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Frostburg is a very good school. Its perfect for those who enjoy having fun but when its time to buckle down and do work its a very easy transition. The environment is great and its just a all around good experience.
Frostburg State University is a very open college that excepts people of all different races. This college has a lot of opportunities to help students achieve to their fullest potential. There is without certainty tat Frostburg has more to offer you then just its activities around campus. They also provide many helpful that go out their to make sure you can have a great school year.
Frostburg is a great school overall.The only downfall is the location of the campus.If you want to go somewhere you will need a car.There's not a lot places within walking distance at all.
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Frostburg is somewhat isolated from a lot of places, so it's not as much of a fun campus. On the other hand, there are quite a few activities on campus for students to attend so that it won't be so boring. As far as academics, a lot of the teachers show that they care about their students as well as wanting them to succeed.
I love it there! The atmosphere is so pleasant, and I think that all people no matter race, ethnicity, or gender will definitely be able to accommodate to this school. A school that feels just like home.
I honestly feel the best thing about Frostburg State is the instructors and professors. I think the policies are a weird and they have some really odd rules on campus that I think are annoying. I also find the the town of Frostburg which surrounds the university has some weird laws against skateboarding, and with me being a skateboarder this can be a small problem. outside of those issue I find the school to be a pleasant place to pursue higher education.
My overall experience at Frostburg State University has been ok. I would like to see improvements in the residence halls as well or more events for students. Furthermore, I would like to see recycling initiated in the surrounding community.
I like this college a lot. there are many things wrong with this school, but many things right also. I think this college gives you a wide range of abilities to do many many things across many fields. there sports are good, they have great activities around campus for everyone.

There are a lot of really tough professors here, even in easy classes or classes that are suppose to be very easy. They just really lack the skill to teach a class correctly. Even though there are a lot a hard professors there are just as many great ones. Professors that make there classes fun, and easy to learn while giving you many chances to make up for what you miss.
What I like about Frostburg State University is how diverse the school is compared to other schools. Frostburg has many different cultures, types of people, races, and the school allows and pushes everyone to be themselves.
Fostburg State University is a very welcoming and accepting campus. I love how nice everyone is and how much everyone cares for one another.
After my first year at Frostburg, I can definitely say what I like most about the school is the small campus setting. It gave me a sense of community as I never went a day without bumping into someone I knew on my way to class or even to get some food down at the Lane Center. Frostburg is best at making sure everyone feels like they are right at home. There is a lot of campus involvement as many different organizations try to entice students to come out and have fun.
There isn't much to do off-campus but on-campus there are a number of events and organizations that help you meet other students and build relationships
When I was in lower-level general education classes, the class sizes were around 20-25 students. The professors were always very engaged in their subject and wanted their students to succeed. Once I started taking the upper-level classes in my Geography major, the class sizes lowered to about 8-10 people per class. The professors are always very knowledgable and try to help students succeed as much as possible.
Frostburg provides many good networking experiences for students who are looking to be proactive about their future after school. My advisor constantly keeps me updated with graduates who ended up in my field that might be good for networking.
As far as he university goes, they do a great ob of keeping crime low with patrolling of campus police, but there is a problem with students being victims of crime committed by non-college citizens. The campus is filled with Emergency kiosks that call for the police and the police station is easily reachable on campus. The campus police are very kind and are commonly former students from the university. The campus police and generally very understanding and just care about the safety of students.
Greek life at Frostburg is a great experience and very influential on campus. All of the sororities and fraternities are very inclusive and diverse. Most non-greeks are close friends with greeks and would agree that greek life does a lot for the school and the community around us. My favorite experience was starting a fraternities with some of my best friends that stands for eliminating prejudice and building brotherhood. The last three years of my life in college weren't always easy and my brothers have been there for me every step of the way to help me.
Athletics at Frostburg are not very well attended but most people would agree that, if you do attend sporting events, they are very engaging and exciting and worth the time. The facilities at Frostburg are mostly updated and suit the athletic students quite well, but many of the facilities don't really benefit the regular student. Overall the team performance is anywhere from decent to great depending on the sport, school spirit does lack quite a bit in the attendees of the games.
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While Frostburg is located in a very rural area, the university does a great job of involving its students and the community surrounding the school in cultural events and celebrations. Over the last three years, I have learned a great deal about professionalism and working hard. I have been pushed to succeed while attending Frostburg and I have found many mentors that I look up to. One of the events I most look forward to when I go back to school for the year is the block party that the University hosts on Main Street. The block party showcases all of the student groups on campus and all the resources that are available to the students and the community. This helps all the new students learn the faces of leaders on campus and people they can go to for anything they need while attending Frostburg. I have made the best memories of my life and have learned more than I ever imagined I would while attending Frostburg State University.
Staff and networking with employees also play a major role to ensure great years.
The class sizes are evenly proportionate and everything flows well.
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