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Franklin Technology - MSSU Reviews

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It is beneficial for your job to have the experience and training.
They help while on externship but not while you work too, then you have to make it work if you want your major to be your career.
They try to help out unless you are a returning student, then you are all on your own.
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The first online course I could not even get, but it was Spanish. Spanish is better in the class unless you have a real good teacher.
Like any other campus. A little bigger than a community college though.
They help you graduate I can say that much.
Sometimes you incorporate the skills and training other times the facility will mold you into the person or associate they want.
Sometimes you use what they teach.
They try their best to assist and help out succeed.
You can get a job sometimes, but believe it depends on the demand.
We don't do very much online, but what we do is sometimes helpful.
14 grand is a lot of money, so scholarships are definitely helpful.
SO MUCH DRAMA. Hopefully that gets better before we're done.
Good, I just wish I could get WIFI on my phone in the classroom.
We only have access to the library at MSSU since we aren't really students there. I would like to have access to the gym.
The teachers have talked to us a lot about continuing education after we graduate.
We can get our LPN quickly and with a lot of help.
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If you are going to be gone for a test they give you the chance to make it up.
LOTS OF DRAMA. But that has nothing to do with the school itself, just the students.
The teachers are often times moody and don't seem to cope well in stressful situations. However, their experience in the health care field comes in handy and we have an awesome lab.
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