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What I like about Frank Philips College is that the classes are very small so it gives each and every student an opportunity to get close with the professor and receive the help that each student needs. Also, the students get more hands on experience with each and every subject. There are many opportunities to get help when needed outside of class and the professors are always willing to be there. I do not think that Frank Philips College needs to change anything due to the fact that everything I need is always available and the professors are very dedicated to their profession.
I liked how frank was a small junior college. Which meant smaller classes it was a good transition from high school to college. The staff was great they helped me as much as they could and they were friendly. Their office hours were true and the professors uploaded everything we needed in a timely matter and their grading was done in a timely matter as well.
Frank Philips College is a fantastic school. The teachers care about their students and do their best to help everyone. The school provides us with tutors if needed and a study hall to help with our classes and school work. The athletics program is fantastic. Students who participate in athletics are pushed to do their best and helped to succeed. Frank Philips has wonderful coaches who know what they're doing. Frank Philips College is a wonderful school that provides students with tremendous oppiortunities.
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I really enjoyed this college because the professors where all easy to work with. Since I am enrolled in dual-credit, I only see the professors once every two weeks. Despite this, they were always ready to answer any questions I had by email.
I have enjoyed having a chance to be at such a welcoming school. Frank Phillips College is a small school, with big dreams. The staff here is amazing and will do anything to help those in need. I cannot wait to continue my learning career here and graduate from such a loving school
It's okay. Not a lot of choices, so not a lot of room for flexibility.
I had one online class through FP that I liked and that was through VCT. It's all about the professor you get and how good they are with technology.
I've had good professors and some really really crap one's. You just have to ask people before you take a class. That's a small school perk.
It's super tiny. None of the above is applicable.
I'm general, so it's fine.
FP is alright. Most of the profs half do things and expect their students to read between the lines. I like the small class sizes, but that doesn't make up for the other.
They make you feel at home and work with you
I could not pick a better school
Like the flexibility of classes.
The professor/student relationship is not there, which makes it harder.
Not real sure since I am going on to another school and am not looking for a job right now.
The courses are manageable and the teachers are very helpful.
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They employers from the area put on a job fair every year. If you obtain your associates degree, you can find a job if you don't want to go on.
Small, friendly school. Teachers are always there to help.
All classes are offered in the early morning until the late evening. Classroom size is reasonable and the professor works with you weather you need it or not.
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