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Full Sail University is amazing overall. There are a lot of negative reviews out there from people who could not commit to the work. I am in the online BA program and it is a lot of work but you learn so much. You also get a four year degree in only two and a half years and jump into your industry of choice.
So far I am loving my time at Full Sail University. Overall I have had a pretty good experience. The only thing I would change is wanting to get grades faster. Some professors are faster than others, but I wish there were a quicker method for this.
My experience was one of the best experience i had talking to a college/university.Full Sail university tried to help with my care showed me what is the best planed for me showing me how one care can be a good thing for me in the long ran other then trying to get two different major.
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I want to attend this prestigious entertainment production school. When you have completed the programs alloted you are able to continue reeduating yourself on campus or on line for the rest of your life.
I love how this school, from the orientation to the launch team! Very helpful staff, and a super chill admissions team. This will make my major super fun! Is the University I dreamed of and I know that they will help achieve those dreams
I love full sail university online. The classes are amazing. I like my teachers. When you have a question the teachers get back to you really quick. They also understand if you have a disability unlike a lot of other colleges.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time so far at Full Sail University. The advisement team is supportive and willing to make sure you are setup for success in your program. The degree program I am enrolled in is very challenging compared to previous post high school education. The classes are very involved and often require working together will fellow students. I believe this school does an excellent job of preparing you for pursuing a position in your field after graduation. One area for improvement is the faculty is not always very prompt at providing grades and feedback on work submitted. Also, professors do not always respond to student inquiries in a timely or professional manner.
I enjoyed my online experience with Full Sail but I'm looking forward to the on campus life. I am looking forward to seeing what the campus life in Florida is like, the chemistry of the students and teachers in the actual class rooms.
Full Sail University was a great experience as I learned a lot in a short period of time. It was a very positive experience.
So far I got said that full sail has been the best school I have attended and the experience is been magical , the teachers and staff are dedicated to the success off every student and the support giving by them to each off us is fantastic, I cloudnt have pick a better place to study.
Super amazing, the staff are very helpful, and anytime you have a problem with homework the teachers are always very willing to help.
So far my experience with the university has been great. They are patient and they don't mind helping me with any question that I may have
I have not yet started classes with Full Sail, but the conversations I have had with the staff over the phone have been full of important, helpful and useful information.
Full Sail is a scam. No one should enroll unless they want to live the rest of their life in debt for a useless degree.
I am a high school graduate and my first choice was Full Sail. At first I was super excited. I applied and got in, sent in all my paperwork. Yeah, things were going good. But if your looking at this school then you probably know the price tag is pretty large. I thought I would work hard to get some scholarships and make it through. But with the way they break up those scholarships to last you all year it makes that difficult. You need to have a fairly big chunk of cash to start out with. Other than that it's seems like a good school. They provide all you need both on campus and on line. So if you can get the money then this would be a great school.
My experience so far has been good. The people who work at Full Sail are really nice and easy to talk to.
Full Sail University is a wonderful four-year college. I currently attend online and my current major is Creative Writing for Entertainment. My career advisor has been with me every step of the way throughout my academic year, and my instructors are even better! They're always available if I have any questions or if I need any help. They always make sure that everyone is involved in class discussions and GoTo Meetings. The meetings are fun because we all get together and share our opinions, discuss the work, share our assignments, and the professors make it fun. Whether you're or not you're doing great in class, they always let you know and offer to help you improve. Outside of class are various resources to available to students, such as the library, the writing center,, Safari books, and technical support.
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My overall experience has been great so far. The professors are really nice and stay in constant communication. Everyone I've spoken to in the financial aid office is always helpfu. If they don't know they answer they find it or get you in contact with the right person. Enrolling was made easy because of how helpful everyone was and how understanding they were.
Full Sail is such a great school! Everyone is so helpful, and this is the school for you if you want to follow your dreams in any aspect of the entertainment business!
Full Sail is fast paced and a fun school to attend, and I am saying this as a online student! The teachers are always ready to help, when you ask for it and the courses are challenging but enlightening. This school is great and the learning experience is challenging but rewarding.
Full Sail University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), and is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE), Florida Department of Education. For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, please click here. Click here for Privacy Policy.
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