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Full Sail is a creative fantastic school. It enables the creative student to for new heights as they learn and develop their skills.
Full Sail University is different and that made it perfect for me. The representative i talked to was super perky and polite and made my college stress melt away. My bachelors degree can be done in two and a half years, how cool is that? Im doing my degree from home in a different state (theres no in state or out of state tuition) which suits me while i work 50+ hours a week. My experience has been nothing but bliss, love this school and everything they've done for me.
you will learn so much..the hands on experience is worth the price alone..but make sure you are the best because getting a job after is very hard.
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Full Sail is very diverse and has a different way of teaching. I like it but its extremely fast paced even with a extended version.
Full Sail is a college that will make sure you’re ready for the real world. They won’t let you leave until they know you are fully prepared and equipped with the information and knowledge you need for your degree program.
I love full sail so far it has everything that I want but, they should at least put some actual instruments in the class rooms.
I start my first year at full sail next week. So as far as academics and the on campus experience, I can not give an accurate rating. However, the online program and the easy access to all it has to offer, makes me confident in my ability to get my degree much earlier than I imagined!
As an online student, I felt the subject matter did not cover topics deeply enough. The Instructors were fairly un involved and took a considerable amount of time to answer questions. The on campus programs are much more worth your time.
I currently attend and I couldn't be happier. Everyone at this university is always positive and everyone is really nice. The professors are also very knowledgeable and they know what they are doing. They always give you advice for when you go out to work and they make it an enjoyable experience.
I started Full Sail about six months ago and I did not know what to expect. I had been out of school for some years. The staff made me feel great about getting back in school. My team leader called me once a week to make sure I was doing fine. The teachers are very great. They make sure you as a student have a full understanding and if you do not they are willing to help. They are a great support system to have. Over all this was a great school for me cause I can still have my normal life.
More information about the tuition. Full sail university needs to provide more information. Full sail university is a good school.
Your advisors are there ever step of the way. They even help you find the right course your looking for even if your unsure. The lunchbox is also very helpful for people who cant afford the tools they need for the class they're wanting to take. The scheduling is easy and flexible for even a full time employee and mom.
Very helpful student support. I'm fairly new so I don't have a lot to comment on but so far is good.
The staff is so helpful and the students are as well. They focus on one particular class a month to give you the best chance at actually learning the basics and the importance of each curriculum.
What I like about Full Sail University is that everyday is a surprise! By that I mean one minute I'm in class taking notes the next I'm getting a lecture from Beyonce's music producer. I don't think that any other school can do that and still be able to teach. Another thing that I like about Full Sail is that every February we have a week off to honer previous graduates from the school on there achievements. Most of the graduates helped create top movies that we love like Wolverine,Solo,Black Panther,Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy. Overall I don't think that I would change anything about my school its perfect the way it is and there is still more to explore at Full Sail.
Was a great for online students, and I highly recommend for any degree that you may be interested in.
Full Sail has proven to be the only college that taps into who I am. My skills are improved upon and the education is topnotch. Online can be hard, but they make it possible to dream and accomplish your goals.
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My experience with Full Sail university so far has been great everyone is very respectful and will help you with anything you need while taking the time out their day. I really don't know the college like that but from my knowledge i don't think this university don't need a change.
Accelerated programs, but academic and financial advisors are difficult to reach and are not very proactive when it comes to assisting students throughout the course of their education.
I like that Full Sail University communication is efficient with there students. They make sure that your doing what your suppose to do and that they call you if you didn't complete something that needed to be completed. I like that they gave me all the information I needed and they helped me pair with a program that best fits me so I can be successful in my career.
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