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I enjoyed the campus and the area it was in. The campus is well kept, and has a lot of charm. The town it is in is a smaller town that has a lot of character. The people there are very friendly including the professors, staff, and students. It was a great experience!
I love FHU! From tours to camps, I love it all. The campus is so pretty, and I can’t wait to attend next year.
Freed Hardeman is an excellent university. Everything about the university is outstanding except for the food and the dorms could be better. Student life is fantastic if you involve yourself
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This school is not what I thought it would be at all. It caters to the students' whims without actually guiding them and preparing them for life. It has become a stumbling block for so many of my friends especially when it comes to the art department and the long hair freak drama teacher.
It is located in a nice quiet area. The school is very small so all your professors know you personally. The women basketball team just won Nationals. The campus is easy to get around.
I enjoy the Christian atmosphere. Friendly students and caring staff. With the smaller class sizes the Professors are able to focus on the students. They all are open and welcome visits to their offices. It is a pretty campus, up front. One major drawback is NO football team. The Basketball teams do VERY well. The athletic players are well supported by staff and students, but NOT given easy grades. The food could be better. There is a nice movie theater for students. Could use a little more stuff in the student center to keep students on campus and not off looking for inappropriate things to do. This university is located in a small rural TN town with nothing to do off campus. Luckily there is a nice size town about 30 mins away that has a lot of fun things to do. Many alumni stay in the area. Great place to go!
Freed Hardeman is a great school that really gives their students a sense of a home feeling. There are also lots if interactions with others from different places. This is definitely a small but great place to be that is considered a family from within.
I loved Freed-Hardeman University. I must say that the diversity of the school is disappointing when considering religion and race, but I understand that is the reason many of the students come here. I think we should be challenging ourselves more and what we believe, however. The PEOPLE here are amazing. I have found amazing professors here who are willing to do anything to help you succeed.
Freed-Hardeman University provides a thorough education and an environment that provides compassion and understanding. The teachers are highly informative and willing to share their understanding of the subject with you, upon the unwritten agreement that you are willing to provide a, at minimum, decent effort. One major compliment I can give to Freed-Hardeman, is that you are not abandoned into classes that expects you to already have a master understanding. The teachers understand that college is a very difficult transition that requires someone experienced to guide you through the beginning processes.
Freed Hardeman is a small college making it like a family almost. The teachers are personable and the walk to class is short!
I love the professors. They are understanding and caring. They will help you any way you can. I am in a new program and it is challenging with working full time as well but the professors have been wonderful. They get you ready for the work force.
Freed Hardman is a unique school based on Christian values. It is geared towards academics but offers a variety of ways to socialize and fun. The faculty, staff, and the student body make this university feel like home away from home.
I love that Freed-Hardeman provides the Christian environment for all students. The teachers work really well with students, and everyone is so caring.
I was a non traditional transfer student when I started. There wasn't a lot of information given to me as I came in, most of what I found I either asked about it or found it on my own. I would like to see that transfer students get the same assistants as an up coming freshman. It would allow the transition to be more at ease
Just say NO to drugs
They care about all of the students on campus
I feel very safe on campus with a group of friends
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FHU has the best dorms ever!!
Greek life is the best ever!!
FHU has the best basketball team ever!!
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