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I found the staff to be very helpful and comforting. The dorms very fairly new and were very clean and modern. The scheduling options are very flexible and unique because they do not offer classes on Fridays. There is nothing that I would change.
Frontier Community College is a great school to go to because the teacher keep you on track and help you out the best way they can. We have students from all over the world comming to school here with average of 10 to 15 per class. there is an activity for everyone through some of our clubs like the christian club,health imformatics,phitheta kappa,national honor society,student senate and so on. we also have sports like baseball, softball, and volleyball all with great coaching staff. 1 on 1 tutoring and teacher help. the dorms look great from the outside but the inside i don't know about because i live at home. our campass is very safe,close to home. and best of all we have a fitness center that is also our coffee shop and the bookstore.
I have been going to this school since high school because I wanted to get ahead in my college education and I'm only 19 and will be graduating from nursing in just a year! Frontier has helped made this possible by supporting and communicating with me throughout the past 3 years of taking classes here. The staff are helpful, the professors care about the students, and the atmosphere is great for learning.
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The College is usually a fun experience. The professors are nice and usually have fun with their class. As for my experience as a whole, I had some problems. I was passed around from advisor to another. Then the advisor I had, did a good job, until I decided to switch the University that I wanted to go to. Four months after applying, I learned that I did not have a class that was required to get into the business school and was rejected, keep in mind that this was in the middle of April, so the choices for other colleges were already limited. The classes are overly easy and their sports scene is ridiculous, mainly how they built a field that does not drain and give too many scholarships out, driving up the price for the rest of the students. It may be fun to be in class, but I would not recommend going here unless you want to put up with some bad advisers and faculty.
I really like the small classes, and the campus is really close together for the most part, and the attendance cost is pretty cheap.
Very good school that had a lot of different programs to offer. All the teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. Great town and friendly people.
I am currently a sophomore at Frontier Community College and I absolutely love it here. There are great teachers and staff and students.
These professors give you work that one would receive at any university, the only difference is is that they make sure you have your homework done and they give you plenty of chances in class to do it. The class sizes are excellent and they are hardly ever go above 20 people.
We have a coordinator on campus that students are able to see if they would like to schedule and interview with an employer. They also help with practice interviews and resumes. Frontier also holds a job fair every semester, which gives you the chance to talk to the employers themselves.
I play softball at Frontier and my advisor was able to help me find classes that did not interfere with my practices or games.
Online courses are harder than a traditional classroom experience. It is easier to forget about the workload involved because one does not go to that classroom every week.
Since Frontier is a smaller college the teachers care how well you do on tests and care about how stressed you are over there class.
Frontier Community College focuses on the student more than anything. They provide assistance whenever it is strongly needed and they are there to support you anytime it is needed.
So far, I have been able to schedule family, work, and my other needs around my classes. The college offers day, afternoon, and evening classes. the class depends on the timing, but there is usually more than one option of times for most classes.
I've only taken one online class, but it was quite easy and understandable. I believe what I learned will also help in my career.
The classes offered here also prepare you for transferring to another college or university to pursue your degree even further.
Most of your teachers are willing to provide you with references, in order to succeed in your career.
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I love the teachers. They are very nice and always willing to help you in any way that is needed.
The programs and the curriculum is easy to understand and the teaching is thorough. You really learn what you need in order to succeed in your future career.
I really love the small community school. The classes are the right size and the teachers are great, making learning an easier process. I would highly recommend Frontier Community College to other prospecting students.
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