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I transferred from Florence-Darlington Techinally College, and I liked FDTC but FMU was a totally different experience for me. I loved all my professors, they were extremely helpful when I didn't understand sometime, they took the time to help me succeed in the course. There's always something going on campus that keeps the students and staff entertained in a way that made you want to say on campus all day to connect with people you didn't know and meet a lot of great people here.
Francis Marion is a very excellent college to attend it very diverse, the food is a amzing . Everyone is extremely friendly and the professor help you they have tutioring her in all subject if you need it.
Francis Marion university is such a welcoming university with intelligent professors that will put you, as the student, through obstacles that will only help you in the long run. The campus has beautiful scenery that is like right out of a book. The environment is calm and safe and getting involved is so much fun!
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In the short amount of time I have been at Francis Marion University, it has been totally different than what I was accustomed to back at home. This university is full of wonderful clubs and great organizations. The professors are great and they really try their best to help you as much as they can. I thought from touring the campus it would be boring and have nothing for the students to do, but I have had nothing but fun since meeting new people and experiencing new things.Francis Marion University is definitely a school full of great professors and tons of opportunity.
I like everything about this school . I will recommend other students to come here. It’s the most safest university school in South Carolina. This is my first year coming but so far so good. The teacher here is nice and they will help you anyway they can. All freshman have to take study hall which I think is excellent because it help us a lot . They also offer tutoring if we needed it.
I’m a sophomore so my experience with Francis Marion University has been good so far. I like the fact that it’s a little challenging (in a good way). Some classes and teachers will give you so in any given day and expect you to have it done on that day and at that time. I also like all the clubs and sports it provides for its study body. Something I would like to see change though, is the library selection. The books are okay but I’m currently interested in horror novels which they provide little of.
Francis Marion is a great school but there are some things I would like to see change. One of those major things is that there are not a lot of classes offered each semester. Other than that the university is great and full of school spirit!
Nice campus, excellent teachers, beautiful campus. I’m a rising sophomore and cannot wait to start back in a month.
It a very beautiful campus. The classes are small enough but also not to small to allow to be able to create bonds with your professors and get to know them.
Francis Marion University is a very bright and hard working University! They welcome all of their students with open arms and are very dedicated to making sure all students succeed in their course of study. With me being an upcoming sophomore at Francis Marion, i have been taught numerous of things. My freshman year was a difficult task simply because college was new to me , but the staff and students dedicated their free time to all of the new students who attended. I was blessed to be apart of the best organization on campus , the Francis Marion Diplomats. We are basically the face of Francis Marion. Our mission is to represent Francis Marion and make all new students feel like their at home. From the beautiful scenery on Francis Marion’s campus to the very educated staff we have, Francis Marion is by far the best college that I’ve even known of!
Good school.Most of the professors will work with you to ensure that you will be successful. Never had an instance where I didn't get a class that I needed. Beautiful campus.
Francis Marion is a beautiful campus filled with many trees and floral arrangements. The people there are genuinely nice and it is fairly easy to meet people and make new friends.
My freshman year experience was better than expected. I met new people and made new friends and learn things I didn't know about. Francis Marion made staying on campus fun with different activities every week. Francis Marion always gives help if you need help on anything and everything; like a Writing Center and the CASA hall. Francis Marion is also close to home.
Francis Marion University is a nice school. I enjoy the small class sizes, however the campus itself can be boring at times.
I like the sizes of the classes. They are always small classes, which means the students can have more attention from the professors. The professors are really great. They are always really helpful, and if they can't help you themselves then they will make sure to point you in the right direction. The one thing I would change is the food. Although the food is good, it isn't the healthiest choice. I would like if there were healthier choices.
Typical college. FMU is really affordable, I would recommend more housing options, there are only 3 options, standard residence hall, an old apartment complex, and a new one. There aren’t many on campus restaurants to choose from you either eat at the grille with a limited menu, subway, or the cafe.
It's a wonderful university that has faculty and staff always ready to help you! This university will help you reach your goal at all costs. If you are undecided about what you want for the future, the advisors that are there are very helpful in narrowing down your options. As an added bonus, the campus is a comfortable size as to where it's easy to navigate and the scenery is beautiful!
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Francis Marion is a school where you can call your fellow classmates family. I show my patriot pride each and every day by where my favorite FMU shirt. I love to give back to my school by being an Orientation Leader, a graduate of Leadership FMU and Freshman Focus, and working as an assistant for the Vice President of Business Affairs. I have such passion for this school that it is my home.
I love the campus, and the environment there is safe. The people on campus are there to help you and I think that their helpfulness is beneficial for the transition into adulthood. The professors are also one-on-one with their students, so they do not feel like a number, and the experience is more personal.
It's a great university that opens up a lot of opportunities, especially if you want to stay in the area. Many of the employment opportunities nearby know that FMU is a great university that challenges it's students.
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