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If you are coming to school strictly to get an education, Furman is the perfect place. But I am the type of person who also wants to experience the college lifestyle and meet the kinda people that I'm going to be close with for life. As its been said already, there are a lot of narrow minded people, girls especially. Hard to find genuine people which is one of the major things that attracted me here. Frat parties are awkward even if you aren't an awkward person. It really does feel like high school all over again.
Furman University really focuses on making the undergraduate experience count. Through its rigorous academics and emphasis on research, internship and study away programs, its sure to give its student the upper hand in real world.
Furman has incredible faculty and professors who go out of their way for students daily. There is a refreshing sense of community on campus. Furman has connections across the globe that advantages their students. One of the most beautiful campuses you’ll ever see. It’s a magnet for driven and ambitious students from all over!
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The classes are very rigorous and demanding and can definitely be way more stressful. However, the faculty and students are amazing! Plenty of things to get involved or things to start if it's not already there.
I like how the professors really challenge you with extremely difficult academics, but are also very accessible to ensure you have the ability to succeed. I also love the campus, it is beautiful! And the surrounding city, Greenville, has so much to offer and adventure spots!
I absolutely loved my first year at Furman. The campus is stunning, the food is delicious, I always feel safe, the professors are great and really care about you, and I have met really nice people. Downtown Greenville is so cute and there are mountains nearby campus to go hiking. I am so happy here!!!
Furman is a great choice if you’re looking for an academically stimulating challenge. But like any school, it still needs a lot of work. Especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion. You’ll love Furman if your looking for something to call home!
They handle sexual assault terribly but their work toward diversity initiatives is helping the atmosphere of the community. Non Christian, non white, lgbtq+, and disabled students will have a hard time here.
As a rising junior, I believe that Furman University has continuously and continues to provide me with a wide variety of opportunities to carry on a professional pathway towards a lifetime career. In addition to the wide variety of amenities available on campus, such as the career development center, the internship office, and the writing lab, Furman does its best to provide resources to aid in its advancement of its students. It provides a great faculty with knowledgeable and renowned professors that attend to small class sizes, perfect to form a great one-on-one relationship with your professor, allowing for a more demanding course study. It is a very challenging school that expects students to challenge themselves. It has a great opportunity in Greek Life and students are extremely involved both on and off campus. Provided the internship office, Furman also gives the opportunity to all of its students to study abroad through the Furman Advantage.
I love Furman! Students are generally outgoing and kind, a perk of living in the south. Not a huge "party" scene, but there is always definitely enough going on to keep you entertained!
I attended Furman from 2009 to 2011 and I've recently returned to complete my bachelor's degree. While a Furman education requires a significant financial investment and a high academic aptitude, it's worth it. The campus is beautiful, the class size is relatively small, and the professors really care about their subject and their students. The food at the dining hall is excellent and you don't have to worry about campus safety. If you're considering Furman, it's a great choice, but you need to be prepared to work hard and take advantage of all the opportunities. Even if you don't pursue your major as a career, you will take away skills and relationships to last a lifetime.
Wonderful school! Was my number one choice. Challenging academics. Great support! Campus is beautiful. Most professor are terminal degree. Music department is outstanding!
Furman University is a very great school with wonderful academic opportunities. I feel like I am important and respected by the professors and staff. Some things that I would change would have to be the billing process, the housing space, parking, and the dining hall options.
Furman is a place where you will be academically pushed to your limits and then some. Although it is academically challenging you will still find lots of fun activities within student life. The faculty all want to help and see you succeed in any way they can. The inescapable beauty of the nationally acclaimed campus is not only mirrored but amplified by the students you will meet. Every person I have encountered at Furman has been genuinely kind and interested in me as a person. I could not recommend this school in a higher regard! Roll Dins!
It is such a beautiful and diverse campus!! I am excited to begin attending this campus and furthering my education at this school!!
Great School! Excellent Biology Department and beautiful campus. Professors are great but the expectations and classes are really hard.
Love furman!!!!! Well rounded school and ive had so much fun and learnt so much here. The work is hard but really pays off and the social scene here is incredible: theres always something to do!! We have fresh markets, puppies come in so we can play with them, talented symphonies and orchestras, cooking classes, spin/pilates/boot camp classes, banquets, dances, concerts, free massages.... the list goes on and on. Such an amazing school and best decision of my life.
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It's such a beautiful campus! The student life is also amazing and the students themselves are very inviting and are always willing to help others. One on one teacher tutoring is also provided at Furman and it makes studying much easier.
Reviews on here are outdated; present day Furman has a very work hard play hard feeling, bar nights are on Tuesday and Thursday and frat parties are throughout the weekend. Frats have definitely upped their games with the past few classes and frat parties rage, overall good times, if u want to party def can but also depends on who you know (athletes, frats/sororities, etc.)
I personally had a great time at Furman. You have to be a certain type of person to go here, like small schools and skinny white girls that all look alike. Overall, you focus on academics but have fun if you know how to.
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