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Gallaudet University is wonderful school and deaf community too! I really love this school and its good experience for them to come join Gallaudet!
I have had a positive experience thus far. The professors and staff have been helpful and genuinely concerned about the students.
Have only visited a couple of times, but I am enrolled for the fall to be a full time student. Students seem to be involved with on campus activities. Will be fun to join such a unique school.
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As a current students who has had many relatives and friends come through this instituation before me, I can honestly say that this university is one of the most diverse and creative places to be. With a wide variety of students from all over the world, and staff in ever department that truly cherishes and cares for their students success, this university is incredible. I am so glad to be able to call myself a Bison.
From my experience at attending Gallaudet University. My first year attending! Gallaudet has not failed to impress me when attending to get an education that is accommodated well for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Gallaudet University is the only university in the world that is solely a Deaf University. The education I received during my first year has been nothing short yet of rigorous. I am attending to pursue my degree in Business Administration and I am thrilled to look forward to attending as a Sophomore this year for the Fall Semester.
Gallaudet University is amazing for the social aspect for many deaf and hard of hearing individuals. As well as sports, academics, and internship opportunities. Gallaudet University is the only deaf University in United States of America that is dedicated fully to deaf and hard of hearing individuals. I love the social space at Gallaudet because of how English and ASL are inclusive, allowing everyone to interact with each other anywhere on campus. In classrooms, I am able to understand all the professors without having to worry about misunderstanding them if I were using an interpreter.
I love Gallaudet Uni. I'm hearing but the campus makes me feel very welcomed. I've yet to be excepted but I've been on a tour. A mentor of mine graduated from there with her Masters Degree an she too could recommend it for anyone who wants a relaxed day with a calm experience behind it.
Excellent communication for Deaf and hard of hearing. Some changes are promoting more bilingual roles and hire more diverse staff. Food are awful, dorms are old and smelly.
I like Gallaudet because I can easily have a conversation with anybody via ASL. I also feel like I fit in with my peers. I would like for Gallaudet to change some things regarding DPS, Food in the Cafeteria, and the tuition costs too.
So far, I am a sophomore year at Gallaudet University. I learned a lot of this university because I have involved the organizations such as Student Body Government and Latinx Student Union. Besides, I am working as Peer Mentor in Student Success Office. It helped me to understand what is the leadership of this university and others. It is the best experienced that I have building the network with others through on and off campus.
What I love about Gallaudet University is that it is unique. Gallaudet is the only university for the Deaf in the world. Gallaudet's primary goal is equal access for their students. Most of the professors, faculty, and staff use American Sign Language to communicate with Deaf students. I am Deaf and my primary language is American Sign Language. Gallaudet is one of very few places where I am free to use my language without any language barriers. However, there are some areas I would like to see Gallaudet improve on. One issue we have been struggling with is safety for female students. Often, female students have experienced being assaulted sexually. We have anti-bystander training once per semester. Another issue we have on our campus is the campus is dominated by Greeks. Ninety percent of Professors, Faculty and Staff are greeks. Favoritism occurs in classroom. We do have a few more issues but nothing we cannot handle. It is a privilege to be a student at Gallaudet University.
I really love at Gallaudet University and there are have many deaf social then high school. I love independent myself at Gallaudet University. Campus are best for me and have meet new people.
My experiences here has been wonderful but has very lax rules in freshman building especially due to wild parties.
I love how Deaf Culture is such an integral part of the campus life. I am able to express myself very openly, and almost everyone is extremely accepting and compassionate towards one another. My only complaints would be in regards to the cost of attending this university full time, and some issues regarding living on campus. Other than that, if you apply yourself and try your best, you will more than likely thrive at this school!
I loved the environment and the services they provide. The counselors would do anything to try and help with anything that is needed. Students are being there for one another even though at times there may be some down time.
Gallaudet is the perfect place for people who want to dive into Deaf culture. Being able to use ASL all day every day will only enhance your skills. As a future interpreter, it was the best place for me and I recommend any students who want to be an interpreter, go to Gallaudet and experience it.
Gallaudet University is like a Deaf mecca in the world, an only university that uses American Sign Language to communicate with each other. Gallaudet University is an unique place for the Deaf and sign language users to get connect to each other.
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I was an freshman at last semester. I had much fun at this campus. I have many new friends. They're friendly and nice people. I had four courses. I liked my professors. I've improved my grades much better than last year at community college. I had working with professors, friends, and staff everyday which helped me much improve than last year. I can tell you whoever Deaf or Hard of Hearing people plan to go to Gallaudet. You would be very successful at this school !
it's okay when students want to have experience once in their life during college years.
Parties could be fun but It should be careful.
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