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Galen College of Nursing - San Antonio Reviews

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I liked that Galen gave many students the change to become nurses. I like that the acceptance rate is high and it made it very reasonable to be accepted. It has a beautiful campus with a great location and a great teacher student ratio. The thing I would like to change about Galen is the expense. It is a very expensive college to attend and having to get out loans for the first time was very stressful but I believe what you put in you will get out. I hope for the best education and career and I believe in Galen. I’m excited to be apart of a new program that I have heard so much about from family member and friends that also attend Galen
Galen is an amazing college. Very hgh tech and provides an amazing environment for learning. The instructors are very resourceful. The school is well equipped for training if nurses and the teaching is top notch with very high nclex passing rates.
So far I love the school. I put 3 stars on housing, athletics and party scene because its in a high rise building in the medical district.
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The admissions and financial aid department is a joke. They take forever to respond and then give bs hoops to jump through. It seems like no one communicates in the office and it’s extremely frustrating when all you want to do is get in and start the program.
Galen is a poop hole. The teachers there don’t know how to teach... or rather care to and Galen as a whole is just money hungry trying to purposely fail their students.
I love the way the teachers are willing to help even after school hours by email and I love the way their "clinical area" is set up just like a miniature hospital the equipment is great!
My experience at galen has just started but the school is excellent. The school is on a quarter system so courses are fast paced. Classes are decently sized, not too big or too small. Professors are knowledgeable, experienced, and willing to help students understand their role as a future nurse in and out of lectures. Courses are tough but manageable if you put in the time. As far as the financial aspect goes the school is pretty pricey. Financial aid is available but only covers so much per quarter with out of pocket costs being pretty high. There are scholarships available through galen, which can help offset the out of pocket cost if you’re lucky enough to be awarded one. Overall, the school is great and worth it despite the financial aspect.
I will be a returning student, I first started in the LVN progaram, however was not able to finish the program due unforseen life circumstances. I eventually did complete a LVN prgram and knew Galen was the school for me to obtain my RN. While I attended staff was great, very knowledgeable and understanding.
This is my Second Bachelor's of Science degree and I can not imagine completing it anywhere else. Galen invests time in it's students and ensure that no student is left behind. Not only is it veteran friendly, but it truly teaches its students the value a nurse has in each patients life. Galen has managed to instill discipline while still allowing flexibility for the working adults. This nursing is definitely one to consider if you plan on attending one in San Antonio, TX.
I am in the application process but so far everyone has been extremely helpful and have made the process pleasant.
I am in the BSN program currently and am loving it so far!
Although it is a new program and the faculty is still working our some minor kinks, everyone at Galen has been very helpful.
The Instructors at Galen are very knowledgeable, patient and love teaching future nurses. They are always willing to help a student better understand the material and give different ideas on how to study for the material being taught. But the student needs to ask for the help. I had an Instructor also show me how I can better manage my time in studying, work ,school & family time. I felt completely safe on campus. Galen also has hybrid classes that works out for me perfectly .
Amazing experience with staff and professional professors , good orientation and online overview, library staff is excellent in setting up evolve account for me
This school is focused on solely nursing. The instructors that I have had the pleasure of working with have all expressed interest in helping the students to become the best nurses that they can be.
I love how the staff is so welcoming. Everyone strives to help you reach your goals no matter what! The environment is great!
So far not a welcoming experience. I'm new to Galen and feel like an outsider because I didn't get my LVN there with all the other girls, which is fine because there are other girls who didn't as well. The thing is its hard to understand the "Galen lingo".
I like that they are a school that specializes only in Nursing degrees, their staff instructors are all Nursing degreed.
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I have not started but when I went for a tour everyone was very friendly and helpful.
Your classes are pretty much set for you first quarter. Days classes are 7:30 to 4:45, and clinical is 7:00 to 3:30. Evening classes are 5-9, clinical is 5-10.
Currently this school has LVN, RN, and Bachelor's Nursing programs. The school has quarterly career fairs for students to meet potential employers. There is talk of this school looking to offer a Master's of Nursing soon.
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