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Galen College of Nursing - Cincinnati Reviews

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I have been a student for almost a year, it has been a great experience so far. You do have to put in the time to really study in order to be successful. Teachers are very helpful and staff in the office are very nice as well. It is a tough program so you have to be willing to put in some effort.
from the moment I walked in I felt like I mattered. Everything was done with organization and quickness. I went the week before school started and was able to get to class that next week. The teachers are so nice and has been there a long time so they know what they are doing. The faculty and staff are very helpful. The students that go there are focused on their work and getting through school. The staff and teachers are there to help you with anything you need as well as the students.
Instructors are helpful. Faculty and staff reply in a timely manner and will work with you to complete tasks.
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Galen College in Cincinnati has the friendliest people. Everyone is SO helpful! The professors are willing to stay after class with you or meet with you in their free time to go over material that you do not understand.
Galen really cares about student success. You are just not another student in a class room. The instructors are there to help you graduate.
Galen is a fast track school that takes dedication and discipline. There are some flaws still to the program as it is changing to better itself. It is now accredited which was a huge celebration. There needs to be some better clinical sites offered to the students. Overall a good learning experience and is teaching me a lot.
You don't have as many options for class time when choosing, the campus isn't that big so you kind of have to get what they give you.
Love taking online courses, very easy and i wish all my courses could be online.
Professors work with you and are very understanding.
It's just very hard if you don't study. The school offers many resources and will help you graduate you just have to be willing to put in your effort as well.
Focuses only on nursing. Every class at Galen is geared toward nursing.
It was well advertised that the ADN program is a day program, so I was well aware of this in terms of scheduling for my work. Galen was really willing to allow me to transfer in credits from other schools.
Online classes at Galen are really easy to navigate, however every online class has a weekly discussion requirement. You must post in this discussion on three different days of the week. The discussions aren't really helpful in terms of learning the material. Would have been a 5/5 rating if they would do away with the discussion requirements.
I haven't worked with anyone in particular, but there are students who receive job offers from clinical sites pending passing the NCLEX
Job prospects are high if you're willing to apply to every med-surge job and agree to enroll in a BSN program with your job offer.
Most of the class sizes are small (<25). Some of the science courses have a max of about 40 students.
The instructors really care about the success of their students. Every instructor has weekly enrichment sessions to go over material learned in class with students seeking help.
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Galen is the first school I've attended that has gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome. They also are willing to do anything to make sure I have all the tools to be a successful student.
I am going to be starting Nursing school in October and so far I've just met with councilors a few times and they have been so helpful. They have a true passion for the students their and i think that is very unique. I cant wait to attend in the fall.
Online classes at Galen College of Nursing are very time consuming. Teachers are not very detail on instructions about schedules, assignments and etc. I would rather take an on ground class.
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