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It all starts from the Admissions department, all the staff friendly and trying to help you get started in college. The advisors point you in the right direction, they go beyond if they have to.. The professors are well trained and know their knowlege, they go into full detail/background. I love Galveston College
Great location for my career education. Directors and professors are very dedicated to making the experience conducive to life long learning. They have wonderful programs for anyone interested in achieving their education goals.
Galveston College has such a beautiful campus. All the staff are so nice. I would love to see them grow and add more courses and teachers. The professors will sit and talk with you for hours at a time over the course material. Pretty much all the teachers and staff are easy to get in touch with. They are such a great community college. I just think they could be even better and expand their professors and courses!
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Galveston College is a simple college for simple reasons. It offers what is needed to succeed without all the extra overwhelming stuff. Because of that, the college is small and is very affordable. The classroom sizes are comfortable and the professors tend to offer as much one on one attention as they can. Because the college is small, the competition to get into their programs is also small, and obtaining a two-year degree is definitely within reach. It's difficult to get lost, and it hardly takes any time at all to find a familiar face.
GCC is a good low key school. I really enjoyed my professors. I plan on sticking around for my AAS there then moving on. I feel they're a school that'll help me succeed along my career path.
My experience at Galveston College was decent, there weren't many students around but the library was well organized and staff was very friendly along with the professors that i met.
UHCL is a great school, but expensive for those who need financial help
So far, it's as expected
I've learned a lot in 2 semesters!!
Nice small classes and reachable teachers
Great campus near the beach!
Great small staff and faculty at this location
I have had no problems.
I have not had any problems with the online courses so far.
They try to help as much as they can.
The professors know what they are talking about when teaching the subject and almost always answers the questions of the students; they also work with the students if they see he/she is struggling in class and he/she does put an effort in the course to succeed. There are a variety of subjects that are offered in this college, the class sizes might change throughout the semester but mostly stays consistent, and the class styles vary in each course.
They have a variety of choices in the school such as student scholarship, financial aid, and work-study program in the school.
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The instructors work with the students if they know the student is struggling.
The instructors do care about the students and how well they do. If the instructors see that a student is putting in effort in the class, they will work with the student if he or she needs help in class.
My Overall Experience at my school so far is the best Experience i have ever had. i realy like the way the school is, the administration is so organize in the way that I can find what I'm looking for. This is why I know that my school is unique. I also like the way the staff work to help everyone. For me it has been a great experience in the school i cannot change it for another school.
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