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Front range is one of the best places to go to start your future career. You can even go there to develop a whole career and not need any other schooling than that. All of the professors are amazing and helpful. There are many campuses that you can transfer to as well if you can’t get to the main one which is very helpful. It’s a great community college and I’m glad I am there.
When I first stepped in to this school everyone was very welcoming and helpful knowing I was a newcomer.
Spring 2018 semester is my third one at Front Range Community College. During the time, I have chances to engage myself in this nice and friendly academic environment.
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The teachers are respectful and always open to help you with your classes. the campus is very nice and includes a gym and cafiteria.
I haven't been here long but it is a great school. They have a beautiful campus and have amazing services and oppurtunities.
This is the safest school I've been too! The people are very friendly and the atmosphere is Awesome! Also there is a place for everyone, no matter what or who you are.
I like how small it is although it does need a change in looks because it does not look like a school
Front Range Community College is a great school. They have about five different campuses with different majors. The downfall with having different campuses is that the schools can be far from home. Even though there are different campuses, I like that the classes are small which makes it easier to interact with the teachers. The teachers are very nice and care about your education.
My experience with FRCC has been a great one. It has been a tough go since it was 17 years since previously attending college. FRCC and their staff has been amazing at helping me get classes and even attend. As a single mother, FRCC has been amazing. The only thing I would really like to see change is a place for children when local schools are closed or after hours.
Front Range is a great school that offers a wide range of opportunities for two-year degrees. It also has good commodities such as a nice gym and very good library.
I love my experience. I am actually going back this semester to take a few online classes. I have already taken a few classes and my experience would say it has been a roller coaster, but I have pulled through. Even though I never even imagine that I have made it this far through college. I love going to school I have something that I look forward to because it is changing my life and my families lives.
Front Range community college is a great school with good teachers. A cultural diversity environment where worldwide students interact each other with different background . It is a better place to learn and acquired skills in order to be more efficient in the real world . During my years in this school I really benefited a lot of support through students and teachers .
Partnering with CCCS, Front Range offers flexible classes in different formats and weeks. It's easy to complete multiple courses in a semester with staggered start dates.
I enjoy the small class sizes and lower tuition. Fort Collins is also a great town and I like the professors at Front Range too.
The class size is wonderful. The only thing I would change is the courses that are available at each campus. At my campus, Larimer, there are a lot of classes I would like to take but can't because they aren't offered at that campus.
I could not have been happier with my experience at Front Range. The small campus and small class sizes make for a great learning environment. Tuition is affordable, and resources are abundant.
I went to Frontrange community college my first year of college and overall I did enjoy my experience with my professors and as well as my classmates very good school overall
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I liked the environment. It was really nice. There are many bike racks on campus. Students are very pleasent on campus. The library is excelent. They even gave ice cream to students the other day.
I attended Front Range in Fort Collins for Dental Assisting. Hands down the best college experience. The program is advanced and really helped me start my career in dental.
Teachers are amazing and there are so many resources. It is really a good place to start taking prereqs, there are always other colleges coming to recruit us. They welcome all new students
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