things I would change are the on campus apartments and the food.
This university is different than many in that the campus is not a closed campus. The town and campus intermingle as well as the individuals living there. Some times the people you must contact to ask questions such as administration can be quite rude. This is the only major thing I have noticed.
I don't really feel they care about each student equally. I feel they care more about the important ones, say ones who have relatives working there, than the ones who have actual problems and need helping.
I like that the university is downtown where it is located and close to a lot of food places and activities. I also like that there is free public transportation provided downtown for just attending the university.
I love my Knight Family!! Gannon is a small school in the heart of Erie PA. Because we are a small school, we form strong bonds with those that we meet. The activities are well planned, the meals are great, the dorms are clean. Our RA is absolutely amazing and my first year here has been absolutely amazing!
Loved Gannon, close to Erie nightlife, small close-knit school, teachers knew who you were and formed connection with you, excellent school for any medical profession
Overall was not terrible, however I had quite a few bad adjuncts and professors. Understanding professors.
My initial decision was not to attend Gannon because of the inter-city campus and their Criminal Justice program (while reputable) was not as renowned as that of Mercyhurst. However, I ended up selecting it after all because of the considerable scholarships they offered me, and on my first day I fell in love with my university. The classes are interesting, the professors are engaging, the students are friendly, and I feel like I belong. Gannon has become my home in many ways, and I would not change my choice if I could.
Gannon University has changed my life. I gave me the confidence to become the leader I am today. I wish I could relieve my college experience. Everyone knows everyone on campus and it is a very close family of friends. I wouldn't change my experience for anything. Thank you Gannon.
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It is a small campus, so you are able to meet people and get to know professors. Granted, it gets cold here, so be prepared for that.
Gannon University is a wonderful school in which you feel you are getting a great education for your money. I have only been here for a couple month but I know I would not want to go to any other school due to the great community atmosphere Gannon University provides along with the great education.
I like that Gannon University is located in the heart of Erie. There is so much to offer to students both on campus and off campus. Most of the teachers are friendly and helpful when it comes to class and outside of class. One thing I wish would change is the weapons policy. With Gannon being in downtown Erie, it can be very unsafe and scary, even with the police and safety buttons. While at Gannon, there have been shootings, harassment, attempted kidnapping, and much more. I have a concealed carry permit that I use solely for safety. Campus is one of the most important places that students should be able to carry for safety. I wish Gannon would change their weapons policy to increase the safety of their students.
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