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Full Sail is fast paced and a fun school to attend, and I am saying this as a online student! The teachers are always ready to help, when you ask for it and the courses are challenging but enlightening. This school is great and the learning experience is challenging but rewarding.
I love the staff so far. I love everything they provide everything that I need. I wouldn't change anything.
Full Sail is great! The students have no problem helping out struggling classmates, and the teachers actually care about their students. Only thing I would like to see change is scheduling classes to last until the middle night to be changed.
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I love how integrated with the industry the college is. It is a deffinite plus that I will be publishing my work for sale before I even graduate.
Excellent college and everybody there is super friendly and happy to help! It's a great program for even online users and the teachers there are always helpful and resourceful.
I really liked it and had an amazing time there. I really enjoyed my time here and i hope to continue to.
Full Sail University is a great school, academic-wise! The instructors know the subject being taught very well. They're always there to help you in any way they can. They push you to do the best that you can, creating professional works of art that you can put in your portfolio. It can be challenging, especially when you're an online student, but the way that each month just focuses on one course really helps with time management. You don't have to worry about two or more classes at once. You can find a way to balance work, school, and home life. Full Sail even has an accelerated program, which has you graduate earlier than a regular college. Now, the only thing that I would say isn't really great about the school is payment. They do charge a very high tuition, and they don't offer many scholarships. If you plan on applying to the school, I would suggest applying for as many of their scholarships as you can the moment you are going through your admission.
Full Sail is one of the best schools i have been to. Everyone there is nice and friendly and always smiling.
Although I have only been an online student at Full Sail University for a week, I already love it! The class that I am currently taking is fun and challenging, the professor is helpful and nice! It's easy to connect with other students too!
I love this school. Its a good university to go to. I cant wait to start going there in the summer/fall. I also like it because I can graduate in 21 months and if I worked hard enough in school, hopefully I'll people to help me get a job right out of college.
I like that the school is geared towards my degree in music business and their online program is convenient and manageable .
Excellent top industry standard resources, knowledgable professors, and plenty of ways to reach out for assistance when needed. The online program is a bit fast and requires a lot of discipline to keep up with, but for those able to handle the challenge it's very rewarding!
I am in the Mobile Development program. I am learning a lot, but the classes are very intense. There is so much work to do in such a short period of time that I do not have time to do anything else. I spend every minute that I'm awake doing school work.
Everything has been really well explained, and any and all questions I've had have always been answered in a timely manner.
During my time at Full Sail University I cant't say that I have anything to complain about. Although the program is rigorous as far as scheduling and prioritizing your outside life, it is a definitely a top notch learning environment. Teachers, administration, security and every other department at the university all seem to be on the same page and are all committed to making sure all the students have to do is show up and learn. I will soon be enrolling again to finish my bachelors degree program and have never been more excited about anything.
Full Sail is an excellent school. They definitely push NETWORKING, which is great. However, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Nevertheless, the instructors I've had so far have been very human, very down to earth people who know their industry.
So far, my experience at Full Sail University is a wonderful experience that I couldn't imagine myself having at any other school. The students on campus are pretty friendly and open to networking, and so are the instructors.
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I loved my experience at Full Sail University. I received my Associates degree online in Audio Production and am in the process of pursuing my Bachelor's degree there as well. Most of the assignments for each course is structured accordingly to help you achieve your ultimate goal.
Full Sail is a great school if you are more focused on getting your degree done right away. Most classes are focused directly on your degree, but can be very difficult since you only have a month in a class.
I am actually attending online so I can only speak on off campus . In my opinion online is very beneficial to me because I have a lot of everyday activities to do and still I'm able to have time for my education. For the most part the professors have went above and beyond making sure the lesson is understood and a welcoming hand for assistance if needed.
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