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Can’t wait to get started but so far loving it. Everyone so far I have had interactions with is awesome, friendly and informative. Everyone is willing to try and help and get you in the program you want to be in
It is a small, close knit school. I felt most instructors went out of their way to help students learn and succeed.
It is a for profit college. They except everybody. Don't expect grant money from them. The teachers really do try to do what they can to help but are limited by the school. Priority is given to the Day programs. Most syllabi need to be updated but the teacher turnaround is high so be sure to pay attention in class because you can't rely on the syllabi provided. Also read the school handbook at the start of every quarter it changes often.
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Top-notch state-of-art nursing education. The professors and instructors provide the best educational material and environment for student nurses so that they are NCLEXRN prepared upon graduation.
I loved working with admissions. They are friendly and eager to help you with anything that you need. As soon as I applied they called me the same day which was really comforting. They make it extremely simple to turn in all your needed documents for people who are new to the college experience. I am very hopeful of being accepted into their nursing program.
I am going back to school this fall to start for my BSN so I can start my forever job at a hospital setting being a trauma nurse. I have never went to school at Galen before, but the people I have work with so far getting me to this point have been great and very helpful and friendly making my decision to go back to school at 41 a blessing. I can’t say I would change any thing on Galen’s College side just yet since I have not had the experience on campus learning to be biases .
Galen college of nursing is dedicated to helping you succeed and become top nurses, rather it be LPN, RN, or BSN. They are there for you if you need any help or assistance with classes or study habits. I feel I can count on all of my instructors and I believe they will do anything they can to help you to succeed. They are all very friendly and and feel comfortable. They ease your mind of any doubt you have of yourself and turn it around into positive vibes. They work with you if you run into obstacles along the way, such as a pregnancy. I have seen first and the things they do for the students and make them feel at ease.
What made me look into Galen was everyone telling me how wonderful it is. I applied and instantly they were helpful through the whole process and didn't make me feel as if I'm all alone. It's hands on and I love every bit of the atmosphere. For once it doesn't bother me to get up and go to class.
Galen College of Nursing is a great nursing school that is accredited. I have gained the knowledge and clinical skills I need to be able to go into the real world and be a competent nurse. The campus is small, it needs to gain a bigger building with the growing amount of students attending here. I would like to see more parking at the school. There is a little cafeteria on the Zorn campus, but could become bigger with more of a selection on foods to choose from.
I earned my LPN at Galen I 2017, I am currently enrolled there for my RN. Galen is an amazing college, the staff there really want you to succeed. They offer small class sizes, great clinical sites, hands on labs, and even a simulation center. The student success center is there for students who may need a little more help. The only downfall is the cost of tuition, you often have to pay money out of pocket even after you financial aid. That can be really hard for people like me because I go to school full time so I am only able to work part time. I also have two small children so that's where most of my money goes.
The staff was very sweet , warming and welcoming! I wish I was given a tour of the college before my admissions appointment was over though! all in all a wonderful experience!!
It's long-term trends that matter most. My experience at GCN was somewhat positive, but I see that GCN is NO LONGER about "Pure Nursing." They teach so much biochemistry and other topics -- things never needed in my 12 yrs of nursing -- that they're obviously teaching some other profession.
The new educational model at GCN is for students to students write whatever they want, providing far too many references for focused study, and then test them on topics that have never been taught. So, GCN is NO longer a TEACHING college, but a business banking on your failures. That's not a quality educational experience.
I used to swear by Galen, but can no longer support them in any way, having seen the horrible changes made in the last decade.
Galen was highly recommended to me, and i liked that i wasn't put on a wait list to try to get into nursing school. i was accepted and was able to begin right away, but we are held to high standards to be able to stay in the program. i am part of the bachelors program and am still in the general education classes, i am looking forward to the nursing classes. i was not told when i applied that almost all of the general education classes are only offered online, i prefer to be in a class room. i have connected with a lot of people in the classes that i have attended on campus so far and its awesome to have people to help and study with.
Galen is a really challenging as well as supportive school. The student resource center and student success liaison staff are great! I've really enjoyed my time here as a student, I've made a lot of friends and it's true that they really are all about nursing. The entire staff from the security guards to the desk managers and teachers are so approachable and truly helpful and caring. Its's been a totally challenging yet rewarding experience. The student nurse association is also active and a fun place to meet people serious about school and nursing. The school provides regular updates on job fairs and ongoing opportunities for students and graduates. In my opinion the school is well worth the tuition and I'm glad I chose Galen.
I really like galen. It is a hard school and fast paced but it really prepares you for the nclex and other testing. Class sizes are usually small which is nice. Lab classes are great with many tools used to help us learn.
I had started there but did not get to finish due to certain circumstances. Great teachers and excellent student teacher ratio. Clinicals really prepare you well for real world situations.
Professors are super helpful! I actually went to UK and the help was nothing like it is here! I love being enrolled in this school. Very fast paced but overall that is what you ask for! Pretty pricey but with the right help you can make it
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I'm currently in the 2 year RN program and only have 9 months left. So far the experience at Galen has been a wonderful experience. They are willing to help you wherever the help is needed and they help motivate you to the finish line.
Galen has phenomenal professors and the offices are quick to contact you back. The school is very updated and has great resources for students to use in order to get the best education possible. They offer an accelerated program which allows students to finish school as quickly as possible. I love their quarter system; however when it comes to paymets, my loans only cover the first 3 quarters and not the fourth unless you have some money leftover.
Galen is strictly nursing so the campus is very nice. It is a lot less overwhelming knowing that everyone is there with the same goal. It is a very comfortable setting and not as stressful as you would imagine. Everyone is so helpful and nice and they want to see you succeed. I couldn't imagine going anywhere other than this college.
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