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Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering Reviews

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Olin is a wonderful place to learn how to work effectively as an engineer, with a really unique culture and without giving up interests outside of engineering.
Olin gives you a really unique undergrad experience. If you're motivated but want to get away from the stress of tests, this is the place for you.
Olin is a wonderful community for students who are eager to connect with other engineers, and enjoy a hands on engineering experience that encourages students to learn how to teach themselves the necessary skills for any engineering endeavor they wish to take. The workload is definitely intense, and you come to be very grateful that "minimum viable products" exist, as the difficulty and intensity of most projects are typically determined by the students' themselves. The staff is super friendly. If you like small schools and getting to really know your peers, being in a class of 90-90 students definitely encourages that, and by engineering school standards we are definitely a fairly diverse student body (with a completely even gender split).
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I love the collaborative atmosphere at Olin; people will often help you out even if you don't know each other personally.

The professors are 110% invested in teaching and in seeing their students succeed, and will often put in overtime to make sure you're doing alright.

Lots of on-campus resources, from free on-demand ColonyCare therapy to a fully equipped machine shop. The administration is sometimes distant and inscrutable, but they do care about listening to the students and including their feedback in the way the school runs.

You'll get lots of opportunities for internships while at Olin (particularly in software, although Olin has been making an effort to diversify recruiting companies)

Downsides of Olin include a tendency to never leave campus (getting to downtown Boston is a bit of a pain without a car) and a culture of overwork (whether through passion for projects or sheer habit).
Olin College of Engineering is a one of a kind place to learn engineering. It teaches in a hands on, do-learning style heaving focusing on the technical but also on the "soft skills" of engineering. Students are constantly collaborating on group projects. It is close knit community and the professors really seem to care about you and what you are learning. No proffesor gets tenure so the experimental mindset keeps curriculum fresh. Students here can also cross register at both Wellesey and Babson to take Liberal Arts, and Entrepreneurship classes.
i ll choose my course. by my major classes. and try to study harder
i will stay my home. and i ll go with ride people. or Cap.
the school is most popular and famous school for me.
Education philosophy is great, social scene is meh.
Small school. There are parties about every weekend put on by one of the suites in East Hall. If alcohol is your thing, it is incredibly easy to find, but there is no pressure whatsoever to drink and/or attend parties.
I feel very safe on campus. Because we are such a small school, an unfamiliar face is recognized immediately. Babson Public Safety is always patrolling campus; I can often see a car from my dorm window.
Our food gets a lot of crap from people even though it is some of the best in the country. We are a school of 350 students, so we do not have multiple dining halls. The one that we do have has puts out multitudes of vegetarian, vegan, gluten and allergy free options, and there is always something for someone. The kitchen staff is friendly and will gladly give you anything you ask for (they made me cupcakes on my birthday!), and they are always open to suggestions on how to improve the dining experience. Every Olin student is on an unlimited meal plan, which includes unlimited swipes at neighbor colleges Babson, Wellesley, and Brandeis, so if you are ever cross-registered you do not need to worry about food.
Olin has a different admission process. There are two rounds of admission: round one, which is based off of the typical common application, and round two, where applicants passing round one are invited to campus for an assessment process called Candidate's Weekend. After Candidate's Weekend, all "numbers" concerning the applicant such as test scores and gpa are disregarded and the applicant is evaluated based on his/her "fit" for Olin. This allows the admissions team to build a class that really works together.
We are right outside of Boston. It's not hard to go into the city for the day using Boston public transit. The surrounding suburbs are all very wealthy and nicely kept, but they don't have much besides restaurants.
The administration understands that we are college students who are going to do college student things. As long as there is no property damage or physical harm, we are generally left to our own devices. Everyone at Olin looks out for eachother, so nothing like that ever happens anyway.
Everyone who goes to Olin gets a half tuition scholarship valued at over 90000 dollars over four years. Everyone.
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There are quite a few restaurants in the surrounding area, they just require a car or bike to get to them. Prices are a bit on the expensive side, but nothing with bankrupt you. Also, Dominoes delivers!
Every double gets their own bathroom, microwave, and fridge. And we get control over the air conditioning. Seriously - that's awesome. The rooms are pretty spacious and the buildings are well maintained. The dorm atmosphere is incredible as well - there are always people doing something cool in one of the lounges, whether it's playing a game, watching a movie, or just hanging out.
The people at Olin are unlike anyone else. To get a real idea of what it's like, you really need to visit. The honor code is a huge part of student life. Because of that and the small student population, the community is super close, which we all love.
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