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Amazing experience with staff and professional professors , good orientation and online overview, library staff is excellent in setting up evolve account for me
This school is focused on solely nursing. The instructors that I have had the pleasure of working with have all expressed interest in helping the students to become the best nurses that they can be.
I love how the staff is so welcoming. Everyone strives to help you reach your goals no matter what! The environment is great!
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So far not a welcoming experience. I'm new to Galen and feel like an outsider because I didn't get my LVN there with all the other girls, which is fine because there are other girls who didn't as well. The thing is its hard to understand the "Galen lingo".
I like that they are a school that specializes only in Nursing degrees, their staff instructors are all Nursing degreed.
I have not started but when I went for a tour everyone was very friendly and helpful.
Your classes are pretty much set for you first quarter. Days classes are 7:30 to 4:45, and clinical is 7:00 to 3:30. Evening classes are 5-9, clinical is 5-10.
Currently this school has LVN, RN, and Bachelor's Nursing programs. The school has quarterly career fairs for students to meet potential employers. There is talk of this school looking to offer a Master's of Nursing soon.
Class sizes for days are very large. The class size for evenings. is very small. I switched from day classes to nights, so I've seen a significant difference as far as size goes. My night class only has 22 people in it. The professors are a wealth of knowledge and know a great deal of what their talking about. Information in class is mostly relayed via powerpoint and media (videos), but don't think you can get away with not reading the textbook.
Well, it's nursing. You can pretty much get a job anywhere. This school prepares you very well as far as clinical experiences go.
This school has great facilities. The learning labs are great, and the mannequins and hospital simulation make it easier to practice the skills you've learned. There is a lot of work that needs to be put in if you want to succeed in this courses, but the effort is definitely worth it in the long run.
Costs a lot, but is definitely worth the money. Have learned a lot since enrolled. Teachers are AMAZING.
I have toured campus before doing paperwork and making any final decisions. I was very pleased with the environment. The classroom sizes are average, they are not too large nor too small. I think I will have an opportunity to get one on one contact with my professors, that makes me very satisfied. The students are very friendly and welcoming. The library will definitely be my spot, it is very clean, quiet, large, and looks like a great place to focus. I am looking forward to starting my courses soon and being successful as a nurse. Caring is my calling.
I have no experienced anything yet since I have not yet started courses.
My experience with the school has been excellent. No hassles, and the school is always helpful.
I have had an excellent experience in the classroom with professors and other staff, as well as the students.
I have had an excellent experience with this school. Communication with the school via phone, or email has been excellent as well.
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Alumni are always welcome to come back and use the school resources, as well as any job leads the school may know about that are not necessarily advertised to the public.
I have had educated professors who have taught the courses very well and then some. If you have questions they are willing to help you understand you do not, and very understanding.
Career prospects from this school are great. They have on site job fairs every other month, or you can talk to the career counselor, and they will help you with any openings they know of.
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