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Lot of availability for classes. Working along side with counseling to get the classes. Affordable. Great teachers that like to teach.
I really enjoyed being involved with the campus every time I had the chance to be such as being a part of the Sociology Club, finding employment on campus and connecting with amazing professors/faculty members. I had an amazing experience at Fullerton College due to the caring professors that want you to succeed and transfer over to encourage you to pursue a more advanced degree. The food here has always been really good and great prices for students.
The vibe of the campus is honestly relaxing once you step foot on it. Everyday I had class I didn’t have have this sense of feeling stressed because of the beautiful and serene scene the campus delivers. The professors truly care that you learn and don’t blindly let us soak up information to forget later on. The campus is more than clean— it feels as though no one actually steps foot on it.
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Fullerton College is an amazing place with a lot of choice of classes to take. Some teachers are are fun and challenging and they all have high hopes for your performance.
The staff is so professional and are passionate about their job. The teachers have inspired and helped me so much throughout my educational journey. Fullerton College is a wonderful community college and I highly recommend it
I have a lot of awesome chances to work part time and get experience for my future career. For example, I have been teaching and laboratory assistant for my biology professor. I learnt a lot of new biotech that I've not studied in regular classes
Fullerton college has opened me up to so many new possibilities that I would have never considered before had it not been for my professors and counselors who encouraged me. The opportunities I have received while attending Fullerton are some that have made me fall in love with this campus and their mission for every students success. I was given the opportunity to work on campus and be part of the Puente program which really kept me motivated and excited about continuing classes at Fullerton.
There is a real sense of community and plenty of clubs to join. The professors really care about what they are teaching and are very helpful. There are also so many diverse students and associations to be a part of where anyone can find their place to belong. Our school is also number one in transfers to CSU and UC institutions.
Fullerton College is outstanding. The professors are amazing and they are willing to do whatever is takes to learn the material. The campus is similar to a university and I felt satisfied to have had attended this college. It has prepared me as a better man and a better student. Now, off to a four-year college!
I've had a great experience so far. The classes and the professors have been amazing!

The Natural Sciences Department is great, they really want their students to succeed.
honestly I didn't think much of this school at all because it was a " community college at the end of the day", but once I got to know my professors, I honestly loved this school. My professors her finally made me realize school was important and so were my grades. The cafeteria here is also huge and a great selection of food is included. One main thing for me were the transfer center counselors. They actually advised me and helped decide on what courses I needed to take to apply to transfer and how to transfer, other counsellors at a different college wouldn't really show me the way. Honestly I don't regret being here at all.
I really enjoy the campus because everything is centralized around a small, yet cute quad area and all of the surrounding buildings are architecturally beautiful. The school is very lively in the sense that there’s always people out and about, whether they’re studying, having a snack, or walking to class. The class sizes are small, which is nice because you have the opportunity to interact with professors on a one-to-one basis. Fullerton offers a large plethora of classes that helped me find what I am truly passionate about, and I love the variety of courses. The only thing that I would like to see improved upon is how frequent certain classes are taught, so rather instead of teaching a course every other semester, maybe have it once each semester. But other than that, I’ve truly enjoyed my experience at Fullerton College so far!
Fullerton has amazing staff. Staff is very helpful, are open to any questions or concerns you might have. There are many workshop, programs, and events to gain help for classes. Professors are very easy to talk to, there always willing for students to come by during office hours. The cafeteria is nice, will a variety of choices. Everything about fullerton community college is very positive.
The school is great for those who are thinking about changing their careers or those who want to go back to school later in life than right out of high school. Has a lot of resources and every professor will tell you about the resources on campus.
Fullerton College is one of the best community colleges around southern California. The faculty and staff is super nice and helpful. The look of the campus does have a traditional University feel to it.
This is my first semester in Fullerton college and it has been going so well for a college experience. The teachers provide so much information and help, they even bring to you attention what the school has to offer. They have so many tutors and people going around helping others. the campus is even taken good care of and the guards/ securities are doing an amazing job as well. the library is extremely helpful with all the resources provided.
Fullerton College is swarming of students who are serious about education who thrive academically and socially. There are many active clubs that welcome new members, and the Professors are very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching.
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when I visited I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the atmosphere everyone was friendly and there was no tension it made me feel very comfortable and safe.
I enjoyed some of the Professors there. They are very kind and helpful if you meet the right ones. I would like to see the counseling process change because its very hard to get in touch, make appointments and get the right information
The school could do a better job of keeping students involved. The staff is great but in my experience the professors have missed class more than I have which I do not appreciate when I am paying for my education.
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