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Its historical structure is Very beautiful . I love the diversity here .People are very nice and helpful .
All of the professors truly cared for the students and the faculty was extremely helpful. The college provided great resources to further my education and get me more involved in the field of psychology.
My experience at Fullerton College was excellent, beyond excellent. The faculty there were helpful and very resourceful, and also very supportive and friendly. The professors did an excellent job teaching the class, and they did care if a student was struggling with a particular subject or with the class. All but one of the professors I had were wonderful, and did their best to accommodate and offer extra help or advice. The students, although in their own focus, were friendly, even if you do not know them. I rate my overall experience 5 stars, and recommend this college to any person looking for college or just for fun.
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I've been going to Fullerton community college for about 5 years now and my overall experience has been pretty great. It is really fun to get involved with clubs because you get a chance to meet so many new and interesting individuals. I have always liked the classes I have taken especially with some amazing professors. The one thing I would definitely change about this campus is providing more parking for students.
The campus is small but very welcoming and easy to navigate. I have had some really amazing teachers here. There is plenty of events and lots of student resources.
Fullerton College has good services such as affordable health care on campus, career counseling sessions, and study abroad programs. These services are helpful and help flourish learning in higher education.
Fullerton College is a great community college! They offer many courses that are also accepted by universities. They also have many programs and opportunities to better your experience and increase your chances for transferring. The campus is also extremely close to Downtown Fullerton giving many options for food.
Fullerton college great college. I had great experience. The instructors are nice and helpful. Financial aid office need more experienced staff. Ovarall I had good classes and meet with wonderful instructor at this campass.
It's really nice campus.The professors are so supportive and you can achieve your goal if you study hard.
Fullerton College is the best community College out the there. The professor said and taffy are always so helpful and caring and the courses are amazing. Not to mention, a beautify campus!
Fullerton College has good professors except for one in the music department; who has a doctorate and has been teaching 10 years plus. He should be fire because he intimates students.
Fullerton College is a great place to start your pursuit of higher education. I had many qualified professors who, in my opinion, were better educators than some of the professors I had at a four year institution. The campus is nice, safe, and close to the fun downtown Fullerton area.
My experience was really great there. I meet a lot of new people who helped me and the teachers were nice.
As community colleges are concerned this is by far one of the best I've seen. I attended the college for 3 years and loved my time studying there. The classes I took there were interactive and prepared me for life at a university.
Overall I really like going to Fullerton College. I've met really great professors that care about their students and genuinely want to help them. The Transfer Center is also really helpful and they have great counselors there!
I started going to this school since Summer 2016. It's a beautiful school. I'm glad I choose this school for my first two years of college.
The food is alright the prices are a little overprice for what you are getting
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Its the dopest learing environment
Its the dopest of the doepest school you can go to
I believe they have a great transfer program
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