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I like the smaller class sizes and the fact that the professors here actually take the time to get to know you and create that unique learning experience for each student
The professors at FMU are very knowledgeable and helpful. I graduated with a psychology degree and the program is rigorous but can be completed if you work hard.
It is a nice and small campus! It is very easy to learn your way around the campus and there is usually always someone willing to help just in case you get lost.
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I'm proud to be in a nice Clean school and feeling safe with understanding teacher safe dorm room good food and I'm learning in Francis Marion university I'm proud to be a student
Classes are a great size, which allows students and professors to get more one on one time. All professors are very helpful and students treat one another with respect.
FMU campus is close-knit like a family. From the moment I moved in I felt like I was home. I've met so many wonderful people here and made great friends. My teachers were always accessible to me and offered assistance whenever I needed it.
Beautiful campus, amazing professors who CARE and actually want you to succeed! Small campus, but full of people with big hearts and dreams.
Francis Marion University RN-BSN program is a wonderful program. As a 18 year ADN Nurse I had anxiety about any BSN program! The instructors were helpful, informative, and organized!
I enjoyed the open house and the friendlyness of the staff. They made me feel at home and made me want to attend the college more.
I attended Francis Marion for 3 years. The professors are amazing. Each one does everything they can to help you in your academic journey to your degree, and even onward into your career. As long as the student has the desire, these teachers are determined to help you find the way. The campus is beautiful, if a little confusing in some of the buildings' layouts, but most of the courses are centralized in one or more buildings for each major. I recommend this school to anyone & everyone looking to get a well-rounded & pleasant college experience while achieving their academic goals.
Francis Marion is a great university with large diversity. I would like to see student life become more active.
I love FMU! If you're looking for a small school with diversity and a great location then look no further! This school is for someone who is serious but yet want to enjoy a the "litty-ness" of college life. Like every school it has it's ups and down with professors and the finical aid office. If you're thinking about going defiantly go to the campus and check out the area near the school. You'll enjoy it !
Overall, FMU is a great, small university. I would recommend this to anyone who lives in South Carolina. A lot of the professors are very nice and well do anything to help you out. Francis Marion has great events outside of school and athletics are very involved.
My experience here I can say is really what you expect out of college. It is not like high school, so you would have to take responsibility for yourself. The work here is a bit challenging, so they push you to your full potential. Overall it is a good school, so come if you are willing to work.
My experience here so far, is pretty good. Most of the teachers that I've dealt with are pretty caring, although now I'm am more dedicated to doing my personal research on teachers. You have plenty of access of help right on campus, such as the tutoring and writing center. Or course there's the library, 24 hour lab, and others things for enjoyment as well which include the campus church, pool, and gym. There's also the Dinner, Starbucks and the Grille where you can eat. Some thing I would say could be improved, even though some may see it as a small thing, but for me being a freshman although I may have thought I knew everything I didn't. Here they don't assign you your advisor till about 2 months into school, I feel I needed guidance as soon as possible.
I transferred to Francis Marion University at the beginning of my sophomore year of college as a commuter student. After having spent my first 2 semesters here, I can positively say I love it here. Everyone has been so helpful during the admission process. Registration for classes can be difficult but that is true at every college. As long as you work with your adviser, you'll be fine. But most importantly, the professors have been great so far. Tough of course, but willing to help you get the most out of this opportunity and your tuition money.
Francis Marion has an outstanding campus and I enjoy every bit of it. I love it's environment because there isn't as much activity and it's quiet. I'm glad to be apart of this university because it's where I'm going to be for my next 3 years.
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Francis Marion is a great school. The professor actually care about you succeeding, the sports are not that great. If they add a football team, more students would love to go there.
I love this school because of size and atmosphere of on campus students. On the contrary , It's a great school but they weren't willing to help students who needed financial guidance or assistants. Other than that, FMU is an amazing school ! #GoPatriots
I love the college itself. The professors are willing to help. Living in campus housing is awesome. The college is in a small knot community. This helps find life time friendships.
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