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I have not yet started classes with Full Sail, but the conversations I have had with the staff over the phone have been full of important, helpful and useful information.
Full Sail is a scam. No one should enroll unless they want to live the rest of their life in debt for a useless degree.
I am a high school graduate and my first choice was Full Sail. At first I was super excited. I applied and got in, sent in all my paperwork. Yeah, things were going good. But if your looking at this school then you probably know the price tag is pretty large. I thought I would work hard to get some scholarships and make it through. But with the way they break up those scholarships to last you all year it makes that difficult. You need to have a fairly big chunk of cash to start out with. Other than that it's seems like a good school. They provide all you need both on campus and on line. So if you can get the money then this would be a great school.
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My experience so far has been good. The people who work at Full Sail are really nice and easy to talk to.
Full Sail University is a wonderful four-year college. I currently attend online and my current major is Creative Writing for Entertainment. My career advisor has been with me every step of the way throughout my academic year, and my instructors are even better! They're always available if I have any questions or if I need any help. They always make sure that everyone is involved in class discussions and GoTo Meetings. The meetings are fun because we all get together and share our opinions, discuss the work, share our assignments, and the professors make it fun. Whether you're or not you're doing great in class, they always let you know and offer to help you improve. Outside of class are various resources to available to students, such as the library, the writing center,, Safari books, and technical support.
My overall experience has been great so far. The professors are really nice and stay in constant communication. Everyone I've spoken to in the financial aid office is always helpfu. If they don't know they answer they find it or get you in contact with the right person. Enrolling was made easy because of how helpful everyone was and how understanding they were.
Full Sail is such a great school! Everyone is so helpful, and this is the school for you if you want to follow your dreams in any aspect of the entertainment business!
Full Sail is fast paced and a fun school to attend, and I am saying this as a online student! The teachers are always ready to help, when you ask for it and the courses are challenging but enlightening. This school is great and the learning experience is challenging but rewarding.
I love the staff so far. I love everything they provide everything that I need. I wouldn't change anything.
Full Sail is great! The students have no problem helping out struggling classmates, and the teachers actually care about their students. Only thing I would like to see change is scheduling classes to last until the middle night to be changed.
I love how integrated with the industry the college is. It is a deffinite plus that I will be publishing my work for sale before I even graduate.
Excellent college and everybody there is super friendly and happy to help! It's a great program for even online users and the teachers there are always helpful and resourceful.
I really liked it and had an amazing time there. I really enjoyed my time here and i hope to continue to.
Full Sail University is a great school, academic-wise! The instructors know the subject being taught very well. They're always there to help you in any way they can. They push you to do the best that you can, creating professional works of art that you can put in your portfolio. It can be challenging, especially when you're an online student, but the way that each month just focuses on one course really helps with time management. You don't have to worry about two or more classes at once. You can find a way to balance work, school, and home life. Full Sail even has an accelerated program, which has you graduate earlier than a regular college. Now, the only thing that I would say isn't really great about the school is payment. They do charge a very high tuition, and they don't offer many scholarships. If you plan on applying to the school, I would suggest applying for as many of their scholarships as you can the moment you are going through your admission.
Full Sail is one of the best schools i have been to. Everyone there is nice and friendly and always smiling.
Although I have only been an online student at Full Sail University for a week, I already love it! The class that I am currently taking is fun and challenging, the professor is helpful and nice! It's easy to connect with other students too!
I love this school. Its a good university to go to. I cant wait to start going there in the summer/fall. I also like it because I can graduate in 21 months and if I worked hard enough in school, hopefully I'll people to help me get a job right out of college.
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I like that the school is geared towards my degree in music business and their online program is convenient and manageable .
Excellent top industry standard resources, knowledgable professors, and plenty of ways to reach out for assistance when needed. The online program is a bit fast and requires a lot of discipline to keep up with, but for those able to handle the challenge it's very rewarding!
I am in the Mobile Development program. I am learning a lot, but the classes are very intense. There is so much work to do in such a short period of time that I do not have time to do anything else. I spend every minute that I'm awake doing school work.
Full Sail University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), and is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE), Florida Department of Education. For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, please click here. Click here for Privacy Policy.
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