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The counselors are helpful and the campus is comforting and calm. Everyone I've met is amazing and inspiration. The professors make time for each class as long as the student is willing to learn.
While it's a jc and pretty impacted, it isn't too difficult to get a class you need because if a class is full or you get waitlisted you have the option of enrolling to one of their sister campuses. All but two of the professors I've had have been incredibly passionate about what they teach and very open to help students succeed. It's only two major flaws, it's cafeteria food and parking are easily fixed by it's location. While it's cafeteria serves substandard food thanks to it being provided by the infamous college chain Sodexo there are plenty of restaurants and fast food places near by. It is also near the Fullerton transportation center which allows students to opt out of driving and not having to stress about parking.
I love this place! They offer a variety of programs and classes. I have had amazing professors that help you with any academic issues. The campus is very safe and there are many social clubs to be a part of. It is surrounded by residential neighborhoods, there's a variety of places to eat at, and it is just a walking distance from the campus.
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Wonderful. The campus and staff are there to help you succeed. The most important thing is that when you need the help the staff and the tutors are there to help you. You can always ask for assistance in any area. The school has workshops too so the students can be informed and get involved in certain programs and clubs.
My experience at Fullerton has been great. I have passed through so many obstacles and challenges in life, but over through them, I have learned how to overcome them. Things that I liked at Fullerton junior college is that they provide all the help and resources needed for students to succeed in their studies and they provide you with all of the information necessary in anything in regards to education and academics. Some things that I wish this school should change is to provide more professional development and public speaking workshops.
I wish I would have started college at this school. Couldn't recommend it enough, especially for a Communications students.
What I like about Fullerton College is that they have several tutoring programs set up for students to help them through the year. One thing I would change is more parking spaces.
Fullerton college is and excellent community college to complete your associate's degree. Counselors and teachers are very helpful and will help you achieve your goals.
Fullerton College is a very good place to start your College experience they have really good professors who are always ready to help their students succeed in the College world and most will help you prepare for transfer to a 4 year College and their transfer center is very informative and useful at helping you get all the information right on your transfer paperwork so you don't run into any problems with your transfer.
I have enjoyed my time at Fullerton college. Overall I have learned so much from excellent instructors.
Fullerton College is a great campus with friendly staff willing to help students succeed. They offer plenty of student support centers that are free for students to take advantage of.
Beautiful campus, great student life, amazing teachers! They have a beautiful library; it almost looks like a church. The science building is absolutely gorgeous and is one of my favorite places to be on campus. My favorite teacher is my biology professor.
During the times especially after the election of Donald Trump the school had dedicated to assisting AB540 students. The school has continued to improve in many ways by having the students advocate for what they want or need. Counselors are there to help students to successfuly transfer to a 4 year university weather it be in-state or out-of-state.
I went to fullerton college 10 years ago but did not relate not because of the school but my personal issues with school. I am now back about 10 years later ready to achieve my goal and getting my degree/credentials. i had a fixed mindset when i was younger but Im now ready to embrace my growth mindset to succeed
Attending Fullerton College, was home away from home. The school always had fun actives going on, and you were able to make friends easily. I loved the fact that they have tutoring centers for all subjects, even one on one tutoring!!!
Wonderfull college. it's a great place to start or continue your higher education. Professors are friendly and helpfull.
My experiences here at Fullerton college has be beneficial in several aspects. the many resource that are offered and a student could use during there time on campus
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My name is JP and i changed my academic destiny when i found my passions at Fullerton College. In high school i was not the brightest student. I had average and below average for much of high school and i lost the overall purpose of education and i lost all motivation for. However , at Fullerton College i was able to connect with the right people to shape my educational path and i was inspired by most of the staff and faculty i have met along my way. I am now working on campus and i am able to inspire other students to get involved. I truly love and appreciate what Fullerton College has done for me thus far and even more so, i am glad that Fullerton College is able to reciprocate its thanks for what i am able to give back to the campus.
Fullerton College strives for academic excellence despite being a 2 year community college. The students strive for the best by their hard work ethic, while the professors desire for their students to not only succeed in class, but to have takeways from the class as a whole.
Fullerton College is a beautiful school, very diverse, is very strict on their no smoking policy and has many different classes. I have had my ups and down here but overall the school is good and has lots of places to get free help.
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