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Fresno City College is a great 2 year community college with very affordable courses for all students. I currently attend FCC and can say that this school is very caring and understanding to the students' aspects of life. The college is spacious and has its own football stadium along with track, pool, tennis courts, gymnasium, and it's very own police academy. There a variety of hands on courses and workshops for students to get hands on training and experience necessary.
The campus is gorgeous. All the students are respectful. I have only had one sub-par professor (no posted grades for any assignments or the midterm and there are only 6 more weeks left in the semester, no good explanation about the assignments either). Otherwise, I really enjoy the school. There are countless classes that work with all schedules.
This is good place to start an academic career as a college student, centrally located in California.
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I'm in a program where I take college classes in school so it really cool to do that. Friendly staff
What I like about Fresno City is that it has a lot of ways to help a student in and outside of school with opportunities and studying techniques. There’s tons of clubs that help you grow as an individual and all of the faculty are really just there to help you accomplish your goals.
Coming into Fresno City was a bit hectic at first after hearing all the negative news it gets for being a community college, but in reality, it's actually a great school. It's safe, active, & super chill. I loved my experience here. The one thing I would change about attending here is the parking during the weekdays. The parking lot gets crazy & there's usually not enough space for everyone. It's ridiculous, but always coming in an hour before your usual time is recommended. Overall, Fresno City is a must attend!
I really enjoyed my time at Fresno City College. The majority of the professor's I took were obviously passionate about their subject and were extremely helpful to me whenever I needed the help. The environment was welcoming and the school became my home. I will definitely miss the campus, despite the few mix-ups I encountered with admissions and receiving my appropriate certificates. I would definitely recommend the college to anyone considering going to a 2-year college before transferring to a 4-year institution.
This college was great. The professors are very passionate about what they are teaching and the counselors here are always willing to give a helping hand. I loved going here and would recommened it 100%.
I go to Fresno City College and I like the campus is nice due to the brick building, it gives it a nice vintage look. The professor are great; the majority of them are also professors at Fresno State therefore have a good teaching style. I have found that the professor are helpful and will give a lot of help when a student is wanting to pass a class. Another thing I love about Fresno City is the library because it is so quiet, it is the perfect place to study and do homework. The counselors are great, they do their best to help student make a student educational plan, pick a major or classes, and help them pick a school to transfer to after the two years at City. It is a calm school to attend, I never found something out of order. Finding parking is the most difficult thing about attending Fresno City. It is hard to find parking at most times of the day. In all, the school is very good. I would recommend it many students looking for a Community College.
Exactly what you would think a cheap community college would be. Instructors can be good or trash staff are rude. If your not smart it could be a nightmare experience about if you can.
Fresno City College has great teachers and is a great place to educate oneself with great opportunities. Although some people may not see any merit to the school because it was not the first choice for college, just like any school, you can’t enjoy it if you’re not in the right mindset. The number one thing that I’d like to see change is safety, for the better. Fresno is not too safe and the area the college is located is not so safe either. The campus is great and keep in mind it is a city college. Fresno City College does well for a “city college” in the shadows of Fresno State.
I like how the school is a nice place where you can indulge in your educational studies peacefully and how it provides lots of help for students, including the tutorial center they have for students who want extra help with their classes.
This schools has great academics with some teachers who go above and beyond to help their students reach full potential.
I came to Fresno City College after I graduated high school in 2017. The scenery here is beautiful and there is many places where you can go to do homework or even just relax with friends. The buildings and classes are very easy to locate around here. The library here is very helpful and friendly to focus on your work. Fresno City also offers an incredible ETC program that I would always attend when I needed help with classes. The leaders are very caring and put in all their effort to help you succeed in your classes. The professors I have had are extremely helpful in helping you to succeed in your classes. They are always available through email or office hours for any questions you may have. The administration office here is always very reliable and helpful. They always put your needs first to get you through any situation or question you many have. My overall experience here was very well. I was able to take exciting classes and meet new people here.
I enjoyed the professors and activities on campus. I would like to see parking on campus be expanded; parking was an issue for all students and professors.
I like that they have a track program . I will be studying criminology and there are 5 program I can chose from.I am looking forward to starting a new adventure at Fresno City
Great campus and classes. All of the teachers and administration are friendly and very helpful. There is a wide variety of classes ranging from AA and transfer to certificates and job training. They offer hybrid classes (combination online/on campus) as well as online only or on campus only classes. The campus is very nice with lots of shade and beautiful old buildings.
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Fresno city college is quite small but full diversity and opportunity. The staff here are encouraging and motivate you to do better .
I liked Fresno city when it came to the courses they have to offer. The financial aid office is very helpful and the registration is easy. I would like to see the change of the professors taking time to teach the students instead of handing us work and expecting us to know everything. I would also like to see a change in the parking requirements. Overall, I think Fresno City College is an average junior college.
Great dedicated and enthusiastic faculty in the Performing Arts department. Safety is always an issue due to its location, but they are always improving the tech, safety, and environment for all students and staff. A lot of events happen there, as well as very good shows and concerts.
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