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I like going to Galen.. it is a faster pace program but it is worth it... Before I came I read some horror stories about it and almost changed my mind but I'm glad I didn't because it works for me.
They are very compassionate and caring about all the students needs. They work with you and help you get through any issues to see that student is successful
I love this school. From the moment I enrolled (actually, the moment I stepped foot in the door) I have felt supported. As soon as I started classes, I received calls and emails asking how classes were going and if I needed anything. Also, ANY TIME I have had to contact an online instructor, they've been helpful and supportive and with great follow up. HIGHLY recommended, despite the higher cost.
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I love Galen!! I toured other schools and none of them topped Galen. Galen's student population has grown so much in the last couple of months, that now their trying to expand. Which I think is great, because we need the BEST nurses in the field. The school atmosphere is very welcoming. It is fast pace but you have many support systems to turn to within the school. You get the hands on learning that you need to be successful. The stimulation lab is wonderful. It puts you in a real life situation testing your strategies. You don't know how much you actually learn until you put your skills to the test and that's exactly what Galen does.
So far it's a good school! I wish the convince of the records needed for school was not so rushed. I like all my teachers and the students. I feel the teachers involve the students with each other to develop bonds. The campus is switching to a bigger location because the school is expanding. If you don't get your schedules done early for each semester it will be hard to get a decent schedule.
School is very difficult but when you graduate you will know what you need to know. If you do not want to work hard and be challenged, then do not spend your money on this school. Some labs are good and some are a waste of time. Clinicals are great. Teachers really care. Uniform got much better than when I started.
I am in my second quarter at Galen. So far, I really love the atmospere and learning environment. Everyone is very upfront with you about what you need to do to be successful. This school is difficult, as every nursing program is. If it was easy, it wouldn't be worth it! The only area I would like to see an improvement in is the resource center/library. I really think it would be beneficial to have more study rooms for the students. Also, the cafeteria is great, but is only open until 2. This is really inconvenient for students with classes spread out throughout the day, but atleast the food is good!
There are time limits for some transferred credits.
There are few online course, just pre-reqs.
Great job prospects, like hiring new grads from the school.
A fast paced strenuous program worth the time and effort.
One of the tops schools in the area that hospitals like to hire new graduates from.
strenuous program and knowledgeable/helpful staff
Great professors, very knowledgeable, fast paced.
As long as you've taken them within 5 years, you're golden. Try to get all your pre-reqs out of the way from a community college, it's $200 less per credit hour. If you can :)
Not going to lie it is tough, but you can do it as long as you're dedicated
Especially at the hospitals in the Tampa Bay area
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Galen is strictly nursing so as long as you put in the work and willing to reach out when you need assissance its a great place to be
Just started and so far so good!
Awesome school and amazing staff! They really look out for you during the admission process.
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