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I just wanted to give a review about this university. It was a nightmare on steroids this is all you need to know
The worst experience of my life. Do not come here. Do not come here. It is a waste. Do not come here. Suck...k
Bad School. Could not concentrate on homework because of the terrible atmosphere. You have to stick to yourself to survive. There are great resources like counseling to help with the rudeness you get whoever you are on-campus
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Tried to find out about student government - was waived off. Was told to leave many groups that I joined. Tried to show support of the school by wearing school colors , but was literally made fun of. Can understand the hard time some people can have its a place were people are not used to treating others with respect.
Would not go here again. The people are insecure. half don't say anything at all and the ones that do talk about you.
School full of bullies..admission staff tries to withdraw you out of classes regularly in the semester would not go here, people seem like they came from schools that emphasized bullying agree completely
Honestly the girls here a very mean and utterly bully-ish. I have never seen such behavior-so do not read the " sugarcoat" reviews on here that's not how it really is. The girls here are like literally unimaginable people. I was bullied, made-fun of and ignored because these people are unimaginablely mean. I was an athlete, cheered at football games, etc. Terrible, immature people. Literally the worst.
Friends is an amazing college. It’s very diverse, there are a lot of activities on campus to keep you busy! The athletic teams are really fun to go and watch. The housing is #1 in Kansas and one of the best in the nation! The food is really good. You get a buffet with different options to choose from! The professors are very nice and hands on with students! The other students are very nice and friendly. I would highly recommend spending 4 years at Friends to get your degree!
This is a great community. Everyone is supportive of one another and are there to help succeed. There are many great ways to be involved and be a part of something.
Overall I think that Friends U is a wonderful place. I've met some of my best friends here and I will forever be grateful for this school. Everyone here is so nice and friendly and that is something I've always wanted from a school. I also play sports here and it is a very competitive and challenging experience.
Everyone at friends is so helpful and caring. It's so easy to create a huge network of resources. Any time I need help or I have a question, I know I can call up my admissions counselor. Friends also has an amazing orchestra with amazing people who run it.
I have had a great experience as a grad student. The application process was easy and fast, professors have been great, the books and tuition were affordable.
I liked the size of the campus. I like the student to staff ration and how friendly everyone seemed to be.
Friends University is a very tight knit school. Everyone knows everyone, so you are always going to find a helping hand whenever you need it. I have found that if you show the professor that you care about his class and your education, they are more likely to give you advice, more understanding, and often times better scores if you show you truly care.
If a person wants to grow in their spiritual path and journey with God while achieving the highest academics imaginable then friends is outstanding! As a student athlete the hours for athletics and academics are very manageable and yield to very well rounded individuals. Friends offers a beautiful campus with the number one dorms in the state of Kansas. The facilities are up to date and are maintained fairly well. This tight knit university encompasses the community, faith, and family all in one small campus. Highly recommended!
I love the environment at Friends University. The teachers are great and the class sizes are fantastic. I feel at home at Friends University.
I love the small class size. How easy it is to get from one side of campus to the other. And the Friendly environment.
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I have very much enjoyed Friends University. The teachers are all very willing to help in any way they can. For example, I had a child while going through school and each professor did their best to accommodate my situation.
I also lived on campus for my very first semester, the dorms are very nice. Never did I feel like I was at risk or unsafe while on campus, they do a great job of providing a safe, friendly environment for you to live and learn in.
As a transfer student from another school in the KCAC, I have first hand experience on what these other schools are like compared to Friends University. During high school while I looked for many different schools in the KCAC, but never gave Friends University a chance. My cousin decided he was coming here, and I knew I wanted a change to better my future. I decided to come here only based on what my cousin told me, and what I had seen online. It was difficult process to get all of my financial aid, and housing, and all academics transferred over, but the staff here stuck with me, and helped me every bit I needed. I now can see that this is the most college student prepared college in the KCAC. In my short time here, I can see the people around me love it here, and I know I will too, if I don't already. This is a great college, and I would recommend it to everyone who wants a great staff, and a great supporting community around them!
Friends University is an exceptional college. The teachers are genuine, knowing their students by name and doing everything they can to assist in the students' learning process. The fine arts department is very prestigious and the athletic teams are among the top in their conference. Campus life is phenomenal and residence life allows students to really get to know their peers during their time at Friends.
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