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I love being a student at Franklin College! The professors and staff are always willing to take the extra step to make sure you get to information and help that you need to be successful.
I enjoyed my experience with the visit at Franklin College. I met up with many of students and athletes and everyone is very friendly. It might be small, but I only see positives from that. It is a very "together" and nice community. I would say if you want to go to a small college, definitely look into Franklin.
It was overall a good experience so far. The things that I would change is better quality of the food and a better surrounding area to do stuff off of campus.
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I love the friendly environment! I would love to see more diversity than what's there. I love the team spirits! The dedication to preserving the community feeling! I also love the choices for the sports that you choose to do! I am in Cross Country and I love the feeling of being on a team! They never fail to make someone, like me, feel like they are on a team!
I will be a freshman at Franklin College. The staff, coaches and professors have been really helpful with registration, getting classes, financial aid and learning about the school. Everyone is really friendly and I can wait to get started!
I had the worst experience at Franklin. I went to the housing president with some serious concerns about the well being of my roommate. He did NOTHING about it. The situation was causing me very high levels of stress which resulted in me failing most of my classes.

The dorm rooms are so gross. They're not cleaned very well before move in and they stink.

The only good thing I have to say about this college is the security officer named Carey. I had a breakdown one night and I didn't know who else to go to. He sat and talked with me for 5 hours. He actually cared about my well being.
I have really liked the school so far! As a sophomore, I've joined a sorority, Student Congress, and I am a resident assistant. It is very easy to get involved on campus.

Academics are so big here. The professors know you by name. They also care about you, not just your grades, but what's going on personally.
Coming from a small high school, Franklin helped make me feel at home. I enjoy the connections I have with my professors, the convenient location, and most of all the school spirit and traditions here at Franklin College.
Franklin is a great small college. There is a very big community sense here and everyone is always willing to help one another.
I love Franklin College because they've given me the opportunities to be successful and excel in my career field. They helped me choose that career field by offering me an internship at a hospital where I realized that I want to pursue being a physician's assistant rather than a doctor. The community of Franklin is one big family, and I've made friendships that will last a lifetime. We're also in a unique spot being in a small town but only 30 minutes from Indianapolis. If I could go back and do it all again, I would choose Franklin every time!
overall this is a great school, and would love others to come here
there is a ton of opportunity on campus to network for jobs
nothing happens here in comparison to bigger schools
I like how close the dorms are to the buildings on campus
socially, Greek life helps you meet a lot of people on campus and gives you something to do on the weekend.
the whole school is basically athletes, which helps with everyone on campus knowing each other
great place to go, feels like home because of the small school atmosphere
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Professors are always encouraging us to go on internships and help us get internships as well.
I love my college and I'm glad I'm here. I'm on first name bases with some of my professors and I feel that they want what is best for me.
I always feel safe on campus. We have security 24/7 even when the school is closed and they are willing to walk with you across campus if you ever feel unsafe.