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Gadsden State Community College Reviews

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I was able to return to school after more than 20 years, with ease, and complete an Associates Degree online.
I enjoyed the location of the college I enjoyed attending the classes and the professors was awesome.
The teachers are great but when it comes to getting help at the one stop center, you're better off just not going.
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Gadsden State is awesome! The registration process is easy and the staff is nice. The instructors are prompt and helpful.
I have been going to Gadsden State Community College for two years now and I love it. I have spent the majority of my academic life at the Ayers Campus of GSCC and my major is HVAC. My plans is to further my education by completing my core classes at GSCC and transferring over to Jacksonville State University to earn a Masters in Engineering. I am well acquainted with many of the staff and have even worked as a Teacher Aid. My instructor, Joe Hulsey, has helped me find a summer job over the last summer in HVAC, and he has helped me find a career that I will be going full-time after this semester while I take online classes. Gadsden State Community College is a great two-year university at a great cost.
Gadsden State is an amazing community college. It is very convenient with its many campuses around Alabama. I live approximately 10 minutes away form the closest one to me and the farthest is about 45 minutes, yet each campus is very nice and full of great energy. I love attending Gadsden because the classes are also not as big so you get that one on one feeling with your teachers.
Gadsden State Community College is a very diverse and friendly college. The college encourages all of their students to do well in not only school but their everyday life as well. The professors here are very helpful to all student needs and teach the subject very thoroughly. The ambassadors here encourage the students to meet new people and make new friends.
My overall experience at Gadsden State has been great a experience. I love Gadsden State for many reasons but something I love most about the school is the amount of diversity and the flexibility in classes. You have many different options when it comes to taking classes such as taking them online or on one of their many campuses. I love how I am not too far away from any of the campuses. Also the faculty and staff are very kind and helpful.
I loved the different opportunities that I recieved and the amazing experiences that was offered to introduce us to college life.
My experience here has been extremely positive. In high school I was disinterested and quite lost when it came to mathematics and sciences but the passion of these instructors rubbed off on me and I learned so much from them. In fact, they've inspired me to pursue more education in maths and sciences.
The college has excellent professors who really care about their students education and who know the subjects they teach very well. The school is good and even has great student engagement activities.
Gadsden State Community College has offered me a wonderful experience. The staff is exceptional and they really do care to help you in any and every way possible when it comes to personal success and graduating. They offer many services and Student Support Services of SSS for short is by far my most valued resource from this school. I have 100% confidence that I will graduate and be proud to say that I graduated from Gadsden State Community College.
If you can find a good program to get into it will be a good school, only problem they have such a small selection of people get in.
Gadsden State is a very reasonable priced college and has a pretty wide variety of classes offered. They seem to strive to offer more classes but they are below average as far as the teaching staff and actual courses.
I received a scholarship through the GED program of Gadsden State. The degree options are very broad and accommodate most any career.
I have had a pleasurable experience there at Gadsden State Community College. The professors are so helpful here. I don't see anything that need to change as of yet.
I am a freshman here at Gadsden State, and I have to say that the whole application process was made easy simply because of the well informed and polite staff at the One Stop Center, a building dedicated to business, financial aid, registration, and admissions of all students. They are very patient, as well as all of the instructors here, and they all make sure that you know they are available to you if you need help with anything.
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Gadsden state is a great school to get you started in your college career. It's is small and very easy to find your way around. The professors are great and it is affordable with many opportunities!
I am a current student at Gadsden State Community college. I have not yet started yet. My first official day of class starts on the 9th of January. Although I have not started yet I am very excited to be apart of such a diverse and kind spirited school. The staff members and even the students that attend Gadsden State are very nice and helpful. Every time I have came there I have always got the help I needed and left with a clear head. I am very excited to see what else Gadsden State has in store for me this semester.
Gadsden State is an overall good school. My favorite part about the school is the music department. I am apart of the choir and it is fun to do something you love with your friends and a fantastic director everyday.
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