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This is an "adult" program that treats the adults like children. The instructors pick on their students until they have nervous breakdowns. The instructor made homophobic comments in front of an LGBT student. They talk about their religion while judging the class and pretending they are a god themselves. You can't stay after school for help and they tell you your uneducated if you ask questions. Don't come to this school. Would give zero stars if the rating would allow it.
A couple of teachers were very informing. They were strict but I learned when I was paired with them for a semester. Then a few other teachers seem to think it's ok to talk to us like children. Our rights aren't respected.
There is no employer recruiting on campus. Some potential employers come to the school and tell us about the program in preoperation of our clinical days at their site.
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The tuition is expensive. I thought I would have a better environment to with as much the tuition is. I had several problems with the financial aid department with my refunds coming up over $1000 short each time. The class schedule/payment/ program costs per level, has to be requested. It isn't provided to you unless you ask for it. The form is all jumbled up and you can not clearly see what was initially received by the school or how much money went to what.
We do not have any programs or groups to get involved with at this school.
We attend a lot of clinical sites in the area so you are given the opportunity to stand out and possibly get a job there after completion of program. The homework given is extreme when it needs to be completed in a very short period of time. I assume this may be the case in any one year program.
There are a few programs offered to adults at this school. They have LPN, CNC machinist, welding, CDL training and fork lift classes.
The LPN program is located on the Wilson College campus. We do not have any access to the activities on campus that are provided to the Wilson college students. We do not have any activities pertaining to our school. The heating is limited in the winter months so it's always freezing in the classrooms and the summer months, we're in their sweating. Not a very good experience, just trying to make it to graduation.
it is a tough program
we don't have to rely on the campus
we only have 4 computers
they prepare us for the work we will do
the curriculum was set going into the program
we don't have on line courses but power points and other things we need are on line
I like all my instructors
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