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I transferred after my freshman year at F&M, and I am glad I did. The student body is stuck up and entitled. Do not attend this school unless you want everyone to know your business, whether it is good or bad people will find out. The dining plan is one step up from prison food, so you be the judge of that. The administration is cracking down on all greek life and partying on campus. They are also shockingly unqualified. There are only a couple big events on campus and turn out is poor. If you are looking to seriously party after your freshman year, you must join a fraternity or sorority. Athletics are okay, people show up usually because they are cheering on a friend. Freshman housing is really outdated, the dorms were built in the 60s. Also, students, faculty, and administration are extremely liberal and not afraid to show it. Academics are rigorous, so be prepared. There are a lot of drugs on campus. Students hail mostly from PA, NY, and NJ. Good luck!
Unless you are close minded and hold liberal beliefs I do not recommend attending this college. Everyone, including the faculty, professors, and a vast majority of the student body, is very judgmental towards those who disagree with their liberal beliefs. Those with conservative beliefs are belittled within the social as well as academic environments on campus. The so called "professional" staff clearly sides with those who hold the same liberal beliefs that they do. In addition to the uninviting environment on campus, the curriculum the school requires does not even transfer to other 4 year universities, so if you want to transfer to another college or university it will be extremely difficult. To sum up, Franklin and Marshall is a very close minded, unreasonable expensive college that is not worth attending if you desire an environment to expand your own views, learn through new, exciting experiences and obtain a useful education.
Our college president, Dr. Dan Porterfield, is an amazing individual and mentor that works immensely to make sure that every student, no matter where they come from, feels welcome and accepted on campus. One thing I would like to see change at Franklin and Marshall are the food options. I would like to see a better dining plan innovated to offer more healthier food options for students to have on campus.
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I made good friends here. The professors at this school are top notch; however, there is not a large academic environment at this school. Students are focused on typical "American" ideals rather than European conversationalism.
There's not a lot to do on campus besides going to parties on weekends. You only have a social life if you are either on a sports team or participate in Greek life. Clubs aren't really a thing and pretty much unheard of. Games are barely attended. Students constantly get alerts of crimes near/on campus such as students/professors being mugged right off campus or townies sneaking into the dorms. Classes you want are hard to get into, and course registration is a nightmare. The art, science, and dorm buildings are pretty dilapidated.
There were a lot of things I didn't really like at F&M, but I was lucky to have made really great friends and have had understanding and enthusiastic professors and deans. Overall, it's a caring community and everyone's nice. The academics are challenging in a great way, and professors are always willing to help with the course material and get to know you. The people on this campus are what made my experience more bareable and not all worth a waste.
Unless you are getting financial aid, this school is a waste of your money. Courses are broad as there are not enough students to offer courses on specific topics. OSPGD (career services) is useless unless, for some reason, you want a job in Lanc. And almost all of student life is corraled by the college to take place on our highly regulated (keg-free) campus where you are required to register any all parties with our train-wreck administration.

Bottom Line: If you're looking to go to this school, get ready to be in classes with 8 people, use gender-neutral bathrooms, and go to zero tailgates.
Professors are nice and helpful. However, the campus lacks diversity and multi cultural student interaction. Students tend to form bonds within their own ethnicity and not much effort is being made from both the faculty and the student body. The campus dining options are limited and the hours of operation are somewhat inconvenient.
Franklin & Marshall is a beautiful school, dedicated to its students. The campus is gorgeous and enclosed with a great balance between nature and city-living. When I visited, it was pouring rain and no one else showed up for the tours. I was paired up with a tour guide who was majoring in my intended subject area, and I got a personal tour of the campus. I was able to meet professors and talk to students about their experiences, and I felt very at home. Despite the rain, which normally would've put me in a bad mood, I left the tour with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.
Great professors, decent dorm life, and fairly good food. Great liberal arts education that can be applied to the real world. The student body is very preppy and dominated by frats or sports teams but many events for everyone to go to.
The new administration needs to chill out with shutting down frats every weekend. It's so much safer when frats have parties versus random small parties. But other than that and class being difficult, F&M isn't that bad.
I am a first year at F&M and I enjoy the atmosphere there. There's great people making sure we don't go hungry. There's many clubs & organizations to choose from. For the book worms Shadekt Library is not only beautiful, but full of books. Sometimes a rare conflict shows up, but there are many people ready to help and are not afraid to speak up.
Prior to coming to Franklin and Marshall I was sold on the idea that this campus would offer a welcoming community and rigorous academics that would challenge my thinking and perception of the world. However, upon arrival I noticed that the school's atmosphere was fairly unwelcoming. Different races stayed to themselves and the community advertised in pamphlets and info-sessions did not mirror the reality. I tried stepping out of my comfort zone by reaching out to other people. I tried to create the community I wanted to see, but nothing worked. Luckily enough, I was given some great professors my first semester. They were kind and understanding, but I felt as though I wasn't learning much in class. The academic rigor seemed to come solely through the compounding of assignments given at one time, not in the form of intellectual challenges that allow students to develop critical thinking skills.
F&M was my first choice college, and has lived up to my expectations of a liberal arts college well. Most reviews are going to be extremely negative or positive so I'm going to try to stay neutral. The academics are challenging, especially for someone who is lazy like me, but with around an hour of work outside of classes you can manage and all day study sessions will be enough to get you a good grade on tests. The party scene is somewhat lackluster, frats make up a large amount of whats available and can be hard to get into if you're a guy and don't know anybody. I'd recommend joining a school group of club sport team to have a party option available to you each weekend, although swimming is always open and always an awesome time.
Our school is incredibly diverse and has a very inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is incredibly friendly and looks out for their peers. The school offers a wide range of extracurricular and club activities that get the greater majority of the school's undergraduate population involved in campus activities. All of the teachers are easily accessible outside of class and are active in getting the most out of their students. There are so many different resources for studying, receiving extra help or asking questions outside of class. All of the students and Professors have a lot of school spirit - everyone goes to games, performances and everything in between. All in all, Franklin & Marshall is a very positive environment that fosters educational growth and promotes students ability to think critically for the rest of their lives.
We have a place on campus called Public Safety and there are helpful in all situations.
Living on campus is such an amazing experience.
Greek life is an amazing experience but you are not looked at differently if you are not apart of it.
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My school's spirit is amazing ! Everyone comes together and supports the various clubs and sports teams on campus.
It was not my top choice, but it has been an amazing experience so far !
This school is allows for students to blend many interests. While deeply academic, there is also an emphasis on volunteer activities and internship opportunities. Franklin and Marshall makes me feel like I am always looking forward
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