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It is a very diverse campus. There are many instructors who actually try to help you learn the material. Some even hold cyber hours if you can't make the on campus office hours or appointments. The campus is very comfortable with different sitting or study areas in most buildings. They recently took out one of the eating areas, however, so there is only the cafeteria and small food cart, with snacks in the bookstore when you are looking for food. It is an older campus with some remodeling. Most buildings are brick which is nice. Downside is that the science buildings are a bit out of date, and still have chalkboards and older equipment.
In my experience, all of my professors have wanted to see me succeed, and really pushed me to my full potential. Awesome school!
They have a great tutoring program, they are so helpful. Counselors are really helpful when one needs help about taking the right classes.
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My first time attending Fresno City College was great. Being from the Los Angles area the change in scenery was great as well. Even after leaving for four years and coming back a lot has changed but, I still receive the same great education and all my instructors were fantastic. the addition of more outdoor seating was nice because I'm that student that enjoys studying around a lot of trees. As for being a writer gaining inspiration from the various people that walk past me.
Its a big campus and they have a lot to offer but its hard to find parking and classes can be really packed at the beginning of the semesters.
If your just starting out in college and unsure of that you want to do I think FCC is a good place to find out. They offer a good range of majors and areas of interest and overall my experience has been pretty positive. The teachers (especially those of my major) have been very helpful and encouraging to make sure you leave with the bases covered.
My first year at Fresno City started off great. I had a counselor help me choose the right classes for me. I really loved my schedule, it worked out really well for me. There were a few issues when it came to the financial aid office. The process of getting my FA took a couple months. That’s something Fresno City needs to be more organized about and I think it would be very nice if they expanded their FA office a little bit bigger.
I love the campus life as well as the professors available. The class schedules are great as I'm able to get a schedule that best accommodates my everyday life. Killing time in the library or eating lunch are always one of the things I look forward to each day I have class.
I love the new website, it's much for user friendly. I can access information on program requirements without seeing a counselor, which appeals to my independent nature. There are a variety of classes I'm interested in, as well.
Good option to take if you don't want to go straight to a 4 year college. Very high school like environment but good to get the hang of things.
Fresno City is a great way to step into the world of college, especially if you aren't feeling it right away (feeling college, that is).
Fresno City College is an amazing place for undergraduate students and a great place if you want more one-on-one with your professors. Professors here really take there time to engage with their students, and they are willing to help out with students' educational demands. One of the things that I love the most about Fresno City College is that their staff and faculty are always striving for student success through student appreciation weeks, awareness of student resources, and other helpful tips on how to get through college.
Fresno City College is a chill place to be able to interact with diverse groups of people and able to take any classes of choice based on your interests with many clubs to joic.
What I really like about Fresno city College is their tutoring center. It’s all free and the tutors are great helpers, I would have never passed my differentials class with a good grade if I didn’t go get help!
The atmosphere of Fresno City College is something that you could easily fall in love with. The students are driven and determined as well as kind and caring towards others. The FCC experience is amazing, and I recommend it to anyone. You’ll also meet a lot of new friends there, which is one of my favorite parts.
Better variety of food - more food choices. Small cafeteria, no snack bar & no healthy options on campus. Vending machine with soda, candy & chips.
Attending Fresno City college has been a struggle. The financial department places holds on your account, with no explanation why. And when you follow up with what they need, they are confused as to why you are there.
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Fresno City is a great school with great professors. They take the time to explain the material. Fresno city tends to be very clean. I love hoe they made designated smoking areas.
Fresno City College isn't only a city college, but a place that invites learning and challenges. The campus is clean while also intuitively accessible; getting lost here is near impossible. The campus feels welcoming and it feels safe throughout all times of the day. The most important aspect though, is the staff here. The teachers are fantastic and passionate. They enjoy teaching and let their students really take in the material.
Fresno City College has a great environment, I walk around campus feeling very safe. My first year here I felt very welcomed, when I was a little nervous and hesitant at first. All the professors I experienced were very helpful, understanding and you can tell they all want to see you succeed. Community colleges are usually seen differently than CSUs or UCs, but when I am on campus and in a classroom I do not feel much of a difference than when I attended a CSU. The number one thing I'd like to see change on campus is parking. When I attended a CSU campus, parking was difficult but manageable. At Fresno City College I find it very difficult to find parking, all of the parking lots on campus are very small and if you decided to park in the near neighborhoods you'll find that a lot of other people have already thought the same way.
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