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I am coming into my 2nd year at FMU. If you're looking for a good quality education, Francis Marion is the place to be. I love my professors in my major department (Professor Baxley, Dr. Packett, Mr. Hanson). They are helpful and are always willing to answer any questions that we have. Most of the staff at FMU are very friendly. I look at FMU as more than a school, its a small community that offers young adults great chances to be successful.
My experience so far has been quite unexciting. The atmosphere is not vibrant or engaging. Overall, the campus is mostly quiet with very few social activities. Apart from those downsides, I have enjoyed some of my classes and the people I have met.
I think the university is taking a step in the right direction by developing their medical facilities. I think the other buildings, including the dorms could use an update. The professors are wonderful and they truly care about the students.
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I would like to see the campus security change. The attacks on my campus have not be investigated nor solved. I would hope that they would want to bring the families of the young women that the tragedy fell upon some closure. I feel like it would also bring the females on campus some closure as well.
The class sizes are small which is wonderful! I am in the honors program which is a great opportunity that allows me to take interesting classes and meet equally motivated people like myself! FMU is a fairly inexpensive university that has many scholarship options and has great housing!
The overall experience at Francis Marion was amazing. It was close to home yet was still a way for me to be independent. The professors work one on one with you and can know you by name. They are there to help!
FMU is located away from the city which feels a bit safer being so secluded. They offer a lot of major options and hold a strong name influence in the surrounding areas. Professors are friendly and there's a variety of student Life involvement opportunities.
FMU is home. I spent the last four years there, and I watched others fall in love with the place so much that they stayed for seven years, eight even, as undergrads. Those are the smartest, most hardworking people I know. They’ll go on to be teachers, chemists, biologists, psychologists, researchers, and managers. FMU has taken teens whom no one believed in and has given them opportunities and dreams and degrees. They’ve housed homeless students over breaks and given second chances to students who spent time in drug rehab and jail. Everyone is loved equally there and forgiven endlessly. At FMU, students can always find help and love and home.
I love the professors and the size. Francis Marion is great community and there are many ways to get involved on campus. As a senior looking back on my time there I’ve loved it and I’ve loved everything I’ve done and everyone I’ve met. I’m in a sorority I’m campus and through that and Francis Marion I’ve found my bridesmaids, sisters, and I gained a family. My experience at FMU has been a great one and I wish it didn’t have to end.
I like the fact that Francis Marion University is a smaller populated school. It allows the falculty and students to actually connect and know of one another.
Francis Marion University is a diverse college. The campus has a country-like look. There's plenty of trees around the campus. It have a wildlife appearance. Francis Marion is a home away from home. It's located in a none busy environment and located twelve minutes away from the usual city of Florence. The school need to improve on the teaching of the classroom. The teachers hardly teach the classrooms. Some teachers actually do their work, but others choose to sit around the whole classroom and give orders. Other than that issue Francis Marion is a wonderful school and have many unique students attending.
Interesting school with it's fair mixture of pro's and con's... Ideal for people who prefer a small campus with class sizes that allow more one on one teaching. However, those seeking the typical "American Party Movie" experiences will not find it here. The town of Florence it's self is also not the largest or the cleanliest, but overall the residents are reasonably polite.
Great school, very diverse. Professors are awesome and will help you with anything. The campus is very safe and the people around are willing to help the freshman!
I am currently a Freshman at Francis Marion university. I enjoy being here and living on the campus. There are a few hardships about living on campus. For starters, the campus is located in the country of Florence meaning there isn’t much around. If you do not have a car throughout your years living on campus then you will be very bored. Weekends are as laid back as you make them . If you have work you might get that done but for the most part there isn’t much going on during the weekends. You might see a few people here and there but not really.
We have a great academic curriculum that’s guareenteed to have you ready for your career choice. We have a fantastic nursing program. We also have a good variety of student life actitives throughout the week to make your week a little more fun.
My experience with Francis Marion University has been very good so far. It was easy to enroll, and the professors are very nice and understanding. The campus itself is on the smaller side, so the classes are easy to find. The professor to student ratio is very good as well, and the class sizes get smaller and smaller as you progress. Overall, I would highly recommend this college!
Francis Marion University is a great school. The campus is vibrant, beautiful, and alive. The professors there are great and easy to get in contact to. The only thing I would want to see changed is the amount of events and what type of events that goes on on campus. It is not a lot of things students can do on their leisure time to relax.
Francis Marion is a great school. There’s some really great professors that above and beyond the call of duty to help you (as long as you talk to them). I personally enjoy my time here.
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I visited Francis Marion in the fall of 2017. It is a beautiful school and the guidance counselors are excellent. I'm attending FMU in august 2018. I'm very excited about starting my college years here because it reduces my anxiety and it makes me feel at home.
I like how small and pretty the campus is. I also like how the size of most of my classes and being able to get one on one time with my professors, and I also like the opportunities and resources that are available to everyone.
The campus is clean and everyone is very nice and professional. The professors are easy to get along with and are fair graders. I only wish some of the labs were more up-to-date.
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