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Galen College of Nursing - Louisville Reviews

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The professors do all they can to make you successful. All of the staff are very helpful for that matter. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner.
My experience at Galen has overall been a good one. I would like to see more organization & communication at times but in general I don’t have much to complain about. It is very rare you come across a professor that is absolutely terrible, which is always a good thing. Plus all the professors are nurses as well which is one of my favorite things about the school.
I think Galen has been a great school. They give you all the fool to succeed. They are very student oreinteed. They want you to pass, but you have to want to pass. Lots of help is provided if you have trouble learning or testing. Most of the instructors have been amazing. They are very smart and highly educated. I tried my journey in nursing at another school several y ago. I was not successful. I would recommend Galen to other students.
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Instructors are phenomenal. Great environment for learning. Classes are small and all faculty are advocates for student.
I love how everyone is so inviting and helpful,everyone including staff want you to succeed!!The only thing I would change is a campus closer to the Lagrange Area.
I’m a college graduate of Galen, and couldn’t be happier with the education I received. Great school, great teachers, fantastic and up to date learning modules and a friendly environment. You have to put in the work- it is not an easy school... but who wants a nurse that went to a “easy nursing school?” And just breezes by?! Not me! :)
Galen is AWESOME. Fast paced, pure nursing. Teachers are very knowledgeable and always there to help you along the way. Thinking about nursing, give Galen a glance.
Galen is a great school with a wonderful reputation in the healthcare community. It has grown in opportunity and technology. It offers state of the art labs for learning and the faculty is very knowledgeable
Galen College of Nursing is the best nursing school ever! The teachers actually care if you pass and they’re not judgmental. The campus is clean and Galen as a whole is very organized!
I love Galen. The instructors really want you to succeed and care about their students. I love that their is no waitlist and you can start 4 different times throughout the year. It’s so awesome
I have enjoyed and am enjoying my experience at Galen. I believe the give you the tools and resources you need to suceed.
They need to test the teachers before they let them teach. Some of the teachers don't have a clue about what they are teaching.
I personally have had an up and down experience with Galen. At the beginning they were very nice and would try to help out with anything you need. As you go farther in your program they are not as willing to help you after they already have you there and are getting your money. ON the other hand all of the teachers are amazing and would do anything to help you.
Pure Nursing at it's finest. Safe campus, pre-requisites built in to the nursing curriculum... killing two birds with one stone. 3 year BSN- a year shorter than traditional nursing school/curriculum. Quarters vs Semesters.
i think Galen is a great school because the classes are small and the teachers are very helpful. Students can get one on one time if they need extra help.
Galen has the most knowledge instructors and each one of them care about your nursing efucstion and career. Class sizes are small and you are one big family at Galen. Help is around every corner. This is a fast paced education and the clinical experience is begun very early in the program.
I'm new to Galen, but happy to call it my second home. The class sizes are small and teachers know and care for you.
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This will be my first year here. Started the LPN program and I'm so excited about it. Everyone is friendly. Nice size classes safe and clean environment. Love the school so far.
Galen is outstanding school. Their statistics for the graduation rate compared to the basic 4 year degree programs within the Nursing programs is higher. The average graduation rate for RN students is 90%. I enjoy learning and going to school there. The only things I may like to see change is that there be more financial aid communication between the students and financial aid people, more resources to make college seem less stressful, and I wish they were a dorm college. Otherwise, I am very pleased with my college choice. I could not find a better college fit for me. Great teacher staff and all my fellow students are all very helping and so nice. No one lets anyone struggle, we all are in the same boat and we all understand the struggle. It's juts a amazing experience at Galen and I still have abut a year and a half left there.
My sister went to this school and said it was a wonderful experience so I started going here. However my experience has not been the same. The policies are constantly changing and the cost has gone up 3 times since I have been enrolled. I think the school, in earlier years, was great as far as academics. It seems now, however, they are more concerned with making money off of the students. If you don't pass the HESI they make you sit out a quarter and also want another $100 entrance fee and $100 background check. They also told my younger sister she would be able to transfer all her credits and graduate in 18months with her RN. However, after she signed papers they said they wouldn't accept her lab credits from USI and it would take her 2 years to get her RN and slapped a unclear $500 balance on her tab. Galen is great with their innovations but they aren't great when it comes to the way they handle business or being student advocates.
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