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its cheap, first off, like its very affordable and the people here, campus workers, students, ect. everyones not terribly standoffish theyre pretty friendly and willing to help out. as a poc student im comfortable on campus but sometimes, rarely, youll face ignorance or two. that's something the school doesnt tolerate so you feel safe, the police are always canvasing to help you out and keep the streets safe for people who are intoxicated, potential rape victims in an incident. it's a really nice place for being pretty isolated so to speak because it is- in the mountains. love it here. ♥
The school as a whole i do not have much complaints about.
There is are good sized classes,not to big but also not too small.
The school is nice and offer a lot of help as far as tutoring, class sizes are tiny and people here are relaxed so overall my university is good
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A very small school with not much to do off-campus. To make your time more enjoyable it would be good to become more involved by meeting new people, joining Greek life or different clubs.
It is a nice small school in the Appalachian mountains. The academics are pretty average but it is had to find internships in the area depending on your major.
The feeling of having a home away from home that wasn't too far away, everyone is family. My first time at frostburg state on my college tour we pulled up to the entrance and then, i knew that was home.
I loved my first semester at Frostburg. All of the campus resources made my semester a breeze and I really learned alot. I also made the deans list!
What I loved about FSU is that there is not a lot of distraction in the area. I am someone that get distracted easily. The school is located in a small time with nothing to do, which leaves you with no choice but to focus on your education.
Small community, really friendly and helpful. Rolling admission which is really nice, the campus is really cute too.
I just finished my freshman year here at Frostburg State University and I loved it. Compared to the other colleges I applied to and looked at Frostburg honestly felt like home when I first stepped foot on the campus for a tour last year. The feeling of home has just grown since then over my year attending Frostburg. Even though I love my campus there are still some things I would improve to make the university better, the first thing being food at Cafe. Honestly compared to the other colleges I have visited Frostburg's Cafe is one of the worst food I have had Honestly I try not to go there because there have been a few times I have gotten sick after eating there, I'm not sure if its the food or the way the food is cooked. Other than the food everything else is great; there are a lot of organizations and clubs you can get involved in on campus. Greek life is great, I'm not in it but I know many people who are who love it. Finally the connections you make last a lifetime.
I have only attended Frostburg State University for 1 year, and my experience through this time has been great. The professors at Frostburg want you to succeed and excel at the profession that you are studying for. The social environment is very diverse with many different cultures meshed into one concentrated area. The food options at Frostburg are generally the same as any other 4-year University ( Cafeteria, Chic-fil-a, Subway, etc.), while providing some close but off campus dining options as well.
Frostburg is a very good school. Its perfect for those who enjoy having fun but when its time to buckle down and do work its a very easy transition. The environment is great and its just a all around good experience.
Frostburg State University is a very open college that excepts people of all different races. This college has a lot of opportunities to help students achieve to their fullest potential. There is without certainty tat Frostburg has more to offer you then just its activities around campus. They also provide many helpful that go out their to make sure you can have a great school year.
Frostburg is a great school overall.The only downfall is the location of the campus.If you want to go somewhere you will need a car.There's not a lot places within walking distance at all.
Frostburg is somewhat isolated from a lot of places, so it's not as much of a fun campus. On the other hand, there are quite a few activities on campus for students to attend so that it won't be so boring. As far as academics, a lot of the teachers show that they care about their students as well as wanting them to succeed.
I love it there! The atmosphere is so pleasant, and I think that all people no matter race, ethnicity, or gender will definitely be able to accommodate to this school. A school that feels just like home.
I honestly feel the best thing about Frostburg State is the instructors and professors. I think the policies are a weird and they have some really odd rules on campus that I think are annoying. I also find the the town of Frostburg which surrounds the university has some weird laws against skateboarding, and with me being a skateboarder this can be a small problem. outside of those issue I find the school to be a pleasant place to pursue higher education.
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My overall experience at Frostburg State University has been ok. I would like to see improvements in the residence halls as well or more events for students. Furthermore, I would like to see recycling initiated in the surrounding community.
I like this college a lot. there are many things wrong with this school, but many things right also. I think this college gives you a wide range of abilities to do many many things across many fields. there sports are good, they have great activities around campus for everyone.

There are a lot of really tough professors here, even in easy classes or classes that are suppose to be very easy. They just really lack the skill to teach a class correctly. Even though there are a lot a hard professors there are just as many great ones. Professors that make there classes fun, and easy to learn while giving you many chances to make up for what you miss.
What I like about Frostburg State University is how diverse the school is compared to other schools. Frostburg has many different cultures, types of people, races, and the school allows and pushes everyone to be themselves.
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