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Love Fresno Pacific University. Very glad with my decision to choose this university. Living in the valley of California, we do not get a lot of nice universities, but Fresno Pacific University changes that. The learning environment is great, teachers are great, staff is great. I can not say enough nice things about this university.
I love the community and atmosphere on the main campus. You get to meet really amazing professors and classmates. The classes offered here are enriching and the professors really care about you succeeding. The school is founded on Christ and is affiliated with the Mennonite sect of Protestantism. You do not have to be a Christian to attend this university as there is no statement of faith paper which needs to be documented. They are welcoming of all backgrounds and beliefs. Our athletics are also amazing. I especially like the swimming & diving and volleyball team. They are both so fun to cheer on! We are located close to downtown Fresno so my friends often go coffee shop hopping on the weekends. The school may be small, but we make up for it with big smiles and big hearts.
I actually just started at Fresno Pacific, I would have to say I am really looking forward to learning about the bible especially since I grew up Mormon.
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The faculty at Fresno Pacific University does an excellent job of ensuring their students get the most our of their educational experience. The number of students in the classes I have had has not been excessively large, such as my former university. This makes it much easier for the professor to be able to interact with each one of their students. Never did I think I would be at a university where every professor I have knows my first name. In addition to this, all the professors I have had have been great. They are flexible and are willing to work with you if ever you encounter any difficulties. I highly recommend this university.
Fresno pacific has a beautiful campus, and they are really family oriented around the campus, which is exactly what I love; it makes this school amazing. I'd like to see them have a bigger sports crowd outing, and support for home sporting events.
I have attended Fresno Pacific for a year and within that years I have not only grown personally but academically as well. It has been such a great experience. The professors have been great, they really provide so much knowledge that they bring from the own work experience.
Fresno Pacific University, provide guidance to students to achieve their goal of receiving a degree. They provide different programs for working adults, to obtain their Bachelor's Degree. This facility offers guidance, support and spiritual journey. I am grateful to be part Fresno Pacific University.
I really enjoy Fresno Pacific, I an incoming freshman so it was very intimidating going and looking at the big college campuses. I mainly chose Fresno Pacific because of how small and personal the campus is. They truly make time to get to know you and make you feel at home. To them you are just not another face, teachers and staff actually know who you are and will truly get to know you. Also there campus felt so homey and just enough to feel like you are no longer in high school.
Fresno Pacific University is a private university. As a private university, the tuition fee is very expensive. The FPU offers scholarships for students from low income family and students with high GPA. The ratio between professor and students is low. The professors put student' success in the highest priority. So, the numbers of graduation students is very high compared other universities. The FPU has dorms/housing, campus food, other facilities.
I have just registered at Fresno Pacific University. I have had a wonderful experience thus far. I am a 35 year old that is returning to college on a degree completion program. I am basically starting over! The staff at Fresno Pacific have been very accommodating, kind, and super knowledgeable. They have made this life changing decision jump off to a pleasant start. I feel very well informed and prepared to start this next journey in my life. I truly believe with the support I have at Fresno Pacific I have an awesome chance at achieving my goals!
This school has a lot to offer, academically, spiritually, and socially. The people here are friendly, and it is generally a God centered school. I believe the education I am receiving here will serve me well in my future career choice.
I really like how they are Christ Centered! You develop relationships and strong bonds with other students and teachers. You can feel the love and attention from people, wanting to live Christ like while making a difference. I wouldn't change anything honestly, It is a bit pricey but the reviews and graduation rate is awesome. Companies are hiring people who come out of Fresno Pacific!
I love the community that this University has created. There are so many people that are here for you and want you to succeed and I think that is very important for students when they first start out in college. This school makes everyone feel wanted and it is so easy to get involved here. However sometimes it can get boring on the weekends because it can feel like no one goes here, that can change though if we can get more people to stay and hang out.
My experience at Fresno Pacific University has been great. The staff and administration are very friendly which a gives way for a wonderful learning environment. Being a Christian University I am able to Discuss my views from a religious view point. I feel Fresno Pacific has strengthened me as an individual which will allow me to be more proficient in my career.
I loved being a part of this school and the community that surrounded it. I came into college only knowing one person and left with a handful of lifelong friends who have stayed by my side. I was able to grow not only intellectually, but also spiritually.
Exclusive. Divided. Confused. Should be the actual motto of campus. The campus as a whole seems to lack a base knowledge of where it wants to go. Professors are caring but sometimes less either less knowledgeable about the subject than students or just lack the skill to teach at a higher eduction level.
Safety is great around campus, campus security is always around and there is a great sense of safety within campus.
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Career services are great about immersing students into job like situations and getting students ready for the work force
Great coaching staffs for all sports, with quality facilities. It's all lead by great faculty from the AD down.
A friendly welcome from commuters. The people on campus is involving in activities and encourage community.

I love that I get to see the same people on the daily.
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