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If you are looking for a nursing graduate program that is cost efficient, supportive and overall amazing, please take a look at this school. They give you all the tools you need to succeed. Although this program is rigorous it is doable. Just remember to balance your time.
Frontier is an ALL online program. Twice during the FNP program, you visit the "campus" for intro and check-offs. I love the flexibility of the online program. The professors, advisors, and IT staff are extremely helpful and friendly.
I was recently accepted to the Certified Nurse Midifery program at Frontier Nursing University. The experience I have had through the admission process has been seamless. The staff are all very personable and well knowledge.
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No Greek life, it's an online university.
There are no athletics, it is an online university only.
I could have not completed the rigorous course work without the passion and love the school carries. The students and professors all share a similar belief of spreading care and love into the community.
Many local clinics LOVE having Frontier students bc of our values.
You are only there for a short time on campus. It is a historic, enriching, and meaningful time.
You only visit campus twice and it is a historic experience
The school examines applicants based on representing similar ideals
It's an online school with no sports
Great history of Midwifery, Provide opportunities to get to know your classmates. Clinical Bound was fun. The major downfall for me was that we have to find our own preceptors. I live in an area that has many hospitals but have 2 universities with Midwifery education and the hospitals have contracts with them so I had to travel 3 hours for my clinical.
I just started my first course and I really enjoy it!
The curriculum is really difficult but I'm confident I'll be well prepared once I'm done!
Most people do not live in the city.
Most of the students attend online and are extremely dedicated to their studies.
Administration staff are fantastic and care for the students wellbeing.
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I currently do not have any scholarships only loans.
Not living on campus. Going to school online.
I am in an online program. I was hesitant as first but I love it. Frontier Nursing University has the best educators. They are compassionate and caring. They want you to succeed. Even though I do not see them I have a strong relationship with them and have never felt abandoned.
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