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Beautiful campus, great student life, amazing teachers! They have a beautiful library; it almost looks like a church. The science building is absolutely gorgeous and is one of my favorite places to be on campus. My favorite teacher is my biology professor.
During the times especially after the election of Donald Trump the school had dedicated to assisting AB540 students. The school has continued to improve in many ways by having the students advocate for what they want or need. Counselors are there to help students to successfuly transfer to a 4 year university weather it be in-state or out-of-state.
I went to fullerton college 10 years ago but did not relate not because of the school but my personal issues with school. I am now back about 10 years later ready to achieve my goal and getting my degree/credentials. i had a fixed mindset when i was younger but Im now ready to embrace my growth mindset to succeed
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Attending Fullerton College, was home away from home. The school always had fun actives going on, and you were able to make friends easily. I loved the fact that they have tutoring centers for all subjects, even one on one tutoring!!!
Wonderfull college. it's a great place to start or continue your higher education. Professors are friendly and helpfull.
My experiences here at Fullerton college has be beneficial in several aspects. the many resource that are offered and a student could use during there time on campus
My name is JP and i changed my academic destiny when i found my passions at Fullerton College. In high school i was not the brightest student. I had average and below average for much of high school and i lost the overall purpose of education and i lost all motivation for. However , at Fullerton College i was able to connect with the right people to shape my educational path and i was inspired by most of the staff and faculty i have met along my way. I am now working on campus and i am able to inspire other students to get involved. I truly love and appreciate what Fullerton College has done for me thus far and even more so, i am glad that Fullerton College is able to reciprocate its thanks for what i am able to give back to the campus.
Fullerton College strives for academic excellence despite being a 2 year community college. The students strive for the best by their hard work ethic, while the professors desire for their students to not only succeed in class, but to have takeways from the class as a whole.
Fullerton College is a beautiful school, very diverse, is very strict on their no smoking policy and has many different classes. I have had my ups and down here but overall the school is good and has lots of places to get free help.
This is a small community college and it served as a stepping stone between high school and a 4 year university for me. I enjoyed my time at FCC because the counselors were the best and the faculty is just overall supportive. It made my two years easy and my transition went seamlessly.
Fullerton College is a great school. Its campus it's pretty big for a junior college, and I have personally always had nice encounters with students there. Everyone, from students to professors, is incredibly nice and respectful. In addition, what I really like about Fullerton College is how many different classes they offer each semester, making it super easy for everyone to get all the classes they need each semester. The cafeteria is also incredible, with so many different options for snacks and healthy lunches. The only thing I would change is perhaps adding another parking structure.
My experience at Fullerton College was remarkable. I was able to continue my education at a place that was so diverse. I felt comfortable, prepared and well guided while attending Fullerton College. I was also able to continue my journey of playing soccer while continuing my education. Not only did I make new friends in the classroom and on the soccer field, I also gained family. My favorite part about Fullerton College is how well organized everything is. They help structure your path of recieving the degree you are striving for. I would not change anything about Fullerton College. Attending Fullerton College was the best decision I ever made.
I honestly really enjoy attending Fullerton College. It has a University vibe to it even though it is 2 year college. All my professors have been very kind and helpful and its easy to get involved!
Fullerton College is quite an enjoyable place with nice students and staff. The campus is overall nice and well kept, although certain vending machines aren't as functional as I'd hope they were. The cafeteria is nice and spacious with good seats and a warm feeling. The food is also quite good as well and they have a nice selection of various drinks. The variety of food though has a bit to be desired, despite its overall good quality. I've had good experiences with my professors and would love to have them again.
The administration is a mess. Some departments like the mathmatics department have very good deans but other departments like music suffers from bad leadership. Furthermore, the president and vice president seems to not care about the school and only their paychecks. If possible, I would give the schol 2.5 stars instead of 3. Other than that, I would say that Fullerton College is a decent pick for your local community college.
Lot of availability for classes. Working along side with counseling to get the classes. Affordable. Great teachers that like to teach.
I really enjoyed being involved with the campus every time I had the chance to be such as being a part of the Sociology Club, finding employment on campus and connecting with amazing professors/faculty members. I had an amazing experience at Fullerton College due to the caring professors that want you to succeed and transfer over to encourage you to pursue a more advanced degree. The food here has always been really good and great prices for students.
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The vibe of the campus is honestly relaxing once you step foot on it. Everyday I had class I didn’t have have this sense of feeling stressed because of the beautiful and serene scene the campus delivers. The professors truly care that you learn and don’t blindly let us soak up information to forget later on. The campus is more than clean— it feels as though no one actually steps foot on it.
Fullerton College is an amazing place with a lot of choice of classes to take. Some teachers are are fun and challenging and they all have high hopes for your performance.
The staff is so professional and are passionate about their job. The teachers have inspired and helped me so much throughout my educational journey. Fullerton College is a wonderful community college and I highly recommend it
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