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Franciscan University of Steubenville Reviews

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Franciscan University has a unique and diverse culture, but even with its diversity it is very united as Christ is central in most peoples' lives and in aspects of the school.
The school is a great place to receive an well-rounded liberal arts education that is extremely faith/reason-based. The professors are very available for students and small class sizes help students from going under the radar and not actually learning. Personally I didn’t find the academics to be very rigorous, though I have learned very, very much and my love for school and academia would not have been possible without Franciscan. I also had the opportunity to do NCAA sports at the university. Many people support the student-athletes though there really isn’t any support at all from students outside of those who are already involved in a sport. It has its flaws like any school, but it’s professors are unmatched.
This is a really cool college and it’s fun to attend. The academics are excellent. The athletics are quite good. The food is well prepared and tasty.
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Franciscan University of Steubenville is where I envision myself being as I further my education. It is a small Catholic environment with excellent services and academics. I did not see anything on my visit that I thought needed to be improved. I can not wait to study there!
The academics at FUS are of top caliber and class. The diversity on campus, on the other hand, is lackluster but not inexistent. There is a very strong acceptance of all ethnicities on campus granted they follow Catholic social teaching. The campus itself is a gem. The cleanliness is remarkable and with trees and green space being everywhere is a very beautiful campus. the athletics are competitive but not exceptional. The professors are top quality and come from all walks of life. Where diversity may lack in student population the administration and Professors do not. The local area of Steubenville is without question, abysmal and unsafe. However, the school is located atop a high hill with ample security and privacy. The dorms are rather nice for a university and the food is of high quality.
I loved the atmosphere of the campus, everyone is so nice. I felt connected with eveyone there. It felt like a close community. I like how it is out of a city and up tucked away on a hill. I would like to Change the dorms. Some of the dorms do not have air conditioning and are small.
It would be helpful if professors were easier to contact and ask questions. It would also be nice if there were more opportunities on campus for traditional Catholics.
As someone who transferred in, it had an adjustment period (like transferring anywhere does), but it is a good community. There are many different options of ministries and different communities, but you need to be willing to put yourself out there and be part of the community. There isn't much to do in Stubenville.
I think that Franciscan is an amazing school with an excellent mission. I really appreciate the authentic Catholicism of the school and the faculty is very good. However, I do not like the raising tuition rates, as I feel that the school sometimes spends a lot of money on things that are not important.
I like the community at Franciscan University. Almost everyone you meet is friendly, welcoming, and willing to help. I also really enjoy the classes and think, so far, they are wonderful for the most part. The professors are amazing. I enjoy the campus layout, the dorms, and the location of Franciscan University as well. The one thing I dislike is the strong tendency for cliques to form; this is something I did not like to see at my college.
It’s a great school rooted in the Catholic faith. I’ve met some very great people here and have had great professors. Very glad I chose this university.
I was greatly impacted by the friends I made and the professors who encouraged me at Franciscan. The atmosphere was friendly, welcoming, and supportive. Yes, some people are holier than thou. But the environment focused greatly on encouraging each person to be the best version of themselves.
I believe that as a university, that Franciscan University stands out as one of the best. The classes were challenging and interesting instructed by professors who were leaders in their fields. However, the most inviting aspect of this university is the atmosphere. At Franciscan University the students success comes first, when I first visited the campus, I was amazed at how the professors and staff were so student oriented. It is the sincere wish of the staff at Franciscan to help the students achieve in their chosen fields and to become the men and women that God calls them to be. It is a truly remarkable experience that I must recommend to anyone who is looking for a place to guide them toward success.
This an absolute great school. The staff and teachers are helpful and caring. One troubling thing is that even as helpful as they are they do not offer much help in finding scholarships.

Nevertheless, the staff is always there for you and willing to help in most situations. The classes are fun and very interactive and the wide range of topics are taught by great teachers.
If you love the traditions of the Church, this is not the place for you. Many of the theologians that they teach from were banned for being humanistic and liberal under the reign of Pius XII. Their Pentecostal "Charismatic Movement" events are not very Catholic either. I am glad they uphold life and are anti-LGBT movement, but their theology is off. They are huge on the Second Vatican Council and quote Vatican II all the time, but their Masses are not even in line with that Council's documents. If you love tradition and you love the Holy Faith, do not come here, unless you plan on changing the culture here.
So far Franciscan has been great! As a freshman I was not sure if it would fit me, but I can now say that I love it here and I would not trade it for the world. It gives me a good balance of Faith, Academics, and other aspects that I believe will help me become a better person. I would definitely consider looking at Franciscan if you are looking for a well rounded education and for something that will push you to become a better person.
Franciscan University of Steubenville is an outstanding college. The majority of attendees are loud and proud Catholics, who are living out their faith in awesome ways! The Professors also all take an oath of Fidelity to the Holy Father, something not all professors do at Catholic colleges
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Great place to study they have wonderful professors, housing is superb, if I had one thing I learned about is my faith and that I believe in as a Catholic since it is a Catholic university not to many parties but a great school otherwise.
I have really enjoyed my time at Franciscan so far. I am in pre nursing and although it is challenging, the professors are terrific. The small class sizes make knowing the professor a lot easier. In particular, my Freshman 103 English class was great, because due to the small class size I was able to form a friendship with my professor that would not have been possible in a larger university. Their science programs are hard core and thoroughly prepare you for any type of science/medical fields you are hoping to pursue.
Students and faculty were very welcoming and the atmosphere was positive everywhere I went. You could definitely see a change in priorities among the students many were concerned with their service project, School, family and prayer life therefore pointing toward the fact that Franciscan University promotes a counter cultural lifestyle that focuses on faith, family, and service.
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