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Frederick Community College is a wonderful school. Most people do not expect much from a community college, but FCC offers so much to its students. They offer so many educational paths. They allow students to obtain an associate's degree to prepare them to transfer into a bachelor's program. They also offer fields of study that allow you to enter the work force upon completion, as well as continuing education and classes for seniors. FCC's opportunities allow for people from all walks of life to receive an affordable education.
For a community college, FCC has very solid programs and well respected faculty. All of the professors have been very good and are at FCC because they love to teach, not because they are publishing papers. Courses are well prices and generally moderate in difficulty.
The amount of money that i am saving more than makes up for the lack of utilities and quality of schooling. The ratio of what i'm paying to what i learn is so much better than any other college.
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What I like about Frederick Community College, was that it is like a family. The professors were very kind and showed interest in my education. The professors were very helpful, and they clarified any questions that I had. Also, the Writing Center staff were very helpful and gave me the right tools to help me understand the content of my assignment. What I would like to see change at Frederick Community College is the textbooks, I would like for there to be an online resource where students can have easier access to the textbooks at an cheaper price.
I am a dual enrolled student, so I take FCC classes at my high school. I wish there was more communication between the high school and college.
Attending FCC been a great experience so far. I have found a new love passion for education. So far the only negative experience I have had is an absolutely terrible teacher. She was brand new, and I assume resources were low to have hired a teacher like this. I am half way through my second semester the and I am loving it. The awful professor was replaced and I find my self enjoy going to class more and more. The campus is quite small, and this makes navigating it quite easy. The students are all eager to learn and the staff(with the one exception are more than happy to help. All of my professors have been outstanding so far and I am glad to be spending another year there!
The professors are almost all doctors which not all colleges can claim. The professors also really care about how you are doing in your classes and are willing to help whenever they can.
If you are a high school student in the Frederick area I would highly recommend going to community college first! Do not be scared of missing out on that "college life experience" you're saving yourself a ton of money in the process and FCC is a great school!
there were several day and time options for the classes that i wanted to sign up for
i haven't taken any online courses
my Professors are very nice and care about actually teaching the material to the students that want to learn
I have not really experienced this yet
There are a lot of resources readily available.
this is the only college that i have attended . I really like it.
The Financial Aid people didn't reply fast enough when I replied literally 14 hrs later they replied me back after 5 days.
Some classes were limited in offerings on times and days but generally OK.
Availability of on-line classes is good to supplement the classroom experience.
Review Frederick Community College
Have not really taken advantage of this at this time. May join military.
Enjoy the wide range of classes and courses available.
Wide range of career avenues to take, lots if internships available in the local area.
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