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Like most students can agree, going online was not easy; Our professors did a great job in adapting to this change. Next semester is online as well, I hope that the professors have an easier time with the changes.
Love it! Its a great place to be if you are looking for a great, supportive community! Staff are pleasant and wonderful! I cant wait to finish my schooling here!
I only had a couple online course when I went here. All positive things! It was easy to navigate and the professors are always so easy going. They would always answer any questions I had.
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Fresno pacific was a very welcoming private Christian university. Everyone is family there. I love that there are so many individuals from all over the world. I made so many international friends that I will always cherish. Sports at this school go hard too. Their food wasn’t the best, maybe they could add fast food places on campus. They also need a bigger pool, however I did like it being shorter than standard ;)
Small class sizes, very personal, taught by professionals who are currently in the field you are studying to be in which is awesome for networking.
Very communicative to help keep you on track and supportive when you need it most from the professors and the IT department.
Fresno Pacific's Degree Completion program has aided me in obtaining my Bachelor's degree in less time than if I were to have transferred to another 4 year university!
I took all of my elective courses online and had a lot of fun with them. The instructors are very knowledgeable and encouraging.
Fresno Pacific really cares about each students overall success. I was happy to find a school that didn't see me as just another student on the conveyor belt of students. I was always given the support, resources, and care that I deserve as a student.
I loved all of my classes! The professors were usually working in the field, so we were getting hands-on experience and information!
FPU provides truly impactful instruction through caring and competent faculty. The community at FPU is very special, and something many college environments lack. While not a traditional college atmosphere, FPU makes students feel valued. There is still work to be done to change certain outdated policy language, however FPU instills in its students a drive to better the world around them, and prepares them to do so.
After the closing of schools due to the pandemic, my professors maintained frequent and transparent contact with our classes. The smaller class sizes of FPU benefited students being able to communicate with professors about personal struggles, and were accommodated by the majority of professors. This made the sudden shift to online much less stressful for many of my classmates, something I could not say about many my friends who attend other universities.
Since I was in a degree completion program part of our instruction came from online assignments. We attended a physical classroom once a week and the rest of the week we were to complete assignments online. If we needed assistance or had questions on our assignments our instructors were easy to contact and we were able to easily communicate with our peers as well.
I loved Fresno Pacific University. The small classroom size was perfect for me. The degree completion program I entered helped to finish my degree by requiring me to attend only once a week which allowed me to maintain the two jobs I worked. Resources and professors were easy to access when one most needed them.
I love going to this school. This school's degree completion program has taught me so much in just one semester. I love what I am learning and can't wait to use my new knowledge in my career job.
I took many classes online. I like how the professors take their time and help you with any questions you have towards any material. I also like how much feedback I get. The feedback helps me improve my writing skills.
I absolutely love Fresno Pacific University. I would recommend this college. The professors are great! My advisor Jenny was the best!
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Fresno Pacific is a great University. I had a great experience while attending there. All of my professors were willing to help and responded to my emails in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend FPU to friends and family.
Online experience has been great so far. Zoom makes it super simple to communicate with counselors, advisors, and professors.
I have just been accepted into FPU. I am very excited to start, but so far the academic advisors have been very great with leading me in the correct direction. They are staying in touch with me, so I count on with the most up to date information.
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