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I enjoyed some of the Professors there. They are very kind and helpful if you meet the right ones. I would like to see the counseling process change because its very hard to get in touch, make appointments and get the right information
The school could do a better job of keeping students involved. The staff is great but in my experience the professors have missed class more than I have which I do not appreciate when I am paying for my education.
I love the resources and how well the staff provides for the students. Overall it is a great school to be at. Sports teams all have dedication and passion and the coaches show so much care for their athletes. Programs on campus will help you graduate and if you use them you will be set for a transfer sooner then you know.
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All the people within the financial aid, admissions and records, and the counseling department have all been extremely helpful throughout my time here at Fullerton College.
Fullerton College was a good school, beatiful campus , I went for a year and half before transferring out. The school itself is helpful , you have to see a counselor every semester to talk about classes and make sure your on the right path. The classes are pretty big some teachers don't bother to learn your name.
My life in the United States began in Fullerton college. I was able to study in the States by getting accepted to the Fullerton College. It was one of the best colleges or school I have ever been. I wish to suggest this college to students in the overseas, students with low income and who really wish to study in the UNITED States.
Fullerton College has a gorgeous campus, good cafeteria, and a great location, right in Downtown Fullerton with plenty of restaurants and coffee shops for after school studying. I never had a good experience at the Financial Aid office due to poor student service. The professors did their jobs but lacked passion, except for my Astronomy professor. Many of my professors attacked my religious beliefs, claiming that they "did this to every religion," which was not true. I dreaded attending my favorite class, British Literature, as I expected crude and offensive remarks from the professor and fellow classmates.
Great experience overall , graduated In May 2017 and continuing to take courses here simply because the professors are amazing and very inspirational and overall campus makes you feel like home!
I enjoy attending Fullerton College. I take a lot of my general education classes on this campus, and my biggest complaint would have to be the parking. Other than that I enjoy coming to class every week and being surrounded by a great group of students.
For the money, the instructors and quality of education was superb. Fullerton College has many transfer agreements with 4-year universities. I was able to earn two AA degrees by utilizing most of their online courses due to my physical limitations of on-campus attendance. However, I did attend several courses in-person and discovered the amazing interaction between students and teachers. With downtown Fullerton a block away, access to amazing food and the party scene is within a few steps. Student life and school spirit is abudant. Many events in the quad breakup the daily study grind. A few improvements to book buyback and parking shuttles for the physically limited would be nice, though not horrible. I've graduated, but I would definately do it all over again!
I enjoyed my time at Fullerton College. Professors were great; helpful, understanding and understandable. The campus is a little big and open. I loved the large cafeteria, library, and amount of benches/sitting areas around the campus. There are also lots of nearby places to eat if you want to eat off campus. I had an excellent experience at Fullerton College.
I liked that the fact that a lot of the professors take the time to reach out to you. Fullerton College has a lot of options with tutoring. You are never alone with you Study options at Fullerton if you go to the library they will give you list of people you can go to for help.
I have yet to encounter a professor I disliked! Most classes are challenging in their own ways. The staff in the transfer center is very helpful.
I just started school at Fullerton College and I so far like the experience. I’m in the horticulture department and I love the classes. Fullerton offers a lot of hands on programs that help students gain experience to be successful when they go into the workforce.
The honors cohort program is really nice helpful as I was able to meet 19 others that were going through the same experience as a first time college student like me. It created a comfort zone knowing that I was not alone.
Fullerton College is a nice local college with plenty of night life and restaurants nearby. It's in a quiet town and the campus is updated with newer classrooms and is clean and safe.
Fullerton College offers courses that are full of material from start to finish. The teachers are quite knowledgable in their fields. The facilities are nice. Counselors are extremely helpful if you have the right questions.
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Fullerton College is a great school. The people you will meet here will be your friends for a lifetime. The teachers also care about you. The school itself is beautiful and the library is probably the prettiest building on campus. There are lots of restaurants to choose from for lunch and it's very nice. I enjoy eating and studying with my friends at a local coffee shop while waiting for class to start. It's a great school and there is no pressure to finish in just two years. The faculty and staff are so friendly and feel like family.
Fullerton College is a great school. They have many programs to choose from and it's really easy to get the classes you need.
The campus is really nice, like a real university. The professors that I've had were outstanding, I've never had better teachers.
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