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I am a transfer online student and have enjoyed my experience at Frankin University. The understanding and cooperation of the advisors in coordinating classes and working around my work schedule has been very helpful with my success to finish my degree.
I like that classes are online, books are fairly cheap to buy them online through the University. Also, the library and professors are super helpfully
I already have one degree from Franklin, and I went back for another! Academic advising is great, and I haven't had an instructor I didn't like yet.

The only thing I would change, and probably would have the same answer for most colleges is lower tuition. Franklin is mid-range, so it's not a complaint for me, but any lower tuition would be great!

All the N/A ratings come from me being a distance student. Never even been there!
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My experience with Franklin University has been great. The course schedules are very convenient for working adults they only meet once a week, and the online classes are even better. I love the six week courses, they are intense but quick. There is nothing that I would want to see change except for maybe a little less writing papers.
I am currently at student at Franklin and I have enjoyed my time there so far. I was hesitant about returning to school after a long gap but the advisors and staff made it a very easy experience. I have about a year more to go and I am looking forward to my graduation from Franklin. I do not live on campus as I work full time and I am a single parent, so I do not know about the dorms/housing or the "party scene", but what I know about Franklin thus far is good.
Great school. The school provides a lot of resources to help you succeed. The advisors and teachers are helpful and want to help you succeed as well.
Franklin has been a great school so far. The teachers are all very nice and helpful. Personally, some of the coursework has been a bit easy, but that may just be my situation. Overall, it is a pretty good school.
Enrolled as an adult working full-time job. Unlike other colleges, the professors and advisors do what they can in order to help students succeed without having to sacrifice too much. They will work with people who have jobs and families to take care of. I doubt my success as a student would have been possible in another college.
I have enjoyed my time with Franklin. They make it really easy for adults with full time jobs to return to school.
I love that i can go online and on campus. The communication and technology is great. The tutoring in even available online. the options to rent text books really help. Everything is very easy to follow. My advisor has all my questions answered before I can ask them. We have a really great plan for my career.
You get out of Franklin what you put into it. The university constantly strives to improve student life, curriculum, etc., and the instructors are passionate about their work. I would suggest Franklin to any adult student who needs a reputable degree program that allows for a full-time job.
The price is high but well worth it as an investment towards the future. The professors helpful and take the time to teach the material beyond what is required. The classes themselves are useful and push students into learning beyond the minimal.
I love Franklin University because, they are determined to have students succeed. There is so much support, whether its tutoring, financial assistance or advising. They make it super easy to get in touch with someone and get help or answers!
My experience at Franklin University has been fantastic. I wish I would have started at Franklin rather than going to the community college first.
Feel secure when attending classes.
Not aware of any greek clubs.
No sports or music programs are available.
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I would recommend this college to others.
The school security makes sure students are well protected
i love how the class sizes are
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