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I believe that as a university, that Franciscan University stands out as one of the best. The classes were challenging and interesting instructed by professors who were leaders in their fields. However, the most inviting aspect of this university is the atmosphere. At Franciscan University the students success comes first, when I first visited the campus, I was amazed at how the professors and staff were so student oriented. It is the sincere wish of the staff at Franciscan to help the students achieve in their chosen fields and to become the men and women that God calls them to be. It is a truly remarkable experience that I must recommend to anyone who is looking for a place to guide them toward success.
This an absolute great school. The staff and teachers are helpful and caring. One troubling thing is that even as helpful as they are they do not offer much help in finding scholarships.

Nevertheless, the staff is always there for you and willing to help in most situations. The classes are fun and very interactive and the wide range of topics are taught by great teachers.
If you love the traditions of the Church, this is not the place for you. Many of the theologians that they teach from were banned for being humanistic and liberal under the reign of Pius XII. Their Pentecostal "Charismatic Movement" events are not very Catholic either. I am glad they uphold life and are anti-LGBT movement, but their theology is off. They are huge on the Second Vatican Council and quote Vatican II all the time, but their Masses are not even in line with that Council's documents. If you love tradition and you love the Holy Faith, do not come here, unless you plan on changing the culture here.
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So far Franciscan has been great! As a freshman I was not sure if it would fit me, but I can now say that I love it here and I would not trade it for the world. It gives me a good balance of Faith, Academics, and other aspects that I believe will help me become a better person. I would definitely consider looking at Franciscan if you are looking for a well rounded education and for something that will push you to become a better person.
Franciscan University of Steubenville is an outstanding college. The majority of attendees are loud and proud Catholics, who are living out their faith in awesome ways! The Professors also all take an oath of Fidelity to the Holy Father, something not all professors do at Catholic colleges
Great place to study they have wonderful professors, housing is superb, if I had one thing I learned about is my faith and that I believe in as a Catholic since it is a Catholic university not to many parties but a great school otherwise.
I have really enjoyed my time at Franciscan so far. I am in pre nursing and although it is challenging, the professors are terrific. The small class sizes make knowing the professor a lot easier. In particular, my Freshman 103 English class was great, because due to the small class size I was able to form a friendship with my professor that would not have been possible in a larger university. Their science programs are hard core and thoroughly prepare you for any type of science/medical fields you are hoping to pursue.
Students and faculty were very welcoming and the atmosphere was positive everywhere I went. You could definitely see a change in priorities among the students many were concerned with their service project, School, family and prayer life therefore pointing toward the fact that Franciscan University promotes a counter cultural lifestyle that focuses on faith, family, and service.
The community and the central focus on becoming a saint and partaking in the sacramental life while being a real, alive, and joyful person who can be a part of our world and witness Christ to others is invaluable. You will not regret putting your personal formation and your soul first.
I live in the area and went to Akron University for my first year of college. However, I decided to transfer to Franciscan knowing that their academics would be impeccable. The atmosphere is inviting and everyone is very welcoming.
The environment is so nice and the people are so friendly, everyone is looking not only to grow in their studies but also in their faith. This campus is certainly way different than all the other colleges I visited back home, but it is different in a good way. If you are looking to study Theology or Nursing, this is the place to go.
If you are Catholic, there is a great atmosphere here to grow and learn about your faith. The rules are sometimes frustrating, the food isn't so great, and there are people who will look down on you for being different. However, I have found in my time here that I have become a much better person, and I met some pretty incredible people along the way. If I could take it all back, I would gladly come here and do it all over again.
If you are from Steubenville and attend Franciscan, you will be shunned. Everyone is mentally ill from being so absorbed in religion.
Franciscan University is a truly unique experience. There is not another college that fully immerses their students in the Catholic faith and ties it to their course of study. You wont get an education like this anywhere ellse.
As an undergrad, I often complained about everything from the food to the workload to the hypocrisy of the student leadership. Later, when I actually had to live in the real world, I realized what a wonderful gift the school was and had been to me. I am a better person, and exponentially better at my profession as an educator because of the philosophical, Catholic background I received from Franciscan. I am ecstatic that the school not only accepted my child as a student, but gave a very generous financial aid package for him as well.
Franciscan offers a one of a kind experience. it may not be the best location or have the greatest food but it is unique is the way that it draws Catholic students. Franciscan students are happy, fulfilled, and well educated
Franciscan University of Steubenville is an incredible institution for young men and women who want to advance their learning while living out an authentic Catholic lifestyle. It's an environment where everything is very clearly centered around Jesus Christ and the professors are not shy in connecting their lecture material with their faith.
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Franciscan University is a place rich in Christ. There are very few places like Franciscan and it was truly a blessing to go to college where my faith was put first. The University encourages students to strive to be their best, but through our faith in Christ and the sacraments. In addition to the beautiful presence of Catholicism on campus, the Education Department staff symbolized a small family unit to me. The professors genuinely cared and make strong efforts to get to know each of their students. I highly recommend Franciscan University to those who wish to dive deeper with Christ all while growing and becoming prepared academically.
I love Franciscan. You can almost taste the Catholicism in the air. It is really helping me grow in my faith, and it combines faith and reason in a way that it is preparing me for the real world while at the same time giving me the Catholic arsenal to live in it but not be consumed.
I've loved every moment I've spent here so far and have grown in so many ways as a person. Being able to attend a university that challenges me both academically and spiritually has led me to make new friends, take challenging courses in subjects I've never taken before, attending Church more than once a week, and so much more has helped me to become a better person.
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