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I absolutely love this campus and everything about it!! I am a psych major and all of the professors are wonderful here and everyone who works here wants the absolute best for their students. I also love the Christian aspect of the school and the constant positive environment and small homey feel of the campus.
Fresno Pacific is an amazing University with a wealth of professors who are experts in their field. They truly take student learning to a new level and care about their students.
I've really enjoyed the small class sizes and the ability to easily develop relationships with the professors. Everyone is extremely friendly, and it is easy to get help with anything you need. The only changes I would make would be to update more parts of the campus and their class equipment. I also dislike the high tuition cost, but it is a private university so that can only be expected.
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Fresno Pacific is an amazing college. Even though it is a small college it is flourishing and growing over the years. The staff truly care for students overall; And seek to develop relationships with all of their students. Professors and staff members not only want to see their students thrive academically but also mentally, emotionally, occupationally, and spiritually. They also provide a good amount of donor scholarships; And they also provide affordable study abroad programs!
For years I told myself I would NEVER go to Fresno Pacific because it was a local university. After visiting the campus one more time (after visitng schools like UCSB, UC Merced, CBU, APU, and etc) I fell in love with it! I have run into some issues though with communication between different departments on campus, but all in all I have really enjoyed my experience at this school. The professors and faculty feel like a family!
Love this school. I love that it is faith based. The staff are kind. However, I would wish for more financial aid for students of different backgrounds. Peers are nice as well.
It’s a beautiful school and the professors here are amazing and always willing to help you succeed. There’s so many great programs that finding a career right after college should be a breeze.
When seeking to pursue a higher education I was fearful of impacted class sizes, and a rough transition being a first-generation student. The community and atmosphere provided me with confidence and security.
I really liked the efficiency of the online/hybrid course options. I am not sure how I would have graduated without this program.
FPU is an amazing school with an amazing community. It is very small, and it makes everyone feel welcome. If you are looking for a small school with a focus on community, this is the school for you.
Some of the professors were awesome! However, the dorms/housing is no good. Other students living there act so immature like children screaming at the top of their lungs all day when other people (like me) actually have homework to do but can't focus because of them. The RA did nothing about it neither did the head of the housing. Horrible experience. Also, the registration people don't care about holding you back an extra semester even if you have completed all of your credits. They do not respond on time & they're always sending you from person to person without answering your questions. They never helped me. It was very frustrating. If I had a chance to redo that I would not go back to that again. Very disappointing.
The staff and professors are very helpful and caring! Whenever there is a problem they do their best to help you through whatever you need. The faculty and many of the students are welcoming and helpful with tips on how to make your experience on this campus worth while.
Fresno Pacific University is a Christian based college. I love attending this school, we have dinners and devotions. Students, teachers and staff members get along and care for one another. Everyone is amazing, positive, and helpful.
The campus is so peaceful and the student body is super welcoming. The professors are so helpful and care a lot about how you’re doing academically and just personally. It’s a very close community campus and it feels like a family .
Academics are thorough and provide great curriculum. The professors are available and ready to help students with their academics. The safety of the campus is assured. Staff's main focus and priority is to assist the students with any questions or help they need. I would recommend this school for anyone.
Fresno Pacific is a great school. It is fast paced and is the best option for people who have full time jobs and need to go to school in the evening, but don't want it to take 4 years to get their degree.
Love Fresno Pacific University. Very glad with my decision to choose this university. Living in the valley of California, we do not get a lot of nice universities, but Fresno Pacific University changes that. The learning environment is great, teachers are great, staff is great. I can not say enough nice things about this university.
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I love the community and atmosphere on the main campus. You get to meet really amazing professors and classmates. The classes offered here are enriching and the professors really care about you succeeding. The school is founded on Christ and is affiliated with the Mennonite sect of Protestantism. You do not have to be a Christian to attend this university as there is no statement of faith paper which needs to be documented. They are welcoming of all backgrounds and beliefs. Our athletics are also amazing. I especially like the swimming & diving and volleyball team. They are both so fun to cheer on! We are located close to downtown Fresno so my friends often go coffee shop hopping on the weekends. The school may be small, but we make up for it with big smiles and big hearts.
I actually just started at Fresno Pacific, I would have to say I am really looking forward to learning about the bible especially since I grew up Mormon.
The faculty at Fresno Pacific University does an excellent job of ensuring their students get the most our of their educational experience. The number of students in the classes I have had has not been excessively large, such as my former university. This makes it much easier for the professor to be able to interact with each one of their students. Never did I think I would be at a university where every professor I have knows my first name. In addition to this, all the professors I have had have been great. They are flexible and are willing to work with you if ever you encounter any difficulties. I highly recommend this university.
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