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Furman is a beautiful place with wonderful professors who are always willing to help you, nice people, and an amazing rigorous academic program perfect for those who are willing to be challenged. It's in the heart of the most beautiful city in South Carolina and I couldn't be more in love!
Furman is a really amazing school with great professors and great opportunities for research, study abroad, and extracurriculars. Furman really helps develop with your holistic development and you are surrounded by an extremely supportive student body, faculty and staff.
I love the friendships and academics at Furman. Both will be life-lasting experiences that will only benefit one in the real world. Furman could use some more diversity. It definitely is trying to be is lacking drastically in numbers. There could be more awareness of diversity through CLP'S/other programs that the students are required to do over the course of their four years.
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I've been getting recruited by Furman for the soccer team and have had a chance to view the campus several times. I love the location and the friendliness of all the students and staff. They make you feel like a family. Furman has a very tight nit community and I really look forward to attending there for the next 4 years.
Furman has been a lot more than I have expected. It has been the best of me and the worse of me! Although the academics are extremely rigorous and stressful the hard work really pays off! The professors and faculty become friends, mentor, and a shoulder cry on or vent when necessary! Furman although tough has been the best part of my life. I do not regret coming here at all.
Furman has very good academics and a lot of academic opportunities for students with different faculty, because of its small size. If you work hard enough and get involved in school affairs, you will be noticed and rewarded in one way or another. However the student body is not the best. It truly is an extension of high school with a huge and clear majority--white southern upper-class people. This makes it very hard for minorities to integrate. It is even harder if you are an international student because Furman is not an international institution and most students are not globally aware (most Americans aren't). So the academic opportunities are amazing, however, the social life is not the best if you are not of the majority.
Furman puts a lot of energy in marketing their school, and they succeed. But the image they portray isn't completely accurate. Furman cares about fostering a certain image: the pristine campus, the small class sizes, the academic rigor, and (a factor they're especially trying to push) diversity. The fact of the matter is, Furman is a small, pricey liberal arts school that attracts a certain population – white, upper-middle class students. Being part of this population myself, I am not saying it's a good nor a bad thing. There are many intelligent people on campus, and the professors are interested in having intellectual conversations with students as opposed to lectures. The issue for me is that regardless of the many interesting ideas floating around campus, there is still an overarching feeling of judgement. There are cliques very similar to high school, and, in the end, people are extremely caught up in what others think. Furman has been nicknamed a "bubble", and for good reason.
Furman is a wonderful college. The campus is beautiful and the administration is caring. Furman has so many resources to help everyone succeed including internship office, tutoring lab, TAs, etc. The food is good but it is always the same. The campus is beautiful, but the Arts and Theatre departments are not given enough funding for building improvements.
I am proudly a second generation Furman student! Thankful for this school and the academics it stands for.
This school was like returning to the cliques of high school. I have never been to more judgmental place. If youre a girl and you dont put on no-makeup-makeup every day and a lily pulitzer dress you wont be accepted. If you want to move off campus to save money you cant. If you want to be unique in any way and not another greek like zombie you will be an outcast. I am transferring out after two semesters here.
Lots of resources on campus to help students get in touch with career options. Also such a strong connection with Greenville which makes job and internship opportunities greater
Small class sizes, awesome professors, and a nice variety of courses considering the small student body size
I feel extremely safe on campus and Furman's police are extremely accessible.
Housing can be difficult to deal with from time to time. Some housing options are fairly small and can be difficult to adjust to.
Greek life is a pretty big deal, especially for girls, but if you are not Greek, it is no big deal. There are social opportunities for everyone.
Sports are not a big part of the overall Furman experience, but everyone definitely attends at least a few football games and then other sporting events every year.
I have had a great experience at Furman. The majority of my professors have been amazing and truly care about my success in and out of the classroom.
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I am a sophomore at Furman and I have been very happy with my time here so far. I have loved all of my professors (sometimes not the subject material however with GERs) and saw how much they care about every student and our success. I have gained friendships that challenge me to be a better person everyday. And the campus and its energy never seizes to amaze me. The only thing I would change about Furman is its tuition because I am paying for it in loans and will most likely paying my loans for the next 20-30 years.
Not involved in Greek life
Not heavily supported by student body
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