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I have learned numerous great ideas and life lessons while attending Franklin Pierce. Coming in as a freshmen it was a major culture shock because I had been raised in an urban setting for my entire life prior. This school has an isolated rural setting that allows for a peaceful experience. There are an immense amount of academic help opportunities, and this proves that this school takes great pride in their work. Athletics is a big aspect of FPU because almost half of the student population is affiliated with a sports team on campus. the food in the cafeteria is the one aspect that the school must update, and many of the students have requested new options. Ultimately, this school takes great pride in every aspect of its campus life.
I really enjoyed most of my time at Franklin Pierce. I have met some of my closest friends while attending school because of its small community. The downside to this campus is that it is very rural, and you have to travel pretty far distances to go to any shops. However, I loved the views, and being right on Pearly Pond.
The different activities they have on nice days. Buffalo chicken Wednesday. They could improve dorms, food, and teachers.
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My experience at Franklin Pierce University has been great, thus far. I've met many people who have taught me valuable life lessons on this small campus. It's easy to walk from class to class, as it only takes a couple of minutes to get to each building. There are a number of different clubs that host events each weekend to encourage student involvement and socialization. The scenery is beautiful, with a great view of Mount Monadnock and Pearly Pond. However, the cafeteria food is average, and could improve with better funding. I would like to see an improvement as far as the cafeteria providing alternative food options for those who are on special diets.
It's a pretty decent school. Very expensive but all the students there get a scholarship or some form of financial aid. The foods okay, the dorms were designed by someone who designed a prison, but it's non-profit. I hear the communications department is decent and the English departments professors are pretty understanding. Not much diversity though.
Let start off by saying this school is essentially a community college for people who like to get away from home. First of all the people on campus are extremely selfish, they do not have a moral compass. I don't know, its like they treat visitors and outsiders like gods. But once your there, they don't give a crap about you. I came here to study environmental science because of the beautiful scenery and wilderness study areas on and off campus which is nice. The campus food I believe is C or D grade food (C grade is prison food standards), so already know what kind of food your getting. The school treats athletes like they are gods, and they can get away with anything. The baseball players can walk into class high or drunk and the professor won't even mind. Also, just recently the school just cut like several major sports teams that were keeping people here. So overall this place is fun for a good semester or two, but other than that everything else at this school is very limited.
Teachers are good, resources are good, very compact and diverse campus. Food sucks. Party scene is fun. Dorms are pretty broken down for the freshman buildings.
I enjoyed attending Franklin Pierce for 4 years. The campus is small but there is enough students to make lasting friendships. A few of their policies are a bit out dated, and the campus needs a refresher
I liked the scenery of Franklin Pierce and how welcoming everyone is. I also like the sports complex on campus. One thing I would like change is the food on campus.
This campus is small, and quickly becomes like home. We are a community that stands together. The area is beautiful and even if you can not get off campus, campus its self is beautiful. The staff and professors that work here are all great people who want to help you achieve all of your goals.
Its secluded from everywhere. The nearest big city is an hour away. Not very many things to do but study.
Franklin Pierce is such an amazing school and it was the best decision I have made to attend. The classes are amazing and the people are all so welcoming. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. People go canoeing and paddling boarding when the weather is nice and goes ice skating when the pond is frozen over. Franklin Pierce is just like my home and I'm always so excited to come back and enjoy my time with all my good friends
Franklin Pierce University is an excellent university. I am a student in the physical therapy graduate program and have been very impressed with the resources we have been provided with as well as the excellence of our professors. Although the graduate program is still expensive, it is a more affordable option compared to other schools in New England.
I love the campus very much, it is a diverse community and very close knit. I feel like I could succeed here all four years. I have been accepted already and I am looking forward in moving forward.
Great friends and amazing professors. Overall my professors have been available whenever needed. Learning Centers offer much tutoring. I chose Franklin Pierce University because of the Environmental Science program. I love the fact that the University is nestled in the mountains and has a lot of hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.
They need lot better food and the infrastructure is beginning to fall apart a little so it would be nice to see it updated a little but other than that I love it there.
It is a great school with a lot of opportunities the environment is a calm and friendly environment with lots of friendly people
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Franklin Pierce University is in its own area and it is very pretty. There is a mountain where we can hike and there is also a lake where we can go canoeing. The campus is nice and small and you can get to know many people. Also freshmen are allowed to bring cars so that gives students opportunities to go out of the campus to hang out as well!
Franklin Pierce has a beautiful campus that attracts students but I personally believe there are a lot of areas that need improvement. They focus heavily on athletics and student athletes while non athletes feel pushed to the side. The professors are great, but there has to be a better way to sign up for courses and a way to offer more time slots for them so schedules don't have to be so stressful. The food company, Sodexo, that caters the campus was featured on the movie "Super Size Me" so they should replace that with a healthier option since they charge students so much money to live there.
It's all about what you make of it. FPU as a lot of free things to go to, which is essential to the life of a college student. They have movie showings, popcorn and soda; comedy acts; and bingo where they give away cash prizes, all free
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