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I have really enjoyed my time at Fullerton College; it has really change my view of attending community college and the benefits it offers both academically/ financially. The only thing that myself and everyone who attends there would agree that the school needs more parking.
Fullerton College is the first college I have attended since graduating, it has been a great experience plus it is a great cost as opposed to a university. Their athletics are really great. They have a D2 tennis team which I decided to join. The Professors are a great help, they are willing to work with you one on one to help you improve. The food at the cafeteria is at a reasonable price and good! There are quite a few places where you can other than the cafeteria where you can enjoy your food. The cafeteria looks like Hogwarts from Harry Potter whenever you go in, it is spectacular!
The parking us a little busy and chaotic but overall the professors I've had have been amazing. Ive been attending this college for 3 semesters and all of my teachers have been awesome and really good at their job.
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Great school at a low cost. I decided to go to a community college because i couldn't afford a UC or a Cal State. At first it may not be the most appealing school to employers, but two years here will get you the ability to transfer to any other school.
I like Fullerton College for the beautiful landscape, the exquisite teachers and the beyond help counseling staff. Without the counselors I would be tremendously lost on which classes I needed to take in order to transfer and get everything done in a timely matter.
The campus is easy to get around, the buildings are clearly marked nicely paved pathways. They seems to strive to make sure the campus is a safe environment for everybody. Along with sending out e-mails with current updates about activities and events on campus. One major downside would be the parking, at some points in the day parking is almost impossible to find and can take up to an hour to find.
This is my first year at Fullerton College and I absolutely love it. I love that the campus is small and easy to get around. Everyone I've met there so far have been really friendly and helpful. All my professors are very friendly and easy to talk to if you're having any problems in class. They all offer tutoring and after class hours incase you have questions about the class which is very helpful. The only problem I have is with parking. I have classes Mon.-Thurs. starting at 8:30 or 9:30 and it seems to be the busiest hours to find decent parking. I have a parking pass and I still have to park off school campus sometimes.
Fullerton college is great place for students looking to attend a CC with the intent of transferring. They offer great transfer programs and have very helpful counselors who put students on a path towards their desired goal. Only thing that would need improvement is student culture which can be tough to improve at a CC.
I really have enjoyed my last 2 and a half years at fullerton college, not knowing what my major was i decided to go to a community college but throughout these last 2 years i have have amazimg sociology professors who have helped guide me into the field to helping out others and work not for the money but for the satisfaction of knowing that I'm helping change and mold the life of others as i may be an impact to there lives
The Counselors at this school really cares for the student they take their time to explain everything clearly For the student, and the teacher make the students get involved in class which is good for the students to communicate with one and another.
I entered into Fullerton College from Irvine in 2015, not knowing anyone. I quickly made friends through the Transfer Achievement Program, with seeing them in multiple of my "TAP" classes that only we were allowed in. I got more involved in my akamdeics and clubs more than I did in high school. Every professor I have ever had was more than qualified and brought a fresh and new perspective on a subject and in life. This school is not made for your "social life" per se, more for academics and getting to the next level (transferring). I would argue, though, that many do graduate with their AA and end there, which is a viable option for many. Personally, my goal has always been to transfer. I am a psychology major and look forward to helping others (as cliche as that sounds). Everyone has a story and deserve to be heard.
This is going to be my second year attending here and it's quite a good school. It's amazing me to see people from far come to this school which makes me know that this school is good. All the professors I've had are very hard working and tough , so makes it more of a challenge for me , a good challenge. They are very encouraging and motivated me to try my hardest. I wouldn't change anything at this moment.
Great junior college, as it is a sister college with Cypress. Many times you may not get the classes u want at Cypress so Fullerton is an awesome alternative to take . The professors are just awesome as most of them come from Cal States. They do have decent counceling, your just need to know the good from the bad ones. Transfer center is amazing if you ask me, they get you right up going. It's a real nice place to attend because at times it feels like a real small private college. Food is not an issue as downtown fullerton is walking distance. Parking is a headache as there are many spots. Overall I feel like this college and Cypress will prepare you wherever you transfer.
Great staff who put much care and effort into their students' futures. Each professor puts a lot of time into their lectures and lesson plans to properly reach out to each students' minds.
The campus of Fullerton College is so nice. All the teachers that I have had so far love the students, what they are teaching and they love the campus. The only thing I wish they had was more food places on campus. Other than that it's a great CC for one to attend!
It's a really nice campus and you can socialize with other people even with your professors also you can eat on campus.
The professors are very good at teaching but many students don't seem to be engaged. When the professors try to teach, many of the students seemed bored. The overall grades for the classes were not good. Many students seemed to dropped out and/or ditched the classes. The campus is very old but looks cool. It's seems very quite and there isn't lot much excitement upon the college. Their sport teams are very good at sports. I would love to watch them play a baseball game.
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It is pretty average for a community college. A few good things about Fullerton is that the clubs are very involved with students on campus and the school has many amenities for the students. On the down side, parking is very limited and the programs aren't always up to date without keeping the students informed. Something is currently happening with a certificate program I was enrolled in and without telling us, the heads decided not to continue with a new cohort/class the next semester. Many of us had to email several different people to find answers and we didn't receive them. We were told that we would get information about the situation in a year.
I just enrolled in fullerton and so far everything has been going well. I know where my classes are and I've been getting good help.
Lots of resources to help! The campus is great, the classes are great. Definitely will miss this Junior College once I transfer.
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