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I am in the Mobile Development program. I am learning a lot, but the classes are very intense. There is so much work to do in such a short period of time that I do not have time to do anything else. I spend every minute that I'm awake doing school work.
Everything has been really well explained, and any and all questions I've had have always been answered in a timely manner.
During my time at Full Sail University I cant't say that I have anything to complain about. Although the program is rigorous as far as scheduling and prioritizing your outside life, it is a definitely a top notch learning environment. Teachers, administration, security and every other department at the university all seem to be on the same page and are all committed to making sure all the students have to do is show up and learn. I will soon be enrolling again to finish my bachelors degree program and have never been more excited about anything.
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Full Sail is an excellent school. They definitely push NETWORKING, which is great. However, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Nevertheless, the instructors I've had so far have been very human, very down to earth people who know their industry.
So far, my experience at Full Sail University is a wonderful experience that I couldn't imagine myself having at any other school. The students on campus are pretty friendly and open to networking, and so are the instructors.
I loved my experience at Full Sail University. I received my Associates degree online in Audio Production and am in the process of pursuing my Bachelor's degree there as well. Most of the assignments for each course is structured accordingly to help you achieve your ultimate goal.
Full Sail is a great school if you are more focused on getting your degree done right away. Most classes are focused directly on your degree, but can be very difficult since you only have a month in a class.
I am actually attending online so I can only speak on off campus . In my opinion online is very beneficial to me because I have a lot of everyday activities to do and still I'm able to have time for my education. For the most part the professors have went above and beyond making sure the lesson is understood and a welcoming hand for assistance if needed.
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I really enjoy this school, the staff and administration are goal driven for your success. What I really would love to see change big time, is online students get a monthly free round trip plane ticket to the campus for hands on learning & lectures. Also included in this package is a special document that the students employer must agree to excuse the student from work the next couple of days for educational purposes. I believe with this advantage some online students would strive for success to get a chance to see their instructors and peers communicating in person.
Full Sail University is a school unlike any other. The school offers courses in multiple media forms such as Film, music, and video games. Their professors are industry professionals who teach the most modern methods in all of these fields. The campus is quite beautiful, situated in the quiet side of Orlando, Winter Park, Florida. The campus is very updated and modern. While there is no on campus housing, there are multiple apartment buildings next door. These apartments are very nice and cost efficient. This university is one of the most unique schools in the world.
At Full Sail University, everyone truly believes in you and your dream. Every student takes a chance coming to an entertainment school but here we do not feel like we are competing because everyone truly cares about everyone. All of the professors take time at the beginning of class to ask where they want to be in a few years, why, because they care. They care to know who we are and where we want to go and they will help us every step of the way to get us there.
I am about to attend this college and I was impressed from the beginning after talking to an advisor. I love that it is not a traditional college.
the school was a very nice school to visit it was amazing to be there i was happy and was hoping to attend the school. for the most part i love the hands on base work to understand more about the way the machine works and how to change the way it is being use. the biggest thing i would changes is to much money the student need to attend the school, i feel that it is a lot of money to go. however i do think that if you want to make your dreams come truth you need to have the mind set to follow your dreams.
So far Full Sail has been great love meeting new people and learning what it takes to be a game developer. It's been a wonderful experience here the only flaw would be how they have their networking and scheduling class. For me sometimes it a challenge to go to networking events due to how full sail gets new students every month and sometimes there aren't enough people to participate. There are times where the school will mess up our schedules and sometimes put us in the wrong class.
I was incredibly excited to enroll at Full Sail University a year after I graduated high school. No other college's Show Production program could even compare to that of Full Sail's because of how unique it is. Other colleges, from personal experience, did not offer Show Production in regards to concerts and touring. I feel as though Full Sail really prepares its students for the real world. However, I felt like the Show Production curriculum was focused on audio more than any other aspect of the industry. I completely understand the value of learning audio; it is a science within itself. I have found my love for video within our live labs and classes but felt like there was not enough information on it. I would have liked to have seen video and lighting get the same attention as we gave to audio.
Very effective and hands on approach with there students, they are attentive. Through the whole application process I have received unbelievable support and valued advice and guidance
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A very good school. The professors and staff are very helpful, and willing to help a student with almost anything.
What I like about Full Sail the most is that is very catered to what I want to do in my career and what will help along that path. I always thought college wasn't for me because I thought it was basically just high school again; I would have to take classes that have nothing to do with what I want to do and I would struggle. Full Sail though is exactly what I need when it comes to school; focus on what I want to do.
At first, I did not know what to expect from Full Sail. As time has gone by, I don't regret my choice of studying here. The professors are all great! The admissions office works with you to make sure one gets in. Same with the financial office. They even help you with a lot of scholarships that are available to all the students for tuition expenses not covered by financial aid. In fact, I have been awarded with some scholarships that have enable me to continue with my education. I'm more than grateful!
Full Sail University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), and is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE), Florida Department of Education. For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, please click here. Click here for Privacy Policy.
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