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Freed-Hardeman University provides a thorough education and an environment that provides compassion and understanding. The teachers are highly informative and willing to share their understanding of the subject with you, upon the unwritten agreement that you are willing to provide a, at minimum, decent effort. One major compliment I can give to Freed-Hardeman, is that you are not abandoned into classes that expects you to already have a master understanding. The teachers understand that college is a very difficult transition that requires someone experienced to guide you through the beginning processes.
Freed Hardeman is a small college making it like a family almost. The teachers are personable and the walk to class is short!
I love the professors. They are understanding and caring. They will help you any way you can. I am in a new program and it is challenging with working full time as well but the professors have been wonderful. They get you ready for the work force.
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Freed Hardman is a unique school based on Christian values. It is geared towards academics but offers a variety of ways to socialize and fun. The faculty, staff, and the student body make this university feel like home away from home.
I love that Freed-Hardeman provides the Christian environment for all students. The teachers work really well with students, and everyone is so caring.
I was a non traditional transfer student when I started. There wasn't a lot of information given to me as I came in, most of what I found I either asked about it or found it on my own. I would like to see that transfer students get the same assistants as an up coming freshman. It would allow the transition to be more at ease
Just say NO to drugs
They care about all of the students on campus
I feel very safe on campus with a group of friends
FHU has the best dorms ever!!
Greek life is the best ever!!
FHU has the best basketball team ever!!
This is the best college to attend to and I would recommend my friends to come to Freed Hardeman University!!
This campus is such a community, and it's love for one another and for God is absolutely beautiful. Our dorms are easy to decorate, and the food is really good. Everything here is so cool, and it's so southern. I am in love with it, and if you choose Freed Hardeman, I know that we can't wait to welcome you!
A degree here is awesome! With our MBA program, you can finish your degree faster and have more time to get a job. Our outstanding nursing program allows us to get a good job after school ends. This place is actually the very best.
The security here is so nice and friendly. It's hard to find a place on campus where you feel unsafe.
I expected to get in another dorm, but because I chose to go here late, there was no room in my preferred dorm. I was moved into Hall Roland, and I love it. The bathrooms are a little small, but Hall Roland is definitely the homiest dorm on campus.
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Every club is open to the others and it's not clique-like at all. It's a big family. Everyone is really nice to each other, and if you don't feel love here, you're blocking it out. This place is a dream.
The athletic facilities on campus are awesome. The only thing I would change is I would put a pool in.
This place is actually the best. It's just like a dream come true. I've always wanted to go here, and I cried when I got accepted. Every day I walk past the bell tower, and it reminds me that it's still real, and it's like a dream, and that's why I love FHU.
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