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Front Range Community College Reviews

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For a community college FRCC is a great school. It is definitely cheaper than going to a university. I have had a really good experience and all the teachers I had were great.
This college is amazing. If you want a good college to study, this is the best option. You will have a really good experience. I love this college.
I decided to go back to school after 7 years. A series of surgeries made me realize I need to follow my dream to become a nurse. I made an appointment with one of the Pathway Advisors 6 days before the semester started. I didn't think I will be enrolled and ready to go by the first day of semester. I had an overwhelmingly positive experience at the Larimer Campus!
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I have had many great instructors at Front Range. Many of them have inspired me to achieve my goals.
Front Range has a healthy array of classes and courses to choose from in their offerings. Staff is very helpful and they even have four different campuses to choose from for classes.
The instructors are excellent. Give the proper amount of care, and thought to students needs. The campus is pretty small, so it is easy to pack the schedule. There are a few study areas, so there is always a good place to study. The student life is fun and it is easy to make friends and connections. The school provides lots of tools for success for students, including a pretty large library, and very wide data base. The instructors are the best thing about the school though. They push you to do better, to learn the material but develop skills that will be needed when transferring or when in the work force.
This community college is medium sized, it offers great resources and it has an inviting atmosphere. The teachers are always willing to help, tutoring is offered and they offer a large amount of classes for those with flexible schedules.
Wonderful college! When I first started they helped me get used to their website, the campus, and where open to answering questions any time. The teachers were wonderful, fun, and supportive as well. And the classes ranged widely, leaving lots of opportunities for students.
Smaller classes. Great teachers that are there to help you succeed, all you have to do is ask for help!
The faculty definitely cares and is very wiling to help you. They are very accommodating towards military members as well. I am working on my physics degree and am happy I chose to start with this college first vs jumping straight into a university.
I have enjoyed this school. Everyone is very helpful and has taught me a lot. I also think that it is great money wise.
I started at Front Range Community College as a nontraditional student for transfer and they made it so easy to transition back to student life. Everyone was more kind and helpful than I could have imagined.
The entire process from registering to entering classes is easy to do unlike some schools out there. They understand that students have a life whether it is work, family or appointments so they try to be as flexible as possible so that students can acquire lectures missed. Faculty are really friendly and they go out of their way to ensure you get the help you need. It is definitely the place to go after high school graduation because the time spent here will surely prepare you for the more demanding and stressful environment that a 4 year university tends to be.
It has been a great school to get a two year degree out in as much time as you need (like those of us getting a two year degree in four years because of work or family)
I have really enjoyed going to Front Range. I especially love that I can take all of my classes online. I have really succeeded for this reason. Anytime I need help someone is always there to help.
Front Range helped me become the best student I could be. The staff and teachers will not let you fail, they do everything in their efforts to help you succeed. I wish I could spend the rest of my college career at FRCC!
I like that they understand that you have a life that your trying to live and you have a family or if you had struggled in high school or don't have the money to get to the college you wanted. This is a great stepping stone to get even more prepared to go to college. I would only like to change that they should allow extra credit for the students would didn't do well on a test to make up for some of the points that were lost.
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I am in high school and I am doing concurrent enrollment. Front range community college is great. The staff and professors are all very nice and helpful. The students there are all super nice and if you are new they go help you out.
Front Range really helped me start my college life. I was able to take Front Range classes for free in high school, which helped me be ahead. I continue to take classes there, and they have a very affordable and flexible classes. I chose my schedule and worked it around my life. It felt very comfortable coming from a smaller school to a nice community college, with many students, but without the scary feeling. I could be as involved as I wanted here. I did have to look up the teachers on rate my professor to find the right teacher, but when I did, they were awesome!
I like the cost and the teachers are great. They help you when you need it. I enjoyed the classes I was in. I went to three campuses and they were easy to be found and it was help to have all three.
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