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My visit and over night stay was warm and welcoming, they did not forget any questions that I was about to ask.
It has amazing job opportunities with professors who are wanting you to learn the most out of each time they meet with you. Very close to downtown Indianapolis with lots of internships and jobs that Franklin College is connected with.
As a freshman first attending Franklin College, it has met my expectations and then some. When I first went to Franklin for a football camp, I knew that day that's where I wanted to go. I did go to other colleges, to explore other options I had available to me but the atmosphere at Franklin wasn't like any other. It feels like I am surrounded by family, the student to professor ratio is perfect for me. I enjoy being on the football team, meeting others and just having the family atmosphere. Choosing Franklin was the best decision I made and I'm enjoying every moment of college life.
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Franklin College is small campus with amazing professors who are there specifically to teach. All professors who I have encountered care deeply about their students and make sure to have time during their day to meet with students. As an able-bodied woman, I have no trouble getting around campus, but there are issues with accessibility for people with disabilities ranging from uneven and cracked sidewalks to unreliable elevators.
Franklin College as a whole is a school that gives students amazing opportunities and return on investment after graduation. This is a private school of less than 2,000 students, so it does struggle in some aspects. But the most important part is, they are constantly working to improve the school! Last year there were many complaints regarding the food, so this year they upgraded and are getting a new company. They also just built a new science building in order to give the students the best education possible. Living in Franklin my whole life, I knew how extraordinary it was already. I just wish all of my peers had the same chance to get to know the campus like me! And becoming a journalism major might have been the best decision I've ever made in regards to college. The professors here are unmatched and stay completely dedicated to giving you the best education possible.
Franklin has amazing professors and programs, but has little to no interest in improving the school’s technology.
I love my college. Transferring to Franklin college was one of the best decisions I have made. The campus is beautiful and the professors are great. The classes are organized well and in depth. I learned so much more material in the intro biology course at this school than my previous one. You really get what you put into college, and Franklin college offers so many opportunities. There are multiple living options as well. There is a variety of healthy food choices in the cafeteria. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied on campus.
Franklin College has been a welcoming and vibrant environment that has provided me with countless opportunities to grow mentally, academically, and socially. I have transformed into a better person than I ever could have imagined.
I came to Franklin because I wanted to have a relationship with my professors, and I have not been disappointed. Not only do they want to push you to be your best self, but they genuinely care about your well-being as well as your future. It's a relationship you just can't get at a bigger university. <3
I love that the school is very close knit and that it is such a small school! Also, I love that my professors are always there to help you if you are ever stuck on anything. All of the professors are very nice and teach you all lot about life.
Well, it was really frustrating because I had a week to apply to this college. I wasn't expecting to, I applied in other places, but this college was going to help me financially. I had a week, I had my application fee waived and I rushed my SAT's. My counselor was on point, she would reply back to me really fast and she helped me get my paperwork in as soon as possible. I was already stressed about college in general, but Franklin College made it fast and easy.
Love the community and family feeling at Franklin. Everyone is equal and helps one another to a common goal of school.
I'm a junior and I still absolutely adore this campus, the faculty, and the students. The best environment to learn and grow as a student is a place in which a campus acts like a community, and that's exactly what Franklin does. Professors work around the clock to see that students succeed in ever aspect of their lives, and that they will have success beyond graduation. Our small community makes for big opportunity to try new things and discover what it is that YOU love.
Franklin College is a great school to pursue your education and career goals through. Franklin College has opened many doors for me that I would not have been able to do on my own. Not only has the school and its faculty & staff pushed me to my limits, they have mentored me along the way. At the rate that I am going, I will achieve great things here at Franklin College. I highly recommend seeking out Franklin College and the opportunities that they have to offer.
I love how Franklin College is such a small school so I can have a personal relationship with my Professors.
Franklin College has a great campus. I enjoy the small class size and professors that are helpful. I am happy with my experience so far at Franklin College.
The professors are extremely helpful and compassionate. The education is high quality and the sense of community is strong.
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Franklin College has a very tight knit community. You get to know your classmates very well and your professors. Professors care about you and want you to succeed. There's numerous academically vigorous courses that challenge you and push you to be a better person.
Franklin College is an amazing small school with big opportunities. It is extremely easy to be involved academically and with extracurriculars. The professors are always available to help you with any problem - personal or school related.
Franklin College provides many opportunities for students to be involved within the community and the school. However, the school is run by very WASPy folks. The tuition is high, and the money is rarely spent satisfying the students.