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The online programs are very easy to understand. I haven't experienced any problems so far that couldn't be fixed. The teachers and students are very nice and are always willing to help.
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So far, I am really loving this school and all the programs and information they have to offer. I officially start classes on November 20th and am very excited!
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I haven't gone, yet. My attendance date is in March of 2018, but from the BTS Tour: I can tell that school is gonna be my home away from home.
I don't believe anything needs to change. I am learning so much from this school and am very satisfied with my results so far. I have had a few hard classes but I am still learning a lot. The instructors have been so helpful and deliver feedback when needed, good or bad.
This university is unique.

Unlike other university, Full sail drives all courses into concentration, for example: if you're studying music production and you're taking math class, Full Sail would teach you math inside the music production, not in the generic way (like most universities do)

Another way I love this university there's 24 hr access to hands on tools. the campus is open to their student giving you access to everything you need to exceed in your studies.
I enjoyed Full Sail a lot! It was a great place to learn quick. I was able to get my bachelors in 20 months. I enjoyed my professors and classmates! It was nice being surrounded by like minded individuals. If I could give any future students any advice, it would be to get involved. There is a lot of things happening there. I recommending using your free time to get on projects, meet people, and network!
There online classes are great and teachers are great and really supported by the way they handle themselves
I think that this is a awesome school to pursue your dreams, I like everything about full sail university and I recommend this school to everybody...
From what I've experienced so far Full Sail is amazing, and the professors give you the tools you need to exceed.
I cannot believe the lack of professionalism & care for students that I have witnessed as my friend has tried to enroll with your school.
You have constantly told her "let me reach out to someone that can help you" "they are not available you can leave a message & they will get back to you"

You do not even appear to care if a student even enrolls with you.
25 days ago, she started the process as of 9-2-17, she has not started class. She has provided everything you requested. Yet you keep giving her the runaround.
You are running this college so much like a business you seem to have forgotten who pays your checks- THE STUDENT!

I attend an online school & my experience has been so positive and different than the mess you have put my friend through.
I am happy to say I convinced her today to start the entry process @ another college (not the one I go to) & already they have treated her better & been more helpful in 1 interaction then Full Sail has been in the whole 25 days.
The faculty is heavily invested in your personal successes. I've never had an administration team work so hard to make it possible for me to attend school.

The facilities are beautiful. They have gone out of their way to create special access to top industry equipment.
Loved it! You can learn everything about the entertainment business at this college. The atmosphere is amazing!
I'm currently a student at Full Sail University, 3-year program for a bachelor's in Audio Production. Since I take my courses online, it's easier for me to manage my time and communication with my teachers are easy. Either via-email or direct message through the site. Since I'm in an accelerated program, the curriculum is very challenging. But, I am learning a lot. My Favorite class so far is Fundamentals of Music, which is where they teach you to read music and identify notes on a staff.
I am currently a Junior going for my Bachelors Degree in Game Design. I have loved the ride since beginning last year January. Sure the work load can be hefty at times, but I love doing what I do, so therefore I can look past it and enjoy the learning experience. I'm also an online student for those asking in an accelerated program. All in all, I have met some amazing people here who also have the same ideals in mind about the gaming industry, and almost all of the Professors are rooting you on while you progress genuinely interested in you succeeding.
So far my experience with full sail has been great! The staff has been incredibly helpful through out the enrollment process and financial aid process aswell.
Full Sail University is amazing overall. There are a lot of negative reviews out there from people who could not commit to the work. I am in the online BA program and it is a lot of work but you learn so much. You also get a four year degree in only two and a half years and jump into your industry of choice.
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So far I am loving my time at Full Sail University. Overall I have had a pretty good experience. The only thing I would change is wanting to get grades faster. Some professors are faster than others, but I wish there were a quicker method for this.
My experience was one of the best experience i had talking to a college/university.Full Sail university tried to help with my care showed me what is the best planed for me showing me how one care can be a good thing for me in the long ran other then trying to get two different major.
I want to attend this prestigious entertainment production school. When you have completed the programs alloted you are able to continue reeduating yourself on campus or on line for the rest of your life.
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