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Current online student. Being on campus is where it's at. Very top of the line facilities if you have the opportunity to be on campus. Online can seem difficult at times because you need to keep on top of your assignments on your own. Classes are 1 month in length with very small breaks all year round until you're done with your degree. Highly recommended school, but be prepared to work hard and run into some challenges along the way.
Full Sail is a university that you only get what you put in. It's an accelerated program, in which you get your degree in 20 months, but if you just go home after class, you're definitely not getting what you pay for. The academics are pretty bland and pretty brief. While Full Sail may not have super hard classes, they definitely get you the networking you need in order to succeed. They bring in guest speakers and alumni who work in the industry and I’ve had people look at my work and give me feedback from design companies who’ve work with Jet Blue and Orlando International Airport, and well as gotten to talk with grads who is vice president of media distribution at HBO. You have to go above and beyond to truly be successful at Full Sail, and if you can’t dedicate 40+ hours a week, Full Sail may not be the place for you.
Staff is very helpful great military supportive programs every time i call for help someone is available IT staff are knowledgeable. My only issue is they only have one campus across the united states and for students who can't travel it sucks to be able to get in a professional studio on campus.
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I am in the beginning stages of enrollment for Full Sail University. As a 27 year old man who finally knows what he wants to do with this life, Full Sail University has the exact program I want and will equip me with the tools I need to become a successful business-minded individual in the Music Industry.
the people their are really nice and willing to help with anything you need right on the spot. Also call you everyday to make sure everything is going smoothly.
I love Full Sail, they offer so many wonderful opportunities for their students and alum. Helping students stay connected to their field of study and giving students the chance to meet contacts in their industries as well.
Awesome place to make connections you just have to apply yourself to all the events and the assignments. For most of my assignments, I make sure I relate them to the type of projects I do. The food is alright but there are a few good places that are near and on campus. Everything is really expensive tho so save up and apply for multiple scholarships. Really close to a lot of fun attractions in Orlando like Universal, and Disney. The campus is small so it's easy to find your way around and won't take long to find where almost everything is.
Orlando is a very open city with a surprisingly amount of activities to participate in. It is very wide and open and you will need some kind of transportation in order to get around the city with ease. I enjoy the fact that it is slow paced and you are able to enjoy of the natural scenery that it can provide. There is a lot of food options you will be able to choose from. I enjoy different and high qualities of food so that is one aspect i really enjoy. Despite the wide and large area of Orlando there are a lot of homes and communities so being able to find somewhere to live should be no problem. yet one downfall can be the cost of living. The cost of living in Orlando can become very pricey.
I'd recommend Full Sail to anyone seeking an artistic and intellectual challenge. It is for people who like fast pace academics. The classes are challenging and involve a lot of self-proficiency. You are expected to try to solve issues before enquiring someone else to help you. A lot of people drop out in the starting months because they can't handle the pressure. But, if you're committed, passionate, and manage your time well, it will be a challenging but fulfilling experience. I started my Game Art degree when I was 17. I am now 19 and 7 months away from graduation.
Full Sail has great professors and amazing atmosphere on campus and online. I was an online student who went to the school for graduation and I was very impressed. Amazing school!
Full Sail is definitely not for your typical student. However, if you are serious about entering a career in the Entertainment Industry then this is the perfect place to start. I will be graduating from Full Sail University with my B.S in Entertainment Business and I know I will be that much closer to a successful career in this industry because of all that I've learned along with the helpful staff at this school. As with any school you truly get what you put into it, therefore you MUST be involved with the school outside of your classes. Whether you're an online or campus student there are many ways to use all of Full Sail's resources. There are daily workshops and seminars available to both the online and campus students that include guests speakers from many facets of the industry. You have numerous opportunities to learn but it is an extremely fast-paced program which can take away from truly learning a subject. You must be a self-starter to succeed at this school.
I love attending Full Sail I am about to graduate next year & they have done all they can to make sure that I am able to graduate on time.
Full Sail has exposed me to many opportunities in the field that I will be in. I have learned so much and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about my major. Also, when I was having financial troubles, Full Sail worked with me to keep me in school and made sure that I stayed on top of mt courses.
I like the schedule, teachers, and curriculum at Full Sail University. It is, overall, a great school.
Full Sail University is the kind of place where you feel accepted.Its where you go knowing maybe nothing about a certain industry and you get out of there not wanting to leave and with the satisfaction of wanting to more.
The school don't have tutors for grad students who have learning disabilities
Students do receive their final grade until there next month's class.
Going to Fullsail University has been the most rewarding experience. Considering I knew nothing about video game design and have come as far as I have in the last 11 months.
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Hey name trevon by the way, I'm currently enrolled and finishing my 1St semester and proceeded well. Been very taskful and helped with alot stressful planning. I've recently cosigned with a business and it's been truly consuming with time management. Also to end this segment I have no correction with full sail university everything has layed together perfectly so thankful for the opportunity to have this survey.
I’ve enjoyed this school a lot. From its curriculum and supportive staff, this school is bringing a great way for me to further my education. I’m an online student, so some things on this list were not applicable. I also enjoy the benefits of being a student, even after I graduate. Full Sail offers many ways to help out a student or graduate.
This was my first modules but the staff and professors went the extra mile to make sure I adjusted to my first module well.
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