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Overall this is a real good university. Located in the mountains of western Maryland. The area is rich with recreation in the summer and winter.
There is a lot of potential.. The diversity is there, but no one is linking the diverse students together. Sure they're represented by various organizations, but no one really listens to each other. everyone hangs out with there "crew." There are not a lot of ways for people to kind of mix and mingle.
Transferred here in my sophomore year and haven't looked back since. The dorms are okay, but there are a few renovations and a new building in the works. The professors I have had were all great; really attentive and listen to what you need. The classes are about 25-30 students for average classes. I was a ENV major so many of my classes had about 15 students on average. The cafe is pretty cool and a great place to meet new people. There are always events going on too, so you will never get bored. The town of Frostburg is pretty small but there is a lot to do if you are willing to look. The Allegany bus service is always willing to take you places free of charge as a student as well. Some advice: go out there and have fun, but if you're a bit introverted like myself, no one will judge you or force you out your comfort zone either. All in all, I had a pretty good experience and will definitely miss Frostburg when I leave.
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My experience at Frostburg State University has actually been a lot better than I have rated the actual school. At this university, I have made relationships that will last decades, learned more than I ever have in my life, and I found a second home in this school. From orientation on, everyone is accepting of new students with open arms. This school makes everyone feel welcomed and that comforting feeling is the reason why people stay at Frostburg for all fours years. The food could be a little better and some of the dorms are sub-par, but us students, made the most of what we were given at this school. As far as academics, there are a few professors that you can tell care little to none about the education of students. But they are outweighed by the professors who would do anything to see their students succeed. Athletics at Frostburg were amazing. I swam for the swim team at the university and if I could do it all again, I would in a heart beat.
Frostburg State is a small school with not much to do outside school and school activities. I was an engineering student, and the engineering department there, did not have lots of teachers. But the advantage of a small school with a small mount of teachers is the amount of interaction that can take place between teachers an students. Compared to a bigger school, it is more personal. With a more personal interaction, for some of the classes, there was better teaching. For the other classes, the teaching was sub par at best, and could be improved. Overall, most teachers care a lot about your college career, and will help you out any way they can.
It's a nice campus. good for people that want to be isolated, very rural. mix of great instructors and average instructors. some 100 level courses are actually harder than the higher level ones. the food isn't the best, you definitely get tired of it after a while. I've been here for almost 3 years, would reccommend as a school to start your first two or finish your last two, but all 4 could be draining and youll likely spend more time than intended. not all advisors are the most helpful, but some are amazing.
THis school isn't really anyone's first choice most of us end up here.
I really liked the atmosphere of the campus. It’s surrounded my mountains and feels like a breath of fresh air being up there. Being on a athletic team there is very fun! We are just a big family! The academic side of the school is very good and understanding. The professors there want you to succeed and are very understanding about what people need on campus. It would be nice if the different clubs on campus would advertise more and make it more interactive for students to join. I didn’t really get to see all the options of all the clubs they have at school. Overall it’s a very nice place to get some fresh air, meet new people, have fun, and be academically excellent!
I love Frostburg! My teachers have been great, and the experience has been great as well! My only concern is the quality of the dorms. My dorm consistently had leaks coming from the bathroom upstairs and on my roommates side of the room, a huge crack developed over her bed. Frostburg seriously needs to make more investments in student housing.
I enjoy the other students here at FSU. The staff and professors are very welcoming and the culture is inclusive. The only thing I do not like is the distance from a big city.
Frostburg State University is fairly low in price, as far as college tuition goes. My experience here so far as been fairly good, but the housing in many of the dorms need remodeling or general repairs. Frostburg is a smaller school and therefor offers many smaller sized classes that allow you to get to know our professors one on one.
Frostburg State University is in an area where those who attend the University, will have to be creative and come up with something to do. However, once you find something, it sticks. I make what I can of Frostburg. When you do it is not bad. The campus size is in between small and medium. It it just right. Personally, Frostburg State University on campus is somewhat diverse. Although, outside of the university, it may seem other wise. The academics are average. In certain majors classes, the professor teach the topic well. In others, not so much. Overall, the school is well. I have made a family here. The university gave me the experience of college that I wanted.
As I plan to attend VSU, I have a lot of positive things to say about the university. Their campus is very welcoming, and is becoming more updated. The campus has a lot to offer, with their majors, sports, and organizations, it's just an overall amazing place to get your education. The dorm halls are as good as they get. Of course they're small but there is not much that they can do about that. They offer all types of advisers that will help you with guidance with your classes in order to get the credits you need.
I went on a campus tour. I like the location and the assessability to everything that I will need. dorm rooms look clean everything close by for my personal needs. Lunch area looked inviting, plenty of places to go to study. Shuttle bus to take you to the different buildings on and off site.
An affordable traditional college with a diverse and accepting campus population. Great sports teams and many academic and non-academic clubs.
I like the diversity of Frostburg State University and how well into getting active students are with different groups and organizations to make changes to themselves and others.
I am in love with Frostburg State University. I came here in order to be away from home but too far.
I love Frostburg, it's my other home. I hate the cold, but you deal with it after a while. It's a cheap school and a great school. There's nothing to do outside of campus but they have so many events and so many organizations that there's always something to do and there's a place for everyone.
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Frostburg is a pretty decent school; the classes are easy to get, there's a decent honors program, everything is accessible by bus, and if you're looking for a small town atmosphere, it's a good college for you.
Frostburg is a great school for students to attend coming straight out of high school. It helps students get adapted to college life very easy and the professors here are great and love working with the students. The professors here want their students to succeed. The only downside is that students do end up transferring to bigger and better universities about one or two years.
The class sizes are very small which is good. Maybe my biggest classes consist of 20-25 people which really allows the professors to interact with everyone. Professors are great and really want you to exceed. The campus life is okay with limited to do and the food is not the greatest either.
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