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I would say that overall my experience with FCC has been great. I made the decision to begin my college career here as I did not know what I wanted to do with my life as far as a career would go. It was the best decision ever. I have saved money along the way and am currently in little to no debt as I begin my program in Nursing.
My experience at FCC has been extremely positive. After a little under two years at the school (with summer courses) I have only had one negative experience with a professor. All of my other professors have been kind, passionate, clear, and help me succeed.
The environment is friendly and cognitive to learning. Everyone is encouraging and does not have outrageous expectations. Help is easy to find if you look for it.
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FCC is a great community college and is very diverse. Its not in the middle of nowhere like most community colleges too.
Athletic department is in shambles. Athletic Director only supports his sport baseball. They cut a program each year to save money for baseball and skirt around title 9. If you are interested in athletics look very closely.
This past year at Frederick Community College I had had a horrible experience. Advisors helping me with classes told me to take classes I shouldn't have been in for my major and as a result my GPA has dropped. Due to this I tried to transfer out this year but I am struggling to do so now that my GPA is so low. My overall experience at this school has been horrible.
They have excellent teachers. There staff has is are so supportive. Teachers are willing to go an extra mile to help students. They have great tutoring service. Frederick Community the state computerized Library. You can see Security and it is on cameras too.
Frederick community college, is a very nice college. The atmosphere is very pleasing and feels like home. Safety is also very good at FCC, I'm glad to experience college life there and learn a lot about myself and people.
Frederick Community College provides an abundent amount of information and resources for students that are continuing their education, and/or coming back for more studies. This institution seems to be very underrated and deserves much more attention for students in the Maryland area.
The faculty is great and help you stay focused to reach your goals. They have a great multicultural program led by Dr. Chad Adero. This is a great place to begin your college journey while developing life skills and determining your interests.
I was a Music Major at FCC. The Staff in that department are incredibly excellent at what they do. They are always willing to aid any incoming students. Their knowledge, which comes from top Music schools in the area as well as they many professional years in the field. Yields to a perfect learning environment for the students
I have been at Frederick Community College for about 2 years now. I have really enjoyed my time here at FCC. FCC places great value on their academics and provides a great deal of resources to help out or assist anyone struggling in their classes. When it comes down to professors, I have been lucky enough to have had a number of great professors. However, just like in any school there are some professors that are not very good.
Highly recommend! The campus is very inviting and the professors are pleasant. I'm going to be sad to leave when I transfer this fall to a 4 year college. They also have excellent scholarship opportunities for anyone who is enrolled at least part-time (6 credits) in the Spring and Fall semesters.
I really enjoy this college. I found that the staff are extremely helpful. The campus is beautiful. parking can be a pain. But the academic programs are very good for the school and the guidance I have received has been amazing.
My experience at FCC has been great! I feel very comfortable at this school and my teachers made me feel very welcomed and supported me in everything. My classes were challenging but also easy. I met new people and was able to get involved in a lot. They also helped me well in my transferring process.
Not best place I've been. But it's far from the worst and a good place to start if you plan on transferring out for a higher degree. Watch out for the finical aid office. They have not been a huge help in my experience.
Overall, my experience at Frederick Community College has been very pleasant. They offer a lot of different classes and have recently added a cybersecurity degree program. Their classes are very affordable and they work with their students to make sure they are saving money wherever they can. It is a very diverse school with many different ethnic groups supported in classes and clubs throughout the college. It offers many different athletic teams that are very competitive against other schools within the conference. There is not a lot of nightlife on the campus itself, but a lot going on off campus. The professors will go out of their way to help you, and as long as you email them they will come in even when they don't have scheduled office hours. There is no housing as most of the students are members of the community. The local area in general is very diverse and overall a great place to live. The campus food is very good but a little pricey.
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Frederick Community College is one of the best colleges around. I am so thankful that I chose to go here to start out my college journey, one being the amount of money I have saved instead of going into a four-year university, and two, being a small, tight-knit community. This college offers many advantages as professors and security guards are amazing. Most people are easy to work with. Again, financially, it is super helpful going to Frederick Community College first and then transferring.
I very much enjoy the atmosphere of this school. It is very laid back and calming. The cafeteria is very clean and large. There are multiple seating areas where people can use their laptops or school computers. There is even a place with TVs where people can come and bring their own gaming consoles. Every teacher that I have come in contact with is compassionate and caring for their students. I am not actually sure I would change anything about the actual campus itself. However, I do think that their website is a little difficult to use.
As a freshman at Frederick Community College, the short experience with the facilities, staff, and courses have been phenomenal. The small campus is well-organized with easy-to-locate buildings and classrooms. Most courses contain a decent amount of students, therefore most professors have the ability to work one-on-one with their students. I am excited to continue my education through Frederick Community College.
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